Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Look At Anne Curtis Beautiful Face

It was an incident that will definitely make Anne Curtis really really concerned, if Bea Alonzo was awarded as the Best Dressed Celebrity in 2010, but on the contrary, Anne Curtis instead get a harsh reality where She has undergone a Bikini Incident, or more commonly referred to as a Wardrobe Malfunction. And of course, it's not the Anne Curtis wardrobe malfunction that will be the topic here, but it's about Anne Curtis beautiful face.
Anne Curtis Beautiful Face
So, let's begin to look at Anne Curtis beautiful face. Irrespective of image quality above which probably is not good, but it was obvious that Anne Curtis has a fresh facial skin and natural look, though it less smoothly. Then look at Anne Curtis smiles and its expression, it was a sweet smile, though She looks like a less freely on that smile. She seemed to bury something, whether it's because of the tragedy that had just endured?.

Look at her face, one sight that is very apparent on Anne Curtis's face, is the Eyebrows. It must be admitted that it was beautiful, not because of its shape, but because of its features, Thick and Black. It becomes a beautiful sight to look, coupled with fresh white skin. While, the meaning of Anne Curtis black eyebrows is, generally a good character.

Now is about Anne Curtis face shape. Her photo above shows that She has a narrow forehead vertically, this raises a straight line that is relatively flat. If it combined with the outside line on her cheekbones, jaw line, and her chin which is also flat (its pointy caused by her smile), Anne Curtis seems to have a square shaped-face. So that, Anne Curtis should not choose a super short hair style.

Switch to her eyes. Actually, Anne Curtis eyes is a dark-brown, but on the picture above, her dark-brown eyes is not so visible. But it does not matter, because that would be shared is that, according to her dark-brown eyes, She will be able to make decisions under pressure, She's passionate, but sometimes too impulsive.

And Look at just above Anne Curtis lips, She is a woman who has a normal-shaped nose, and nose size can represents the individual resourcefulness. The larger the more resourceful.

Born as Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith on February 17, 1985 in Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia, She was a Filipino-Australian actress, model, TV host, and also a VJ.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look At Bea Alonzo Beautiful Face

Bea Alonzo Beautiful Face
The Philippines proves again that in this country there are so many women who have beautiful face. You probably already familiar with the beauty of Angel Locsin face and Marian Rivera face (two figures which are equally popular in Philippines). They have a big role on the dynamics of entertainment in Philippines, even more than that, they took up the name of Philippines to foreign countries, especially in Southeast Asia and East Asia.

And now comes another Pinoy celebrity, who is an actress and singer, She has a birth name and it is quite difficult to pronounce, her name is Phylbert Angellie Ranollo Fagestrom. With British descent from her father and Philippines from her mother, Look, there's a woman who really beautiful was smiling so sweetly to You.
Bea Alonzo Beautiful Face
It is not being exaggerated, that physically (keep in mind that beautiful face is something visible), almost of all parts that are on her face, were indeed beautiful.

Just take a look at Bea Alonzo beautiful face one by one, Bea Alonzo has long black hair style that would clearly reflect the elegance. Also, could mean low temperament and have lots of friends (psychologically).

Then, Bea Alonzo's forehead. She has a forehead with a very fit proportion to her own face. When viewed horizontally and then compared with her chin and jaw line, her forehead will look more in width, this is the main factor that Bea Alonzo has a heart-shaped face.

In addition, smooth curvature at the outer side of her forehead and jaw angle, when viewed from the front, it can be said that Bea Alonzo also has an oval face shape, as a combination of Bea Alonzo heart face shape. The interesting point is not on its face shape, but more specifically is at the level of curvature, which is looked very soft. Combined with Bea Alonzo facial skin, which is also very smooth, shiny and white, There is no doubt at all that Bea Alonzo is truly a Bea-utiful face.

And now look at Bea Alonzo's chin, probably, it is the Most Beautiful Chin of all female celebrities in the Philippines. Its shape is exquisite pointed, to collaborate in great harmony with Bea Alonzo thin lips, and just look at the flow lines starting from her angle of jaw, then to middle of jaw (just below her super-soft cheek) and stopped at the tip of her chin. That's the elements of How Bea Alonzo's beautiful pointed chin was shaped so neatly and exquisite. It's hard to liken, or probably, that's a masterpiece of a facial sculpture artist.

Physiognomically, her long black hair has given a meaning that She had a lot of friends, then surprisingly, Bea Alonzo's pointed chin has the meaning that Bea is a positive person who makes quick decisions and a type of Out-going (Friendly). Are You a Fan? Then just ask her...!.

Now about Bea Alonzo brown eyes, which the type of eyes like this, already well known by most people as beautiful eyes. But do you know the meaning of brown eyes?, Its meaning is that Bea Alonzo (because of her brown eyes), is a generous woman and noble.

Meanwhile, Bea Alonzo dark eyebrows gives a meaning, the woman has a good character in general. And Bea Alonzo's nose that looks lovely straight on its nasal bone and have a normal proportion or size, means that She is beautiful (She was already...), diligent, witty and wise.
Bea Alonzo Beautiful FaceBea Alonzo Beautiful Face
So, that was Bea "Bea-utiful" Alonzo, who at the beginning of the year 2010, She was awarded as the Best Dressed Celebrity. And apparently, She who will be 23 years old on October 17, 2010, is absolutely worthy to get the Award. And very likely, that one day, Bea Alonzo will shift the popularity of Angel Locsin.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Look At Priyanka Chopra Beautiful Face

Priyanka Chopra Beautiful Face
What do You find on her beautiful face?, Maybe You will mention all that You have found. But if the question is replaced with: What are categorized as beautiful on Priyanka Chopra face?, Almost predictable that the answer is: Priyanka Chopra's dark brown hair that looks thick and lush, dark and thick eyebrows that looks stretched like the arch of a bow, and her big dark brown eyes which is as if it were saying something to you. And that's the characteristics of Indian women's facial beauty, as well as can be found on the beautiful face of Aishwarya Rai, Kajol and Kareena Kapoor.
Priyanka Chopra Beautiful Face
Look at Priyanka Chopra's lips, oh, it's too thick or even, swelled. Possibly her lips shape would be more appropriate to be called as hot, rather than beautiful. And when Priyanka Chopra was smiling away, just below her lips appeared a row of teeth with a rather large size, not only that, Priyanka Chopra upper gums are also became too visible. Physically, those things are parts on Priyanka Chopra's face, which could be called Not Beautiful. However, with a note that Priyanka Chopra was not awkward at all while smiling, on the other hand, her big smile can be called Beautiful, and it is not a contrived smile. And necessary to know that if the lips is Thick, its owner may become (Sorry, it's just a Physiognomy) unchaste and adulterous.

Then about Priyanka Chopra's face shape, just take a look at Priyanka Chopra image at the top, a round face shape (with only slightly oval) is clearly visible on Priyanka Chopra's face, look at it carefully from the outer line of her chin, angle of jaw, jaw bone, zygomatic bone and just ends at Priyanka Chopra's forehead. Arches that arise indicate that Priyanka Chopra has a round face, sketchily, it was really full without clearly defined cheekbones.

With a round face shape, will be a little difficult to determine a suitable hairstyle, in this case, for Priyanka Chopra. Well, to be more obvious, did You ever see Priyanka Chopra with short bob hairstyle?. It seems it would be good for Priyanka Chopra, considering that She was somewhat oval-faced, is the choice of long straight hair styles, and by letting it loose. This will truly bring and strengthen the oval shape on her face. Just look at Priyanka Chopra on the bottom image, She is so beautiful.
Priyanka Chopra Beautiful FacePriyanka Chopra Beautiful FacePriyanka Chopra Beautiful Face
Lastly, look at Priyanka Chopra's nose, She seems to have a nose with a large cartilage and high on its nose tip, so that raises a big nostrils. And her big or wide nostrils means that She will be strong headed, lazy, proud and fond of a pleasurable life. Oh,it's really unfortunate.

Next July 18, 2010, Priyanka Chopra will be 28 years of age. She is a former Miss World and a famous Bollywood actress.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Look At Eva Longoria Beautiful Face

Eva Longoria Beautiful Face
Ever heard the saying like this: "Hair is crown for a woman"?, It seems the saying is indeed true for an Eva Longoria. Not like Natalie Portman, who still looks beautiful even though her hair cut or shaved down, Eva Longoria would seem more suited to long wavy hair styles, which is left loose and hanging gracefully over her shoulders. Apparently this long wavy hair style is to balance her face, which looks fattening. A choice of the right hairstyle for great ceremony, Eva!. Look, other than bring elegance, also symbolizes maturity and reinforces the impression of motherhood.
Eva Longoria Beautiful Hairstyle In Long WavyEva Longoria Beautiful FaceEva Longoria Beautiful FaceEva Longoria Beautiful Face
Basically, Eva Longoria was having eyes that many people say that it's a beautiful eyes, that is, eyes with brown iris. And it was enhanced by how Eva Longoria treats her eyebrows and eyelash, Look, the combination of dark shades of purple and silver around her brown eyes, it's truly luxurious. But there are some notes: purple polish just above Eva Longoria's eyelash, seemed too thick. It makes Eva was forced to always smile, to reduce the impression of haughty or swollen as the effects of the excess polish.

Now the look shifted to Eva Longoria face shape, it looks like She has a face shape that is very likely to an Oval-shaped, mainly influenced by her jaw line which is gently rounded, her face length that is still longer than its width and her forehead that is slightly narrowed. Then it became slightly oblong or rectangular-shaped, because of Eva Longoria's chin shape appeared to have a bit flat and straight lines horizontally. And one more feature that affects the face shape of Eva Longoria beautiful face, ie two outer lines on her cheekbones, which looks straight and elongated vertically.

Eva Jacqueline Longoria Parker (Parker is an appendage of her marriage to Tony Parker, a NBA Guard, in 2007), is a Mexican descent that the skin on her face looked a bit dark. However, her face skin to be unique, although a bit dark, but still looks smooth and clean.

Look also at Eva Longoria nose shape, it's a shaped-nose which is almost similar to Jessica Biel's nose or Melissa Theuriau, when viewed in frontal, her nose shape looked straight and has normal length with a very feminine style, conversely, when viewed from side, it's a big one. Then for her straight shaped-nose, according to physiognomy, means that Eva Longoria was a beautiful woman who wise, witty and diligent. Just look at Eva Longoria's big and kind smile, which rose between her clean shining teeth and her lips.

And that's why Eva Longoria was named Philanthropist of the Year 2009 by the Hollywood Reporter for her commitment to Latino causes and giving back to the community. Beautiful!.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Look At Angelina Jolie Beautiful Face

As already known, She was 2006's Most Beautiful Star on People and Vanity Fair's Most Beautiful Woman. However, Angelina Jolie has done something that is not beautiful at all in Original Sin, it proved by so much criticism of this film. What exactly did she have so-called Most Beautiful Woman by many parties?, Just look, Angelina Jolie lips look like lips that are Too Thick, Heavy and Stretchy, it is sexy, but it is relatively not beautiful. Or due to other parts on its face?.
Angelina Jolie Beautiful FaceAngelina Jolie Beautiful Face
Angelina Jolie Beautiful Face
If her eyes as a measure of her beautiful face, it must be admitted that Angelina Jolie blue eyes is indeed beautiful, but do You know that Angelina Jolie has gone under the knife and had plastic surgery on her nose, eyes and other parts of her body?. After all, to realize again that talking beautiful face, the substance is talking about proportionality of face, about the Look, and of course, about the Make-up. And one of the Most Extreme Make-up is...,a Plastic Surgery!. So, Welcome to the real world.

Back to Look at Angelina Jolie beautiful face, She already has an element of beauty, the long hair, but if her hair loose, looking slightly disheveled. Oh...,Poor Brad Pitt, because He must often comb the long hair of Angelina Jolie. But do not doubt to the beauty of Angelina Jolie, every time She appeared with her hairstyles for formal events. Look (bottom image), With a twist of hair on her head and two strands of hair left loose to form side-swept bangs, She is very worthy to be called as an Enchanting Queen of the party.

And the beautiful hairstyle like that, is very effective to minimize or soften Angelina Jolie's jaw line that looked strong. Where her jaw line is a fundamental part for her square-shaped face, which combined to oval-shaped because of her high forehead (note: a high forehead is auspicious for woman indicating good luck and prosperity) and high cheekbones.
Angelina Jolie Beautiful FaceAngelina Jolie Beautiful Face
Angelina Jolie Beautiful Face
Then look at her straight nose, it makes Angelina Jolie looks witty, diligent and a nuance of wise. It could be based on these factors that make Angelina Jolie as an United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Goodwill Ambassador. Angelina Jolie was born as Angelina Jolie Voight on June 4, 1975.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Look At Doutzen Kroes Beautiful Face

Here She is, an Angel of Victoria's Secret, after Miranda Kerr with unique charm for her face shape, and Behati Prinsloo with her beautiful baby face, then now Doutzen Kroes has a beauty on her hair that was so elegant.
Doutzen Kroes Beautiful FaceDoutzen Kroes Beautiful Face and Her Lovely Hairstyle
Just look, with long hair in a straight blow dry style, She practically tells all women of how to maintain the hair as well as how to determine a suitable or matched hairstyle. And look at the hair strands that fall over the outside of her forehead and her right eye, that's so lovely and really represents the Feminine. That's main charm of Doutzen Kroes beautiful face.

Not only the hair, look also at the Harmonization arising from Doutzen Kroes blonde hair mixed with her glazy blue eyes, dark eyebrows and eyelash. It's absolutely an exquisite blend, is not it?, So worthy if Doutzen Kroes became one of Victoria's Secret Angels who often become the main focus of reporters and photographers, as recently happened at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City on Monday, March 17.

Then why does Doutzen Kroes look so beautiful?, What is actually her face shape?, Look, it seems it's a combination of an oval-shaped and oblong-shaped (her face is longer than it's wide with a long straight cheek line), where the more dominant is Doutzen Kroes's oval-shaped.

Did you know that there is a uniqueness on Doutzen Kroes beautiful face?, it's about her lips, but it's not her lips shape which is called as a uniqueness, but the body language that often appears on her face. Doutzen Kroen will be seen more beautiful and sexy with a slightly open mouth, Just look!. And, it may be that this is a separate intelligence possessed by Doutzen Kroes on How to appear beautiful to Public. Then She did it because of her lips shape is a thick-balanced, both the upper lip and lower lip.
Doutzen Kroes Beautiful FaceDoutzen Kroes Beautiful Face
Doutzen Kroes Beautiful Face
And what about her nose?, apparently it's not something that attractive or interesting, and the attractive one is prefer to her other face parts, namely her chin and jaw. Two elements that make her oval face looked more beautiful.

Lastly, Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch model who was born on January 23, 1985 in Eastermar, Netherlands.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Look At Ingrid Rivera Beautiful Face

Do not hesitate to admit that there is something Extreme here. What is it?, none other than is the beautiful face of Ingrid Marie Rivera Santos. And the typical which referred to as Extremely beauty, it is always very visible on faces of mostly Miss Beauty Pageant. Just look at the beauty of Aishwarya Rai's face, Hil Hernandez or Joelle Behlok, everything just looked So Perfect, if it not referred to as Extremely beauty.
Ingrid Marie Rivera Extreme Beautiful Face
Why does referred to as Extreme?, if indeed that beautiful face is about Proportionality (combination or fusion of face shape, forehead, nose, eyes, chin, jaw bones and other parts of a face), then the beauty of a Miss Beauty Pageant has a high level of proportionality or maximum, or Perfect. Just Look at the beautiful face of Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008, Ingrid Rivera. Number one is her face shape, Ingrid Rivera has a perfect oval face, a type of face shape which is relatively more beautiful than other types of face shape. Simply put, She has the basic element for a facial beauty.

And Ingrid Rivera oval-shaped, formed or influenced by 3 face parts, namely her forehead, jaw line and chin. And each of these 3 face parts, also has a perfectly proportioned size. To be sure, look at outer lines of these 3 face parts in a circle. Those contours are so soft and almost no broken or rigid contours on Ingrid Rivera beautiful face.
Ingrid Marie Rivera Beautiful Face
Then Ingrid Rivera with hairstyle where her hair is pulled back tightly as shows on top image, appearing an admirable elegance, on the other hand, becomes a little stiff impressed. Ingrid Rivera's face makeup, as seen on two pictures, actually raises all potential for physical beauty of her face. Her blue eyes, eyebrows, forehead, lips, cheeks and others are all Extremely Beautiful, and all based on her perfect oval face shape.

In addition, Ingrid Rivera was born in Luquillo, Puerto Rico on October 8, 1983. Image source: Ingrid Rivera on Picasa Web Albums. Credit: Angelo De La Paz.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Look At Angel Aquino Beautiful Face

In the not too distant future, could be around 4 or 5 years, Venezuela and India which are known by world in the Miss Universe pageant as two countries which have a lot of beautiful-looking women, will get an equivalent competitor. This country or competitor is Philippines. Is this something ridiculous?, it tends to No. Just try to look at Angel Locsin, Marian Rivera or maybe Bea Alonzo. At least those 3 beautiful women have smooth facial skin that are still looked natural. That's only 3 women, the fact is that Philippines still has a lot more, and one of those Pinoy's beautiful faces is Angel Aquino, a 37 years old actress, TV host and also, She was a model.
Angel Aquino Beautiful Face
Now look at Angel Aquino beautiful face, what did She have on its face?. She still maintains well one of female beauty typical of Southeast Asia, it was her hair color which is dominant with black. Look at the image below, Angel Aquino has an unbranched hair, it looks strong and straight down. As if She did not need a comb, because of her hair looks like combed by itself. And it also shows that the beauty of Southeast Asian women are more natural.
Angel Aquino Beautiful Face
Not only on her hair style, naturalness of Angel Aquino's beautiful face also obvious on her skin of face, eyebrows and nose shape (nasal bone). There is no impression that all that exists on her face were a result of plastic surgery.

And actually, if the beautiful face of Angel Aquino views in more detail, Angel Aquino has a face shape which was somewhat of less beautiful. It's an oblong-shaped face, and when viewed in frontal, too narrow nuances become very noticeable, both on Angel's forehead, jaw and chin. However, it can be balanced by all the things that have been mentioned above, that is the beauty of her black hair and her strong natural aspects-including Angel Aquino lips.

Angel Aquino image sources: Jimmy Davao photostream 1, photostream 2 on Flickr. Attribute to: Jimmy Davao.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Look At Dakota Fanning Beautiful Face

Suddenly, there came a scream of fear, Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) then ran to ensure safety of Rachel Ferrier (Dakota Fanning) who spots a body floating by in the water (seen from a distance with no blood / gore) that's followed by many more bodies. Then Ray grabs Rachel, who's horrified by the sight, and removes her from the scene.
Dakota Fanning Beautiful Face
It is a scene in War of the Worlds. And how Dakota Fanning screamed and sobbed until her eyes grabbed by Tom Cruise's hands, proves a great talent from Dakota Fanning in acting. She is very smart for making an expression, and that's really beautiful talent of a young actress Dakota Fanning.

Is her beautiful acting just as beautiful as her face?, Let's take a look. First, is about hair, Look, a little unfortunate that Dakota Fanning has a thin blonde hair. And her hair looks like being forced to expand (her face at right below this paragraph). Not just the hair that is not comfortable to be seen, but also her nose, What's wrong with her nose which raised a lump?. And behold, She looks like an old woman and...ugly. Could be, it's just because of imperfect camerawork by the photographer. Look at the talented Dakota Fanning face on top image, She is a beautiful girl indeed.
Dakota Fanning Beautiful Face
Is it true that there is a link between specific characters with eyes?, Most likely is true. Look at blue iris on Dakota Fanning's eyes. The spotlight on her eyes is so strong and bright, it reflects a high talent and an intelligence of Dakota Fanning as a great actress for the next. And right above her beautiful blue eyes, Dakota Fanning has eyelash and eyebrows that are still natural.
Dakota Fanning Beautiful Face
And remember, Hannah Dakota Fanning was only 16 years 1 month, at the age of teenagers, her facial struture can change, e.g is the growth of her skeleton. And actually, Dakota Fanning with her heart face shape (narrow jawlines with cheekbones tend to visible, pointed chin and broad forehead), it should be matched to her long straight blonde hairstyles. But on the middle picture above, why did She look like a Grandma?.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Look At Behati Prinsloo Beautiful Face

There are two places or spaces, which is really different or contrasting. The first place known as Namibia, which is very identical to Poverty and Backwardness. While another is Victoria's Secret, the largest Apparel in the United States, which is based in Columbus, Ohio, and it is a symbol of luxury and wealth. Those two things would be very difficult to have linkages, if it does not appear a beautiful model named Behati Prinsloo. Simply put, Behati Prinsloo is in the midst between those two very different spaces.
Behati Prinsloo Beautiful Face
Behati Prinsloo Beautiful Face
Behati Prinsloo who was a daughter of a minister in Namibia, born on May 16, 1989 and She is one of Angels at Victoria's Secret. And recently, She is to Design for Pink. Maybe you did not expect that in Namibia, there was a beautiful girl who will become a famous model. Just as in Afghanistan which has a beautiful woman called Zallascht Sadat.
Behati Prinsloo Beautiful FaceBehati Prinsloo Beautiful Face
If you were ask to look at the face of Behati Prinsloo, which is the most beautiful part?. Look, her chin and jaws were reminiscent You to Emily Deschanel's chin and jaw shape. And apparently, her chin is the allure of Behati Prinsloo's beautiful face. The chin shape is a bit pointy and cute, just look at Behati Prinsloo while She's smiling on bottom image. And also, her chin reducing the impression of strong on Behati Prinsloo's square jaw.
Behati Prinsloo Beautiful FaceBehati Prinsloo Beautiful Face
Then look at 5 points on Behati Prinsloo face (top image), namely: her pointy chin, thin lips, nose's greater alar cartilage, slanting eyes and very thin eyebrows. All these elements have minimal size. And it's 5 points that also make Behati Prinsloo face looks so cute.

But oddly enough, Behati Prinsloo cheeks (third image from bottom) have the opposite size, which is caused by her large and strong jaw bone. Her cheeks looked stretchy and very broad, as there is no limit to the forehead. Difficult to determine, whether this is a strange, ugly or even a unique shape?. And caused by all those elements, so that Behati Prinsloo face shape can be categorized as square shaped, and slightly heart caused by her pointy chin and wide forehead.
Behati Prinsloo Beautiful Face
But fortunately, her cheeks that seemed excessive, can offset or covered by her beautiful long hairstyle (a typical hair of a model). And her beautiful baby face looked classy with her hazel eyes.