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Audrey Hepburn's Classic Facial Beauty

Audrey Hepburn's Classic Facial BeautyAudrey Hepburn's Classic Facial BeautyAudrey Hepburn's Classic Facial BeautyAudrey Hepburn's Classic Facial Beauty
Rarely, there is an actress, who won three awards at once for a same movie, for the same category, and three of these awards are from the prestigious event. Audrey Hepburn was an actress who is able to realize all three issues, through her role as Princess Ann in Roman Holiday in 1953, Audrey Hepburn has won Academy Award for Best Actress, BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama. That is why She is regarded as one of the most legendary actresses until today.

Aside from being a legendary actress, She's also a humanitarian, that is, She has ethic of kindness, benevolence and sympathy extended universally and impartially to all human beings. And look at the expression on her face, it is beautiful.

Above pictures are scenes in Charade, a movie starring Audrey Hepburn in 1963. This means that when it was Audrey Hepburn was 34 years old (born on 4 May 1929), but her face looked like the face of a 25-year-old woman. Why be like that?, Because the beauty of Audrey Hepburn's face is affected by cute features on the mouth and nearly area, i.e.: the lip shape, chin shape, anterior part of jaws, nasal cartilage and its nostrils.

Such features can not be found on the beauty of the face of today's most famous women (Aishwarya Rai and Angelina Jolie), who tend to be "boring". As is also owned by Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn's face is naturally beautiful, with the simple assumption that the British Audrey Hepburn lived in the past (facial surgery and the like, was not yet familiar as it is now).

Umm..., this is just a coincidence or is there a scientific relevance?, just take a look at her face, Audrey Hepburn has a square-shaped face is dominated by the jawbone. Where such shape, is projecting an impression of a Classy, like on the face of Grace Kelly, Emily Deschanel and Anja Kling.

If You want to find the best charm which is owned by Audrey Hepburn in her face, look at the expressions made by Audrey Hepburn, through body language on her eyes. That is a sign of Audrey Hepburn intelligence, especially in playing the art of a role.

-- Dedicated to Barbara D. --

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Image source: Category: Audrey Hepburn on Wikimedia, all are in the Public Domain in some countries.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kareena Kapoor And Her Exotic Hexagonal Face

Asoka is an epic Bollywood movie produced in 2001. The film was directed by Santosh Sivan and starred by two famous actors, Shah Rukh Khan as Prince Asoka and Kareena Kapoor as Kaurwaki, the Princess of Kalinga.

In the film, Kaurwaki is depicted as being an orphan princess from Kalinga, and leads an army against Asoka's invasion. Meanwhile, legends says that Kaurwaki was daughter of a fisher man who was married to the prince of Kalinga and had became the queen of Kalinga. It is said that She led an army of females against Asoka, after Kalinga had no males left to defend it (Wikipedia's Kaurwaki).

Regardless where the fact is true, one thing to note is that Kaurwaki itself is an Exotic figure. When the producer and director chose Kareena Kapoor to act as Kaurwaki figure, it becomes the right choice. Since Kareena Kapoor having a very exotic face, namely the Hexagon-shaped. What in the world of hair styling, called the square or diamond face.
Kareena Kapoor And Her Exotic Hexagonal Face
Wikipedia's Hexagon said that in geometry, a hexagon is a polygon with six edges and six vertices. A regular hexagon has Schläfli symbol. The total of the internal angles of any hexagon is 720 degrees. And when a hexagon is integrated on a woman's face, then created an exotic face with a high distinctiveness. Hexagonal system can be found on a piece of jewelry that is very valuable, namely the diamond crystal.

On the other hand, with a hexagon-shaped, Kareena Kapoor's face to seem strange, but when She framed her hazel eyes with dark mascara, will shine an unparalleled exotic face in Bollywood (Just remember how the Kaurwaki look in Asoka).

Kareena Kapoor has three facial sections that greatly influenced her hexagonal face, the shape of forehead that make up the triangle because her lush thick hair, two vertical parallel cheekbones and straight, and triangle formed on her jaw to its chin. Very likely, the level of symmetry of Kareena Kapoor exotic hexagonal face is almost 100%. It's a distinctive beauty.

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Who Is The World's Most Beautiful Faced Woman, Aishwarya Rai Or Angelina Jolie?

Aishwarya Rai Or Angelina Jolie?
They are the Two Most Influential Women in the World in recent years. They are also regarded as the Two Most Beautiful Women in the World. They are not only representing their own personal as a public figure, but more than that. They also represent the two parts of the world.

Angelina Jolie symbolizes the beauty of the United States, or America, or Hollywood. Meanwhile, Aishwarya Rai, symbolizes the beauty of India, or Asia, or Bollywood.

They have same initial letter for their first name, namely A for Angelina and Aishwarya. A is a letter which was also very familiar to everyone. After the letter A is B, one of initial letters for their beloved, Brad Pitt and Abhishek Bachchan.

Various survey results always bring their name as the most beautiful woman in the world. In various forums, the media and talk shows, people argue with each other, about Who is more beautiful between Angelina Jolie and Aishwarya Rai.

But sometimes, people can not distinguish between the Beautiful Woman and the Beautiful Faced Woman. In assessing a beautiful woman, behaviors and attitudes of the woman is included in the Assessment Aspects. Well, What if that is assessed only on the Face?.

Please Vote: Who is the World's Most Beautiful Faced Woman, Aishwarya Rai or Angelina Jolie?.

What Is Exotic Face?

The term "Exotic" in the post title above, is a word that is often misinterpreted by people, as well as the people who actually understand the term of exotic, they sometimes also still wondering what exactly is the meaning of the term exotic. Which may be, the people who are still curious, is due to be triggered by a perception or statement by other group of people, for example, that: "Aishwarya Rai has an exotic face."

In terminology, exotic is an adjective, which means being or from or characteristic of another place or part of the world. Thus, exotic may be illustrated by an alien. Then, the essence meaning of exotic as an Adjective, is Unusual or Mysterious. However, for the use of the word exotic in everyday conversations, would be more fitting for a definition: Unusual.

While synonyms are: bizarre, different, extraordinary, outside, peculiar, strange, striking, unfamiliar, way out, and weird. And with antonyms: familiar, normal, ordinary, usual. Note that the terminology is accumulative, so it would be more antonyms and synonyms. Like the term of Beautiful, exotic is also Subjective. The difference is in the context of use, that exotic is more specific than beautiful.

Exotic also leads to things that are visible, such as a movement, an object, and a shape. For example: exotic dance, exotic hairstyle, exotic lipstick color and many other exotic ones. So the function of the word exotic in a phrase is to explain. Well, the meaning of the Exotic Face is actually already be known. That is an unusual face, a different face, a strange face, an unfamiliar face and many other interpretations.

But where is its exotic in the phrase of exotic face?. Pay attention to the definition of the word exotic to: unusual. Then underline also that the face is an object and or a shape. The essence meaning of the word unusual, will be clear if there is comparator. Then, compare the woman facial characteristics commonly accepted in science or in community with a woman's face. Take as an example is the face of Kareena Kapoor.
Kareena Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Facial Characteristics
Usually, the characteristics of a woman's face is: smooth jaw bone and not so prominent, face is oval and round. When compared with the face of Kareena Kapoor, then, Kareena Kapoor's face is unusual, or Exotic. Because it has very prominent jaw, and face mixture of square and diamond. While Aishwarya Rai's face is not exotic, because it has more usual facial characteristics.

Just as a cute face, an exotic face is a facial attractiveness that has its own aesthetic.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Erin Andrews Face Looks Macho

Let's talk again about Erin Andrews, but it's not about her peephole video which was horrendous. We're already knew well that Erin Andrews is a beautiful-faced woman who's very familiar to ESPN's viewers.

Look, it's Erin Andrews's face, transformed from Beautiful to Macho (full of masculinity). All arched or curved contours on her face, looked as if it erased completely, which left only at her jaw-chin, hair's layer of bangs, and the edge of her lip.
Erin Andrews Macho Facial Expression
Erin Andrews, who was at the match between Oklahoma State versus Missouri in College Football, in October 2008, is looked very serious, implying a high concentration.

A serious expression and a high concentration, will cause the movement and position of Facial Muscles, which will significantly change the face look. The more serious, then the face look will be more change (different). If Emily Deschanel's serious expression is to produce a face that looks cool, then Erin Andrews's one to look macho with a gaze which is very sharp (just imagine, if Erin is gazing at You like that).

But it does not mean that Macho look of Erin Andrews's face, would reduce "the beauty of its face". Why?, because the Facial expression are included in Nonverbal Communication, which can only be understood in a Wordless way. Look at Erin Andrews's macho face more carefully, You will find something that is closely associated with Beauty.

Image source: Erin Andrews at the 2008's Oklahoma State vs. Missouri college football game on Wikimedia, Author: on Flickr.

Grace Kelly's Square Face Proves That Oval Is Not The Most Beautiful One

Many people assume that the oval-shaped face is the most beautiful one, with the basic reason, oval-shaped face is perfectly proportioned and symmetrical. This assumption is valid, but it does not mean true in an absolute sense, because the face shape is only an outward dominant element (among many elements) for a beautiful face. This also proves that beautiful face is inherently subjective.

By using an inverse assumption, let us find an answer that proves that the oval face is not the most beautiful. That is, We're looking for a beautiful-faced figure who has an innate facial beauty that is widely recognized by most people in the world. Furthermore, We observe her face. And this beautiful-faced figure is Grace Kelly.
Grace Kelly Square Face Shape
Look at her face above, it is clear that Grace Kelly was not an oval-faced woman. She has a square face, which is in the image above, bounded by a square-rounded green line. Which her face shape, is still remains proportionate and symmetrical.

But why her face to look more beautiful?, There are three factors that have the same essence with the face shape. Namely the eye and its features (eyebrow, eyelash, eyelid and temple), the nose and the lips. Look at how these three factors create and combine the ideal proportions into the Grace Kelly's face shape.

Suppose that the face shape is a puzzle mat that are still empty, it becomes useless is not it?. And three of these factors (or elements), which become useful pieces, which fitted into the puzzle mat in an ideal and proportionate combination to shape a beautiful face. And also, makes its face shape (with its forehead, jaw bones, chin, and cheek bones) to be functioning optimally.

And, if described in detail one by one, those three factors are influenced by its features, which are: thick eyebrows to the eye, a smooth straight bone to shape the nose and arched cupid's bow to shape the lip.

This proves that an oval face is not the most beautiful, and Grace Kelly's square face has described it. A square face is also very likely reflects the Classy impression. Find similar faces on Anja Kling and Emily Deschanel.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How To Make Homemade Mask For Face Skin?

Homemade Facial Mask
All women want to have smooth, soft and chewy facial skin. To be able to realize it, of course, require an extra effort. To treat facial skin continuously, no need to always go to a beauty salon. There are several practical ways, which can be done alone at home.

Below are those ways to make a mask using natural materials or ingredients, which in relative term, can be found around home with ease.

1. Wheat Mask
Use the following ingredients: wheat, honey, yogurt, and mashed almonds. Mix all ingredients into a bowl. Apply on face, wait a few minutes until slightly dry. After that, wash the face with warm water, You will find that your facial skin is more smooth and soft.

2. Chocolate Mask
For daily use, use 3 teaspoons of cocoa powder, 2 teaspoons of honey and three teaspoons of oatmeal powder. Mix all ingredients, then stir evenly. Once formed into a thick cream, smear on your face evenly. After 10-15 minutes, wash with warm water. If this method is applied regularly every day, it will show a marked change on the condition of facial skin.

3. Mask for Dry Skin
For dry skin, try a homemade mask consisting of egg yolk, olive oil and lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients, and stir to produce a form of pasta. Next, apply evenly on face and neck. Once dry, rinse the face using warm water, so that all dirt lifted in order to produce a chewy and soft facial skin.

4. Mask for Oily Skin
Use a mixture of oatmeal and eggs. As usual, just mix these two ingredients, to form a paste. Then, applied it to the face and neck until evenly distributed. Allow to dry, then rinse with warm water.

Look At Giselli Monteiro Beautiful Face

You are just right to have a conclusion that Aishwarya Rai is the most beautiful face in India, even in the world today. Likewise with the next best thing, Neha Dalvi. But if You look at the face above, Do you still believe that only the Aish and Neha who really make You amazed?.

Welcome to India, Giselli Monteiro. She's a Brazilian beauty who came to Mumbai in 2008, with a distinctive charm of beautiful face of Latin American. Giselli Monteiro face, which is adorned with a strong eye contact, has made the beauty of the typical Indian woman's face seemed to be more colorful.
Giselli Monteiro Beautiful FaceGiselli Monteiro Curve Facial Features
Look, Giselli Monteiro face has all the affections required by most people opinion, that a beautiful-faced woman is a face crowned by a thick long hair, thick eyebrows and long horizontally, a glance of eyes that could make men's heart would beat faster, a pointy nose shape that symbolizes femininity, the two split lip that seems like a blooming rose.

And if the process of shaping a beautiful face likened to a classical music orchestra, then, a curved line which is formed from Giselli Monteiro's jaw angle that down gently into the tip of her chin, and got back just below her lower lip, It is the last part of its orchestra and became the last elegant ornament.

Just follow and feel, how the flow of those two comely curved lines formed at Giselli Monteiro temples to the tip of her nose (curve line A), and from the angle of her jaw to its chin (curve line B). I strongly believe that the process of a beautiful face shaping, is God's power, and when there is a beautiful face, by itself it represents a proportional feature.

You may call the 22 years old Giselli Monteiro in a two-term, a beautiful and sexy-faced woman.

Image source: Giselli Monteiro on Wikimedia, Copyright holder: Farrokh Chothia.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Conclusion Is Aishwarya Rai's Face Is More Beautiful Than Angelina Jolie's

There are two women who are considered as the two most beautiful woman (not the most beautiful face) in the world for the last few years, they are Aishwarya Rai and Angelina Jolie. Among many components of the assessment used to rate them as the two most beautiful woman, is very likely, that the Face is the assessment component of most influential or dominant.

Furthermore, there are also two facial things, which became factors that distinguish them. Two things were: The arched or curved feature on the face, and the impression that arises from the curved feature. The curved feature is a beauty factor that is very universal and very scientific (read on how a curved facial feature scientifically designed).

And very universal because of the curved feature is a feature heavily used by human, one of most simple relevant facts is that, when someone was painting (it's an artful activity), that someone is going to use the brush in a rotating or elastic movement, and, more often than straight and elbow movement.

The impression that emerged from a curved feature is the elegance, softness, smoothness, and suppleness. It also symbolizes motherhood, patience, and perseverance. And all of it, is to lead to a substantive matter, that is the Beauty.
The Conclusion Is Aishwarya Rai's Face Is More Beautiful Than Angelina Jolie's
From the description above, then look on the face of Aishwarya Rai and Angelina Jolie. Who was one of those two beautiful-faced women, who have a more curved features?, It seems, Aishwarya Rai is the one.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Look At Maria Kanellis Beautiful Face

Maria Kanellis Beautiful FaceMaria Kanellis Beautiful Face
She is a singer, songwriter, actress, TV hostess and model. 5 kinds of occupation that will make You conclude that Maria Louise Kanellis has a complete occupation and suitable for a woman. But read the following, She is also a former professional wrestler at the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Well, it's getting more complete now. So, She is a masculine woman. In 2009, She was voted as WWE's Diva of the Year. And there's still one more, the big-eyed Maria Kanellis was also a contestant on the NBC's Celebrity Apprentice.

Though "She is masculine" because She's a wrestler, but nonetheless, Maria Kanellis (born February 25, 1982) remains a woman who likes long hair, flicks eyelash, and others that reflect the female side. But what is really attractive on the face of Maria Kanellis?. She has big eyes, look at the second picture from top, because of its big, make it as being widened.

It also showed that there was little dispersion of brown in Maria Kanellis green iris. If so, in fact She is a hazel-eyed woman. She is fortunate to have big eyes that will produce strong eye contact. Meanwhile, her hazel eyes, has the meaning of a woman who liked the new things and challenging. Remember, She is a wrestler and an ex-Playboy cover.
Maria Kanellis Beautiful FaceMaria Kanellis Beautiful Face
Congenital facial beauty, will usually appear when the woman is in the side view. It will show all the contours of the face. If the woman is a beautiful- faced, then She will have: proportional smooth convex forehead (not flat and not too convex), nasal bone is straight and upright, chin slightly prominent as forming a half-circle. And all the central point of those features, become a point of liaison from the line formed vertically, which flows gently from the forehead, temple, nose bone, cartilage, nose tip, philtrum, lips, and ends at the chin.

Next, look at pictures of Maria Kanellis in side view, whether She has all the features above?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Juhi Chawla Face Shape

Face shape is the most important element for facial makeup, especially to determine the hairstyle. Outwardly, face shape with a lot of intrinsic or inherent feature with ideal proportionality, then it is called with the Beautiful face shape, and it can only be found on an oval face shape. Oval face shape with a curved contour that has no elbows (angular or inelastic), called a Perfect oval face shape. It can be found on the gorgeous face of Natalie Glebova.

Here is the beautiful that is quite legendary, Juhi Chawla. She is one of women who have beautiful eyes, who in her youth as an actress, has made many people in India would be sweet on her cute curly hair. Then what is Juhi Chawla face shape?, By coincidence, this picture shows Juhi Chawla with her long hair is pulled back, as an easy way to identify the face shape.
Juhi Chawla Face ShapeJuhi Chawla Face Shape
Simply, follow the outer boundary that surrounds the face, thus, formed an unbroken line that both ends meet. Actually up here has been able to conclude what Juhi Chawla's face shape is. Which, based on the above picture is a Round and somewhat oval.

However, note the factors that make Juhi Chawla is a round-shaped face:

1. Juhi Chawla's face is almost as wide as it is long
2. Juhi Chawla has four smooth curved corners, two on the upper side of the forehead, and two others at angle of jaw
3. The widest area of face is on the cheek
4. The horizontal line on the upper forehead and the horizontal line at the bottom of chin, are flat
5. Juhi Chawla does not have prominent zygomatic bone.

Thus, Juhi Chawla has a face shape which is similar to Aishwarya Rai's face shape.

Image source: Juhi Chawla at the 2009 Launch of Rooh Afza on Wikimedia, Author: Bollywoodhungama a.k.a India FM.

In Fact, Grace Kelly's Beautiful Face Has Been Used As Stamp Theme In Tajikistan

Grace Kelly's Beautiful Face As Stamp Theme Of Tajikistan 2000
You are likely already familiar with Grace Kelly, a woman who is still regarded as the most beautiful looking woman in the world, although She had died on September 14, 1982.

This article is not intended to praise excessively on Grace Kelly's facial beauty. But rather as a positive response to various opinions and facts that appear in many countries around the world, who considered that Grace Kelly is the world's most beautiful-faced woman. And due to its relevance, her facial beauty has made the heart of Rainier III, the Prince of Monaco, to be melted.

Grace Kelly's face is considered as the most beautiful, is not without reasons and facts. A reasonable thing is that She lived at a time, where "the fake makeup" is not yet prevalent among actresses, such as botox, facial plastic surgery and many other similar ones. And that is what makes Grace Kelly's face is also considered as a classic facial beauty which is natural.

Associated with a phrase on above second paragraph: "...many countries around the world", in fact, Grace Kelly's beautiful face has been used as a theme of stamp in Tajikistan. For a record, the Republic of Tajikistan is a country which was declared on 9 September 1991, or just exist, after nine years of Grace Kelly's death.

There are 9 beautiful faces of Grace Kelly which are set in this Tajikistan's stamp, which may be, the number 9 is to remind the month of death and the month of independence, of Grace Kelly and the Republic of Tajikistan.

At least it becomes a little fact which indirectly confirmed that Grace Kelly's facial beauty (which also reflects a Golden Curve), is phenomenal.

Image source: public domain's Tajikistan stamp of Grace Kelly, 2000 on Wikimedia.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cameron Diaz's Hooked Nasal Bone

Although a curved shape is very reflects proportionality, thereby making it also termed as the Golden Curve, but what if a curve is to appear on "wrong facial section"?, Apparently it did not significantly influence overall facial beauty.

Curve at the wrong facial section can be found in the nasal bone on the face of Cameron Diaz. Or to say, Cameron Diaz is a woman with a hooked nose bone. Behold, the hooked feature can be seen clearly and is right on the nose bone.
Cameron Diaz's Hooked Nasal BoneCameron Diaz's Hooked Nasal Bone
If Cameron Diaz's face was observed as a unity, which summarizes all aspects of beauty both physical and non-physical, then the Hook in her nasal bone is not so influential. Because, it can be covered or minimized by other features on her face, among others, by her eyes, hair, overall face shape and other dominant sections.

It also proves that there are so many proportional aspects are hidden behind the face (in this case, including the proportion of expression), which will be covering or eliminating a section which is not proportional to the face.

If in above paragraphs are simply to discuss about Cameron Diaz's hooked nasal bone as an element in a unitary of face, then, what about her hooked nasal bone as an individual element?, Is it beautiful, ugly, or unique?.

The close answer is that Cameron Diaz's hooked nasal bone is beautiful, but it is also bad. Because of beauty is indeed subjective. However, the more scientific answer is that: it is a unique one. Therefore, the cuteness is something that is likely to disproportionate, who instead gave the impression of attractiveness.

Image sources: Cameron Diaz on Flickr by Ivva, on Flickr by zanaceabuna75.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Look At Taksaorn Paksukcharoen Beautiful Face

Taksaorn Paksukcharoen Beautiful Face
Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia that have very different characteristics when compared with other countries in the same region. Colored natural beauty, diverse culture that is always conserved, and exotic. Those are characteristics of Thailand, which is termed as a Land of White Elephants. One more thing, Thailand is a country that was never colonized by other nations.

The exotic of Thailand, is also reflected on faces of the women. And this is Taksaorn Paksukcharoen, also known as Taksaorn Paksookjarin and Taksaorn Paksukcharern. Names that are difficult to spell, which actually also show the characteristics of Thailand's Anthroponymy.

Taksaorn Paksukcharoen is a model and actress, She will be 30 years old on October 27, 2010. Like most of Southeast Asian woman, She had the heights that can be said is not high, i.e. "only 163 cm".

But if You look at Taksaorn Paksukcharoen's face, the beauty of high-value will be caught, maybe You'll settle for staring at her beautiful face for hours. Look, her face reflects a true elegance of a woman and it is very comfortable to the eye. Taksaorn Paksukcharoen's facial beauty is a typical face, which if realized with the description of simple words is: "A beautiful face that will force every man to exhale all the best words they have, for the worship to the beautiful-faced Taksaorn Paksukcharoen...".

Except for size and shape of her nose, Taksaorn Paksukcharoen's facial beauty implies what is called the Golden Curves. She has an oval face shape, with just a little oblong, which is the most proportionate face shape. Where by chance, She posed with all her black-browned hair is pulled and tied up as shown above. So that clearly burst, all smooth curved features on every section of her face.

Smooth curved features are contained in four main sections that make her face is oval, those are the shape of her chin, jaw, cheekbones and forehead. Every outer line of those four main sections, each correlated to frame Taksaorn Paksukcharoen's face as a whole. Then Taksaorn Paksukcharoen's face skin, which is smooth and very delicate, have a balanced role as her oval face shape, in assembling her stunning facial beauty.

Other parts which are also have true feminine aspect in high-value, can be read accurately from the shape of Aff (her nickname) lips, eyebrows and eyelashes. The most important thing to note, Taksaorn Paksukcharoen seems to use a minimal makeup, which in turn, it really shows her natural facial beauty--as a typical of Southeast Asian beauty, which is also reflected on the face of Philippines's Angel Locsin, Malaysia's Siti Nurhaliza and Indonesia's Agnes Monica.

Image source: Taksaorn Paksukcharoen 2009 on Wikimedia, authorized by the Government of Thailand.

Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Number And Golden Spiral In Designing Curve Features As Basic Elements For Facial Beauty

Apart from the assumption that facial beauty is a subjective thing, but, it still has a scientific aspect, which is universal and scalable, and can embody a facial beauty itself. These aspects are the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Number and Golden Spiral.

In simple terms, the Golden Ratio is an ideal ratio which is denoted by φ (Phi). And Phi is represented by an irrational number, 1,618. This number then becomes the benchmark in determining a measure, which requires two variables. A simple example: If You will create a rectangle with a horizontal line of 10 cm, How many centimeters are needed for the vertical line, in order to produce a proportional rectangle?. Then, divide the horizontal line of 10 cm with 1,618, the result is equal to 6,18 cm for the vertical line. And all proportional shapes around us, its ratio is always close to Phi or 1,618. And this is a scientific proof, which can not be rejected by common sense.

Then what is meant by the Fibonacci Number?. In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers are the numbers in the following sequence:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, ....

By definition, the first two Fibonacci numbers are 0 and 1, and each remaining number is the sum of the previous two. Some sources omit the initial 0, instead beginning the sequence with two 1s (Wikipedia's Fibonacci Number). Then, what is the scientific linkage between the Fibonacci Numbers to the Golden Ratio?.

Observe the row of numbers above, then divide 3 by the previous figure, namely 2. Then divide 5 by 3, divide 8 by 5, and so on by the same method. All of the distribution of those numbers, will result in or very close to 1,618. Or close to the Golden Ratio or Phi. That is, the Fibonacci Numbers clearly represents a proportionality.
Fibonacci Blocks
Fibonacci Blocks
Referring to the Fibonacci Numbers, then generate a combined squares, as shown in the picture of Fibonacci Blocks above, a tiling with squares whose sides are successive Fibonacci Numbers in length. By itself, the Fibonacci Blocks is a form of proportional, eye pleasing, or beautiful.
Golden Spirals
Golden Spirals
Starting from the aspects of the Golden Ratio, then Fibonacci Numbers and Fibonacci Blocks, eventually led to the Golden Spiral. As Wikipedia interprets, in geometry, a golden spiral is a logarithmic spiral whose growth factor b is related to φ, the golden ratio. Specifically, a golden spiral gets wider (or further from its origin) by a factor of φ for every quarter turn it makes.

Exactly, most relevant features to the Golden Spiral are Curved Features. So, the Golden Spiral also termed by some people as the Golden Curve.

Scientifically, the process of designing the Golden Spiral, or Golden Curve, is very trace, systematic and measurable, which starts from the Golden Ratio. The Golden Spiral above, represents only 6 Fibonacci numbers (1,1,2,3,5 and 8), but at least, it have designed 9 spirals or arches or curve features. And each spiral or a curve is definitely proportional. It's definitely beautiful.

Curved features, found in insects such as snails (an animal created by God with so unique), the shape of human ears, eyebrows, cupid's bow on human lips, wavy hairstyle, Grace Kelly's facial features, Aishwarya Rai's big eyes, Elvis Presley's hairstyle and crested (which has been heartbreaking millions of girl), and much more.
Grace Kelly's Curve Facial FeaturesElvis Presley's Curve Featured Hairstyle And Crest
In essence, curved features on the face are basic elements for woman facial beauty.

Image sources: Golden Spirals on Wikipedia authorized by Mattes/Parking, Fibonacci Blocks on Wikipedia authorized by Borb and Public Domain's Grace Kelly and Elvis Presley on Wikimedia.

The Face Popularity Of Coed Magazine's Google's 50 Most Popular Women On The Web, On Google Advanced Image Search

Probably, You've read or heard Coed Magazine's the 50 Most Popular Women on the Web According to Google (published on April 15th, 2010). The news was quite impressive, although it became quite controversial because it assumes that Justin Bieber (a beautiful-faced boy) is a girl.

In addition, there is still controversy because several famous women's names are not on the list. Among them are: Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Aishwarya Rai, Emma Watson, and maybe there is still much missed.

Then what about the 50 Most Popular Women's Face Popularity?, Carried away by curiosity, on May 14, 2010, beginning at 2:56 AM, a search for Faces of 50 most popular women on Google Advanced Image Search executed. The goal is simple, to what extent the popularity of their face images on the web according to Google Advanced Image Search for Face.

To get maximum results, search setting is: Safe search is off for any size and any color of the face images.

And look at the results below, Lady GaGa is still on top with 1.65 million face results, but what happened with Ke$ha?, with the query of Kesha (without $) only raises 115,000 results, it makes Ke$ha is on the bottom position. And by using the "$", the result is also not much different. And Betty White's face?, She is now on Top 5, relatively She's a "beautiful-faced woman".

And just like in Google Web search, the names like: Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Emma Watson and Aishwarya Rai, was also overlooked. For example is Cameron Diaz with 499,000 results. However, it should be understood that Google is just a Search Engine. The list is below.

No The Woman Woman's Face Popularity in Results Number Woman's Popularity on the Web (Coed Magazine's Top 50)
1 Lady GaGa 1.650.000 85.900.000
2 Beyonce 1.100.000 55.200.000
3 Madonna 1.080.000 61.300.000
4 Rihanna 1.030.000 53.900.000
5 Betty White 989.000 14.500.000
6 Britney Spears 960.000 46.600.000
7 Michelle Obama 958.000 19.100.000
8 Miley Cyrus 824.000 34.100.000
9 Taylor Swift 817.000 28.600.000
10 Megan Fox 778.000 24.200.000
11 Lindsay Lohan 718.000 20.100.000
12 Angelina Jolie 705.000 28.500.000
13 Paris Hilton 699.000 33.200.000
14 Kristen Stewart 684.000 14.400.000
15 Katy Perry 671.000 19.900.000
16 Sarah Palin 655.000 21.000.000
17 Christina Aguilera 632.000 16.900.000
18 Jennifer Lopez 627.000 24.200.000
19 Hillary Clinton 625.000 13.800.000
20 Justin Bieber 568.000 34.200.000
21 Kim Kardashian 560.000 19.700.000
22 Jessica Simpson 532.000 20.900.000
23 Sandra Bullock 513.000 18.400.000
24 Scarlett Johansson 511.000 7.600.000
25 Avril Lavigne 495.000 28.900.000
26 Mariah Carey 480.000 22.200.000
27 Oprah 454.000 24.300.000
28 Jessica Alba 447.000 16.400.000
29 Katie Price 437.000 10.200.000
30 Sarah Jessica Parker 436.000 9.470.000
31 Fergie 430.000 15.600.000
32 Demi Moore 421.000 12.700.000
33 Pamela Anderson 395.000 15.200.000
34 Eva Longoria 389.000 7.460.000
35 Jennifer Aniston 377.000 13.300.000
36 Ashley Tisdale 367.000 10.700.000
37 Amy Winehouse 364.000 10.000.000
38 Kelly Clarkson 359.000 9.690.000
39 Shakira 357.000 28.700.000
40 Hilary Duff 352.000 11.700.000
41 Vanessa Hudgens 337.000 10.100.000
42 Lily Allen 331.000 9.200.000
43 Marilyn Monroe 325.000 11.800.000
44 Carrie Underwood 320.000 9.740.000
45 Tina Fey 286.000 7.910.000
46 Heidi Montag 279.000 12.200.000
47 Ciara 278.000 14.300.000
48 Carmen Electra 259.000 7.620.000
49 Adriana Lima 243.000 7.930.000
50 Kesha (without $) 115.000 76.100.000

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Angel Locsin's Beautiful Face Implying Maturiy And Calmness

Angel Locsin is the most influential female artist in the Philippines in recent years, along with Marian Rivera and Bea Alonzo. However, when compared with two last names, Angel Locsin has fewer cuteness features on her facial beauty. One of them is her eye that looked a bit slanted.
Angel Locsin's Beautiful Face Implying Maturiy And CalmnessAngel Locsin's Beautiful Face Implying Maturiy And CalmnessAngel Locsin's Beautiful Face Implying Maturiy And Calmness
The few cuteness features on Angel Locsin's face, does not mean that it is not meaningful. If cuteness reflects the attractiveness and youth, the features on Angel Locsin's face reflects the maturity and calm attitude.

The calm attitude, reflected in the way of smile from Angel Locsin. Look, her smile does not look loose or big, even on the bottom picture, two of her lips still looks closed. Although it is possible, it is the instruction from the photographer. Yet calmness attitude, still implied from Angel Locsin's smile.

In addition, the maturity and the calmness is also influenced by Angel Locsin's hair. Which is reflected in motifs such as the black pseudo-brown, thick, long and lush. And all features are also closely related to the feel of elegance and modesty.

Image source: the category of Angel Locsin on Wikimedia, authorized by Gery Edra.

Penélope Cruz Is A Motherly-Faced Woman?

The most vocal part on human body is Face. In a sense, a face may imply or express a lot of character and impression. This is sometimes contrary to the theory of golden ratio in the interpretation of beautiful face. If the interpretation of beautiful face based on the theory of golden ratio, the result can be described by measurable. Conversely, if based on an implicit character or impression of the face, then the result is not measurable.

And this is Penélope Cruz's face at the Cannes Film Festival 2003. This means that at that time Penélope Cruz was 29 years old (born April 28, 1974), an age that has not been allowed to arise many wrinkles on her face. But look around her eyes and lips, slightly wrinkled already emerged. Though apparently, Penélope Cruz was photographed under the sun, that causing her face cringed.
Penélope Cruz Is A Motherly-Faced Woman
And obviously, a little wrinkle will make her facial beauty to be reduced, due to less proportional. However, if observed more depth, wrinkles factor to make her face to look older (more mature). Then if it is interpreted, Penélope Cruz's face above create an impression of motherhood.

In fact, motherhood is a term that has a higher meaning. All of the impression and or character which is closely related to the motherhood, implies Goodness. Why?, because, they reflect the attitude and the nature of a Mother. Among them are: patience, wisdom, love, understanding and true-hearted (just imagine when a mother raising or educating her children). And all of these attitudes, down to one word: Beautiful. Even Kahlil Gibran said that, the most beautiful word is Mother. And Penélope Cruz did have a motherhood face.

Image source: Penélope Cruz at the Cannes Film Festival 2003 on Wikimedia, authorized by Georges Biard.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Simple Difference Between Beautiful Woman And Beautiful Face

Often, people can not distinguish between the beautiful face and the beautiful woman. One of many differences is really simple, beautiful woman is more complex than beautiful face, by itself, a beautiful face is only one of many elements to determine a beautiful woman. And it should be understood that beautiful face is the most dominant element in the assessment of beautiful woman. And if more pursed, something beautiful is something that is pleasing to the eye.

Simple is not it?, Yes, as simple as this post.