Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Exactly Is The Face Shape That Katrina Kaif Had?

Who does not know Katrina Kaif, a Bollywood celebrity who is regarded as the sexiest lips in India. All people are so devoted to the beauty of her face, it's so sexy and adorable. A combination that could be considered rare. Because, sexy and adorable are two quite different characteristics. But, What exactly is the face shape that Katrina Kaif had?.

To determine the face shape, the simple way is: Put the face in frontal view right in front of the mirror, pull all hair back, do not look down, do not look up, and do not look to the right-to the left. Let face in expression of quiet or calm. Then, take a reference (book, magazine, article et cetera) that contains about indications of face shapes.

Here is a picture of Katrina Kaif's face, which at least, meet or in accordance with above ways.
Katrina Kaif Face Shape
Watch carefully to the beautiful face of Kartina Kaif, Katrina Kaif has a smooth jaw line, as such, She is not faced square. Her face length (vertical) is longer than her face width (horizontal). Her forehead is: somewhat high, round, and with two smooth curved corners (up right-up left). While her chin, also has nearly same measurement with the forehead, in addition, the line outside (right-left) on her chin, looks smooth curved too, just a little bit flat, and did not taper or pointed (usually found in heart-shaped face). However, the strongest indication is the outermost line on her face as a whole.

Based on above factors or indications, it can be concluded that Katrina Kaif has an oval face shape (dominantly). But keep in mind, that the face shape can appear to change, one factor that affects is: obesity factor.


  1. is her face shape oval or oblong?

  2. is her face oval or oblong?

  3. her face is long

  4. her face is too long to be oval...its actually oblong.

  5. her face is oblong...


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