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Look At Michelle Pfeiffer Beautiful Face

Michelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful Long Wavy Hairstyle
Take a note of this: in nine days, or more precisely on 29 April 2010, She will even more than a half century old, or 52 years. That is, She has a much older age than other big names such as Salma Hayek and Nicole Kidman. But look, her facial beauty charm is still very visible, especially her sparkle blue eyes.

Michelle Marie Pfeiffer, is an actress who often plays for big films, such as The Fabulous Baker Boys, Dangerous Liaisons, The Age of Innocence, Up Close & Personal, and others. However, Michelle Pfeiffer has never won an Oscar, despite having been nominated three times. It's unfortunate.

As already mentioned, Michelle Pfeiffer had eyes sparkling with the sensation that could melt hearts of men. If the eyes of Michelle Pfeiffer viewed from a distance, its sensation has not been felt, however, the closer increasingly felt its sensation. Could be, because of her sparkle blue eyes, which makes Michelle Pfeiffer asked to be a Catwoman and Wolf.

She also typical of a beautiful-looking woman who is faithful to her hair color, which is blonde, in the 90's, there are many people who admire to her hairstyle. At the time Michelle Pfeiffer attended the Cinema Society screening of Cheri in New York, on Tuesday, June 16, 2009, She is still with her blonde hair. Look, classic beauty on her face is still reflected on her long wavy hairstyle (5th image from top), which also seemed to match to her eyebrows color.

There are many unique features on Michelle Pfeiffer beautiful face. First, when viewed frontally, She has a chin that narrows if it drawn from two angles on her jaw. And of course, it makes Michelle Pfeiffer's chin has a comely pointed shape.

Secondly, She has a face shape, which makes her face always has a balanced proportion, though her body is fat. It is strongly influenced by a strong jaw line and chin pointed at her face (at top image). And with forehead measurement which looks more wide, Michelle Pfeiffer beautiful face is a type of heart-shaped face.

The third represents the most typical on her beautiful face, which is her lips shape. Clearly, She has a cute or a small lips shape, but it is not her true distinctiveness or uniqueness. But more on How does Michelle Pfeiffer's lips shaped?. It's hard to describe this, but look at it more carefully, the shape of Michelle Pfeiffer's lips seemed to reflect an utterance of a word: "Pfeiffer", with three-letter F.

Want to have a lips shape as beautiful as her lips?, Say it: "Pfeiffer ...!". As People magazine said, She's Unstoppable.
Michelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful Face
Michelle Pfeiffer image sources: at the 62nd Annual Academy Awards 1990 and at the Emmy Awards 1994 by Alan Light, Michelle Pfeiffer on Flickr by Elysson de Castro, at the Cinema Society screening of Cheri in New York, June 2009 on Flickr by Current News Stories.


  1. She's stunning and she seems to be one of those rare beauties who only gets better looking with age.

  2. AnonymousJune 01, 2011

    She is realy beautiful, realy skinny and suprisingly a rather tall woman, in movies she looked smaller to me, because she has a small body frame (tinny hips, waist, naturally real skinny) I saw her once in the 90's, she has that fragile body look... Beutiful face shape, nose, eyes, that elegant model body, she is something special!!!

  3. Her lips are weird.

  4. #1-Michelle es la mujer mas hermosa de toda la tierra su cara es demasiado angelical yo tengo todas las fotos de ella y nunca me he cansado de verla la puedo ver horas enteras

  5. She is a timeless, classic beauty of the kind that is no longer in Hollywood. She does a terrific job with interviews, is a great actress, is well spoken and is obviously intelligent. She doesn't take her gifts for granted, prepares and researches thoroughly for parts, she exercises as though she is in boot camp. I am hopeful that a great script comes her way and that she choses to play the lead actress rather than turning it down as she has so many times in the past.

  6. So glad she started acting again. I think she's beautiful next to Nicole Kidman. Amanda Seyfried could be her daughter if Mel Gibson was the father. Amanda's also gorgeous.She's got that round heart face, if you draw two long lines the same size forming a long, wide v and then two parellel lines going up you'll see. Her face shape has the same distance all around but it is two long to be a round face. Alot of pretty people have round heart faces. Like Aly from the band Aly & AJ, who's also known as ALyson Michalka from Phil of the Future and Easy A.

  7. In reference to the above post, Michelle Pfeiffer makes Amanda Seyfried look like the contents of a baby's diaper. Michelle has a much stronger face. Her jawline is squared and well defined, her chin is narrow but because of her well-shaped jaw, this narrowness looks good. Also, Michelle's eyes aren't as ridiculously huge as Amanda's, and her forehead is more proportionate. Amanda Seyfried has lips that are injected with fat and therefore look fake and bloated, albeit narrow. Michelle's lips have also been injected but are much more unique. Unfortunately, both have undergone some plastic surgery, which makes their natural beauty questionable, but Michelle obviously had much more to begin with, plus she can at least somewhat act, unlike Amanda, who gets by on her willingness to show off her chest.

    1. LOL! reguarding the comment I made previous the one above: she is the more original, more embellished beauty. But I just wanted to say basically anyone that looks somewhat like her is pretty because they look like her like another example:Cameron Diaz. She also has a well defined, wide and round face. Also, Cindy Morgan from Caddyshack very pretty reminds me of her-Amanda Seyfried.Still often imitated, never duplicated. I think Michelle is more original, beautiful. About the article associating with her being compared with Nicole Kidman, I do agree. They both have aged very well with a very well defined face shape and crystal blue eyes that could be drawn as a cartoon, with a face that tons of women would pay to have. But, Michelle is truly original with her what I like to call-round heart shape, almost round but also very wide and more heart shaped, appearing more square, truly unique. Also, has grown even prettier with age.

  8. AnonymousJuly 08, 2013

    She looks better than 90% of women in their 20s. Ive seen more beautiful women over 40 than 20-35 these days. Just because a young person does not have wrinkles that does not mean they have attractive facial features or a fit body underneath.

  9. I've never found her pretty. She would be nothing without make-up, hair stylist and good clothes.


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