Monday, April 19, 2010

Look At Andrea Corr Beautiful Face

Andrea Corr Beautiful FaceAndrea Corr Beautiful FaceAndrea Corr Beautiful Face
What is the difference between the beauty of a singer's face with the beauty of an actress's face?. The difference lies at the charm that radiated on its face. Enchantment of the beauty of a singer's face, usually felt more strongly than enchantment of the beauty of an actress's face.

Do you remember the face of Dolores O'Riordan?, the face of the Cranberries's lead singer is looked mediocre, and even tends to ugly. But, millions of people idolized her, and also, they say that Dolores O'Riordan's face is beautiful. Why is this so?, one of them is because, Dolores O'Riordan is a woman who has a great talent and smart in creating songs with themes that touch the human heart. And great personality that She has, is very radiated on her face, so, it makes her face look beautiful.

Moreover, if the woman was Andrea Jane Corr, the lead singer of the Corrs, which is basically already have a beautiful face outwardly. Then, there was a woman with a beautiful face that really makes every man to fall in love with her. One more thing, Andrea Corr is a member of the Order of the British Empire. That's beautiful!.

Let's look at her beautiful face, one of characteristics possessed by Andrea Corr is her hair color, She was so fond of black hairstyle. This element combines harmoniously with her white and fresh skin on her face. She also more often seen with black and dark eyeshadow around her brown eyes. Could be, the black is her favorite color. Look, She seems to scrawl a black pencil on her eyebrows. Indeed, the black makes Andrea Corr beautiful face looks shady and powerful. But it also makes her seem old-fashioned (conservative).

What is the face shape of Andrea Corr?, look at four-point, i.e. on her forehead, chin, right cheek and left cheek. Then, pull the center line both vertically and horizontally. Compare the length, both have nearly the same length. With the forehead's right-left outer line which looks tilted vertically, and also on her jaw, so that Andrea Corr has a diamond-shaped face in combination of a slightly square.

That is, her face shape is suitable for a hairstyle with combed split the middle. The trend, a diamond-shaped face, somewhat difficult to make a face to look beautiful (intrinsically).

So, which part on Andrea Corr's face, who looks beautiful?. Look, her nose was less sharp, but..., its nasal bone has a lovely straight line. Then, look also at Andrea Corr cheeks, She has cheeks that look soft, and when She smiled, showing an adorable bulge, exactly at the point of her zygomatic bone.

In addition, it appears tenderness and freshness on her facial skin. And the last is her lips shape, it is a sexy patterned lips. Especially, when She was blowing her flute on a concert. She's talented and beautiful.
Andrea Corr Beautiful FaceAndrea Corr Beautiful Face
Andrea Corr image sources: Andrea Corr on Arte y Fotografia by Andres Arranz, at Glastonbury Festival, June 27, 1999 on Wikimedia by Charlie Brewer, at the Corrs Live in Paris, Circa 1997 on Wikimedia by Claude-Étienne Armingaud and The Corrs - Borrowed Heaven on Flickr by Nguyễn Ðình Quân.


  1. She is cute. Is this the same girl as your background?

  2. Nope, Maurice...,background theme is from J.Aghili's FinalSense...:-)

  3. Andrea Corr's face is the definition of Beauty!


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