Sunday, January 31, 2010

Look At Preity Zinta Beautiful Face

Before starting to Look at Her Beautiful Face, You may not believe that this Beautiful Face might have been saying in her heart: "Oh my God...,Thirty five years has gone so fast!". Yes, on this January 31, 2010, She was 35 years old. Preity Zinta was celebrating her Birthday. Look At Preity Zinta Beautiful Face, that's a Beautiful Face of a woman aged 35!. Well...,Happy birthday Preity.
Look At Preity Zinta Beautiful Face
Indeed, the age of Preity Zinta who has reached the number of 35, has made people a little hard to believe. Look at Preity Zinta Beautiful Face, it was not caused by the pictures on this blog shows a Preity Zinta who was smiling and laughing, but that Preity Zinta Beautiful Face is always appeared cheerful shades, and certainly Preity Zinta has a face that (in my opinion) is identical to the childlike. Do you remember Koi Mil Gaya?.
Look At Preity Zinta Beautiful FaceLook At Preity Zinta Beautiful Face
Now what?, just divert your eyes on Preity Zinta cheeks, among so many Beautiful Faces in India, may be Preity Zinta cheeks is the Most Adorable cheeks. Yeah..., indeed it's Chubby. But precisely, this chubby cheeks is what has become the Characteristic of Preity Zinta Beautiful Face is not it?. Look at Preity Zinta Beautiful Face, her cheeks with a chubby shape, make a smile from Preity Zinta looking so beautiful, and became the most adorable thing. And perhaps, it's only Katrina Kaif (She is also having an adorable face) fans who did not agree, if Preity "Pretty" Zinta described as an adorable.

Preity Zinta image sources: Commons.wikimedia and TaKe Me To, Authorized by IndiaFM a.k.a Bollywood hungama.


  1. I'd marry a woman so beautiful;)

  2. She can make a rose look pale

  3. as her names states she is pretty

  4. Yes,as per her name,she is very Preety.May God Bless upon her and wish her all the best.

  5. AnonymousMay 30, 2014

    Shes the most ugliest actress ever! Her face is tooo chubby and big nose and some weird dimples! Ppl only like her films


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