Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look At Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face

Does it have to be an absolute measure, if a Beautiful Face must have elements such as: Long Black Hair, Big Eyes, Thick Eyebrows, Long Black Eyebrows, Sharp Nose and Lips that tends to Thin?. Look at Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face, perhaps the statement which is also as a question at the beginning of this paragraph, has the answer, Yes!.
Look At Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face
All the elements mentioned above, all clearly visible when Looking at Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face. The same thing also can be proved when Looked at Aishwarya Rai Beautiful Face, which are both crowned as a Miss Beauty Pageant. Aishwarya Rai was Miss World 1994, while Hil Hernandez was Miss Earth 2006. Perhaps the elements of this Facial Beauty, which is became the difference between the Beauty of a Miss with a Celebrity's Beauty (Look at Keira Knightley or Miranda Kerr Beautiful Face).
Look At Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face
Now back to Look at Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face, the Beautiful Eyes of Hil Hernandez is a magnet which will break up concentrations of people when talking to her. Besides the wide smile that looks really loose and not contrived, and a dimple that appeared from Hil Hernandez Beautiful cheeks.

Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face images source on Commons.wikimedia and authorized by Paul Chin.


  1. heheEh.... gwapa nimo bah....

  2. heheEh... gwapa nimo bah....


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