Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look At Angel Locsin Beautiful Face

Well, in Your opinion, Is She sexy, hot or beautiful?, I predict that many people would probably say that: "... Angel Locsin is Sexy!". And opinions of the people who said that Angel Locsin is sexy, actually triggered or caused by the many images of Angel Locsin, who appears in sexy poses. But it must be objectively recognized that Angel Locsin is not as beautiful as Keira Knightley, right?.
Look At Angel Locsin Beautiful Face
Look at Angel Locsin Beautiful Face, especially on the left image below this paragraph, and what do You think?. Maybe You'll quickly make a confession, that You are now not only find Angel Locsin as a sexy woman (or perhaps, a hot woman), but Angel Locsin is truly an Angel. Look at Her Beautiful Face, the Beautiful Face of Angel Locsin is not just a Radiant Clean White Skin, but more than that, Angel Locsin has a skin that looked Very Natural.
Look At Angel Locsin Beautiful FaceLook At Angel Locsin Beautiful Face
Or could be, Angel Locsin Beautiful Face is a hallmark of Southeast Asian Female Beauty, which reflects the humility of the people of Southeast Asia. And Philippines should be proud of Angel Locsin. So, it's not surprising, if Angel Locsin was voted as one of the 100 Most Beautiful Women in Philippines. And now, I can not stop to Look at Her Beautiful Face, and You?.

Angel Locsin Beautiful Face images authorized by: Team Angel Tayo on Flickr.


  1. For me,
    nature look is d best beauty.. =D

  2. thanks. yes. she's gorgeous!

  3. angel is truly beautiful and sexy!

  4. she is beautiful,sexy and hot

  5. shes truely beautiful even without make-up she's the hottest in the land! cheer!weeeeeeeeeeeee luv it muahhhhhhhhh

  6. gorgeous!!

  7. so beautiful !!
    i love you all..


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