Friday, April 30, 2010

The Face Of Katrina Kaif Is Not Sexy Or Hot, But It Is A Cute, Adorable, And Beautiful

Katrina Kaif Beautiful FaceKatrina Kaif Beautiful FaceKatrina Kaif Beautiful FaceKatrina Kaif Beautiful FaceKatrina Kaif Beautiful FaceKatrina Kaif Beautiful Face
Whatever is done by a famous celebrity would be a spotlight. If allowed to assume, the more "extreme behavior" of both good and bad did or performed by a celebrity, the more it will create the popularity of a celebrity is skyrocketing. Then finally, it will greatly affect the impression formed on the self of a celebrity. And, it has become a kind of symbiotic mutualism for a celebrity and the media. So what to do with Katrina Kaif?.

Look at the faces of Katrina Kaif above, what is there?. It's true, her face looks so beautiful, and it makes Your eyes to stare unblinking at her face. And really, the impression of sexy and hot, is very minimal to be discovered from all of features formed on her face. Even if the impression of sexy and hot to be found, it was because of the influence or effect of Katrina Kaif's body language, hairstyle, lipstick color, and all shades or tones of makeup on her face.

Look, Sambo's cheek is a kind of chubby cheeks, where, the chubby cheeks will create an impression of Adorable and Cute. While her eyes is more suitable to be categorized as a Baby Eyes. Continue on her lips, how can it be regarded as the most sexy lips?. Sexy or hot lips, is more suited to a shape of lip as on the face of Angelina Jolie or Priyanka Chopra. Where the shape of lips tends to bloom and thick. Is the lips shape of Katrina Kaif likewise?.

So, Katrina Kaif's face is considered or assessed as Sexy or Hot, is more because of What is being done by Katrina Kaif. Not infrequently Katrina Kaif to appear with a relatively minimal clothing, so the beautiful curves of her body became so visible. And Katrina Kaif's dress that is relatively minimal, including a form of "extreme behavior" (this image shows that Katrina Kaif is Sexy and or Hot). And it will be very influential on How do people assess or judge on Katrina Kaif, including in assessing her face. Where in fact, Katrina Kaif's face is more worthy to be said as: Cute, Adorable, and Beautiful, away from the term of Sexy or Hot.

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  1. kashmir has similar faces to offer, and better..


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