Sunday, January 31, 2010

Look At Preity Zinta Beautiful Face

Before starting to Look at Her Beautiful Face, You may not believe that this Beautiful Face might have been saying in her heart: "Oh my God...,Thirty five years has gone so fast!". Yes, on this January 31, 2010, She was 35 years old. Preity Zinta was celebrating her Birthday. Look At Preity Zinta Beautiful Face, that's a Beautiful Face of a woman aged 35!. Well...,Happy birthday Preity.
Look At Preity Zinta Beautiful Face
Indeed, the age of Preity Zinta who has reached the number of 35, has made people a little hard to believe. Look at Preity Zinta Beautiful Face, it was not caused by the pictures on this blog shows a Preity Zinta who was smiling and laughing, but that Preity Zinta Beautiful Face is always appeared cheerful shades, and certainly Preity Zinta has a face that (in my opinion) is identical to the childlike. Do you remember Koi Mil Gaya?.
Look At Preity Zinta Beautiful FaceLook At Preity Zinta Beautiful Face
Now what?, just divert your eyes on Preity Zinta cheeks, among so many Beautiful Faces in India, may be Preity Zinta cheeks is the Most Adorable cheeks. Yeah..., indeed it's Chubby. But precisely, this chubby cheeks is what has become the Characteristic of Preity Zinta Beautiful Face is not it?. Look at Preity Zinta Beautiful Face, her cheeks with a chubby shape, make a smile from Preity Zinta looking so beautiful, and became the most adorable thing. And perhaps, it's only Katrina Kaif (She is also having an adorable face) fans who did not agree, if Preity "Pretty" Zinta described as an adorable.

Preity Zinta image sources: Commons.wikimedia and TaKe Me To, Authorized by IndiaFM a.k.a Bollywood hungama.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Look At Marian Rivera Beautiful Face

Although I am not a Filipino, but my guess might not miss that the following Beautiful Face is the hardest rival of Angel Locsin, this Beautiful Face is Marian Rivera. Uniquely, these two Beautiful Face, has the same role as Darna in a popular TV series in Philippines. Angel Locsin as Darna role in 2005 while Marian Rivera in 2009.
Look At Marian Rivera Beautiful Face
Look at Marian Rivera Beautiful Face (which unfortunately, the Marian Rivera face look less beautiful on the picture below, otherwise, She's cute), What's the most that makes Marian Rivera Face looked beautiful? the answer is her Face Shape. Behold, the contours of her face was so gentle and could be said also that Marian Rivera Beautiful Face is a cute face. While Marian Rivera Face Shape (if not mistaken) is an oval face, the length of her face is longer than the width of face.
Marian Rivera Beautiful Face And Its Cute Facial Feature
And Look also at Marian Rivera cheeks, that bulge seemed very fitting to the size of Marian Rivera nose, both at the time of her silence, and when She smiled. And this is what can not be found on the Angel Locsin beautiful face. Yes, Marian Rivera is not only beautiful, but also cute and of course, Marian Rivera is Sexy.

Marian Rivera image sources: Gerry, authorized by Paul Cabigao and Marian1212.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Look At Diane Kruger Beautiful Face

Who is more worthy to be a symbol of German Beauty?, is Claudia Schiffer or Diane Kruger?.  Maybe if the used as a benchmark assessment is Fame, many people would prefer Claudia Schiffer than Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger's role in National Treasure). But Look At Diane Kruger Beautiful Face, this is what will change people's opinions about who is Most Beautiful Face in Germany?.
Look At Diane Kruger Beautiful FaceLook At Diane Kruger Beautiful Face
Just Look at Her Beautiful Face above, something in her face which became the main attraction of the beauty of Diane Kruger is the hair. At first glance, Diane Kruger's hair seemed like a mess, but that's exactly the main Ravishing of Diane Kruger Beautiful Face. Diane Kruger's Sleek Hairstyle Side, with ponytails, making Diane not only looks beautiful, but also eliminate the impression of arrogance in Diane Kruger. Could be, Diane Kruger is also a symbol of Blonde Hair Beautiful Woman. Indeed, it seems that facial beauty is more synonymous with Long Black Hair (Look At Minissha Lamba Hair).
Look At Diane Kruger Beautiful Face
Look at Diane Kruger Gray Eyes, her eyes gaze was shady and feels friendly. Her gray eyes, which also caused Diane Kruger glance was so Beautiful. Well, I think You wanna look also, How does the Beautiful Diane Kruger looked at You.
Look At Diane Kruger Beautiful Face
Diane Kruger Beautiful Face photos by Nicolas Genin and

Monday, January 25, 2010

Look At Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face

Just like when people think of Angel Locsin (the Beautiful of Philippines) who think that Angel Locsin was more appropriate to be called as a Sexy Woman, as well as with Minissha Lamba, certainly Minissha Lamba was more fit at being called as a Sexy Woman, even a Hot Woman. Just type the query "Minissha Lamba" on Google search, and then see the result (SERP-Search Engine Results Page), I am sure that will appear more, is word "hot" and "sexy" than the word "Beautiful".
Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face
But Look at Minissha Lamba Face, actually Minissha Lamba was also a beautiful woman, and you have to say: "Yeah, right!". You must have also known that between sexy and beautiful is clearly different. Look at Minissha Lamba Eyes, might be interpreted as a Beautiful Eyes than as a Sexy Eyes. What about Minissha Lamba hair?, Long hair of Minissha Lamba which flowing gracefully, it is also the main attraction of Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face, not the main attraction of Minissha Lamba Sexy Face.
Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face
Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face And Long Straight HairstyleMinissha Lamba Beautiful Face And Long Straight Hairstyle
But it must be admitted, that the impression which is inherent on Minissha Lamba, formed because of her behavior. Well, You know that Minissha Lamba often posing with an open dress-bikini, so that Minissha Lamba had become more synonymous with Sexy and Hot. In fact, She's also had a Beautiful Face, just Look at Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face.
Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face
Images source and attribution: 123 Network on Picasa Web Albums.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Look At Juhi Chawla Beautiful Face

I'm not so sure what the cause is, but what I feel is that, when I'm looking at a Beautiful Face of an Indian Woman, blew glow that always comes from the aura of her beauty is always the sense of a virtue, humility and wisdom. Perhaps the phrase that appears at the beginning of this paragraph is too much, but just try to Look at Beautiful Face of Juhi Chawla, then also Look at Brooke Burke Beautiful Face, then again, just Compare. Perhaps the phrase that appears at the beginning of this paragraph, can be something true.
Look At Juhi Chawla Beautiful Face
Look at Juhi Chawla Beautiful Face, the most steals the attention of many people is Juhi Chawla's eyes that are glazed. Look more closely, Juhi Chawla does not even look like a woman who has aged more than 42 years. Although her Beautiful soft cheeks looks fat, but that's what became one of the charm of the Juhi Chawla's beauty. Juhi Chawla's nose is actually a little too big, but looks to be fit because covered by her fat cheeks.

Actually Juhi Chawla also has Big Beautiful eyes that just does not appear at the picture above, but you could look at her Big Beautiful Sparkled Eyes with more clearly. Juhi Chawla's photo by Graphikamaal.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Look At Brooke Burke Beautiful Face

Look at her, what is Brooke Burke really have?, Whether her brown eyes, her cute thin lips, her long hair that looks dangling or her neat white teeth?. Look at Brooke Burke Beautiful Face, have you found it?, Yes, it's not her cute thin lips or maybe her brown eyes, but Brooke Burke really have a Real Smile.
Brooke Burke Beautiful Face And Smile
Look at Brooke Burke Beautiful Face, a wide smile that graced her face, is a smile that seemed very loose, even though Brooke Burke is only intended for a little smile, and this Facial Beauty aspect that may not be owned by other beautiful women. Even if this can be compared, Brooke Burke Beautiful Smile is more beautiful than the smile of Hil Hernandez.
Brooke Burke Beautiful Face And Smile
And what else is on Brooke Burke Beautiful Face?, Look at Her Beautiful Cheeks, besides neat teeth that made her smile feels good for the eyes, every time Brooke Burke is smiling, always appeared dimple on her cheeks, which can be highly will make many people feel passionately. And did You know?, Brooke Burke was also smiling at her home page.
Brooke Burke Beautiful Face And SmileBrooke Burke Beautiful Face And Smile
Beautiful Smile and Beautiful Face of Brooke Burke sources: Wikimedia commons authorized by Dysepsion and neno_ned's Gallery on Picasa Web Album.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look At Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face

Does it have to be an absolute measure, if a Beautiful Face must have elements such as: Long Black Hair, Big Eyes, Thick Eyebrows, Long Black Eyebrows, Sharp Nose and Lips that tends to Thin?. Look at Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face, perhaps the statement which is also as a question at the beginning of this paragraph, has the answer, Yes!.
Look At Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face
All the elements mentioned above, all clearly visible when Looking at Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face. The same thing also can be proved when Looked at Aishwarya Rai Beautiful Face, which are both crowned as a Miss Beauty Pageant. Aishwarya Rai was Miss World 1994, while Hil Hernandez was Miss Earth 2006. Perhaps the elements of this Facial Beauty, which is became the difference between the Beauty of a Miss with a Celebrity's Beauty (Look at Keira Knightley or Miranda Kerr Beautiful Face).
Look At Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face
Now back to Look at Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face, the Beautiful Eyes of Hil Hernandez is a magnet which will break up concentrations of people when talking to her. Besides the wide smile that looks really loose and not contrived, and a dimple that appeared from Hil Hernandez Beautiful cheeks.

Hil Hernandez Beautiful Face images source on Commons.wikimedia and authorized by Paul Chin.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look At Angel Locsin Beautiful Face

Well, in Your opinion, Is She sexy, hot or beautiful?, I predict that many people would probably say that: "... Angel Locsin is Sexy!". And opinions of the people who said that Angel Locsin is sexy, actually triggered or caused by the many images of Angel Locsin, who appears in sexy poses. But it must be objectively recognized that Angel Locsin is not as beautiful as Keira Knightley, right?.
Look At Angel Locsin Beautiful Face
Look at Angel Locsin Beautiful Face, especially on the left image below this paragraph, and what do You think?. Maybe You'll quickly make a confession, that You are now not only find Angel Locsin as a sexy woman (or perhaps, a hot woman), but Angel Locsin is truly an Angel. Look at Her Beautiful Face, the Beautiful Face of Angel Locsin is not just a Radiant Clean White Skin, but more than that, Angel Locsin has a skin that looked Very Natural.
Look At Angel Locsin Beautiful FaceLook At Angel Locsin Beautiful Face
Or could be, Angel Locsin Beautiful Face is a hallmark of Southeast Asian Female Beauty, which reflects the humility of the people of Southeast Asia. And Philippines should be proud of Angel Locsin. So, it's not surprising, if Angel Locsin was voted as one of the 100 Most Beautiful Women in Philippines. And now, I can not stop to Look at Her Beautiful Face, and You?.

Angel Locsin Beautiful Face images authorized by: Team Angel Tayo on Flickr.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Look At Keira Knightley Beautiful Face

Just a coincidence, if this time, once again, reviewing and looking at the Beautiful Face of the Beautiful Woman which has the initials Double K. But in my opinion, the Beautiful Woman with the initials KK who appeared this time, is certainly more beautiful than Katrina Kaif and Kristin Kreuk. Although if it should be compared with the sexiness of Katrina Kaif, the Beautiful Face Keira Knightley, is still less sexy.
Keira Knightley Beautiful Face
Let's Look at Her Beautiful Face, Which part of the face that makes Keira Knightley looks so beautiful?, It must be said is her Cheeks. The Beautiful cheeks of Keira Knightley, will make everyone wish: "Oh Dear ..., I really want My cheeks contact to her cheeks, and although it was only 2 seconds, then I had to clean up Keira Knightley's cheeks with a thorough cleansing, using the Softest Towels ever in the world...". Look at Keira Knightley Beautiful Face, Keira Knightley's cheeks, even as beautiful as Jennifer Lopez's cheeks.
Keira Knightley Beautiful FaceKeira Knightley Beautiful Face
Perhaps the lack of the Keira Knightley's Beautiful Face is the long hair that looks thin, so the Beauty of Keira Knightley will be more visible when Keira Knightley with her short haircut style.
Keira Knightley Beautiful Face
Look at this Keira Knightley Beautiful Face picture, that might makes a lot of media saying that Keira Knightley is one of the Most Beautiful Face in the world today. Keira Knightley Beautiful Face images source: Ricky1146's Gallery on Picasa Web Album.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Look At Jessica Alba Beautiful Face

Well, who's this Beautiful Woman?, Look at Her Beautiful Face, What do You get from her Beautiful Face?. I think that You will agree with this statement: Jessica Alba is one of the symbols of the Beautiful Face which caused of her Oval Face Shape.
Jessica Alba Beautiful Face
Look at Jessica Alba Beautiful Face, the Oval Face of Jessica Alba, as if an Empty Board in Puzzle game. Is not Puzzle is a difficult game?, where the player must choose the pieces that must be inserted to become a desired fit shape. So, what to do with Jessica Alba Beautiful Face?. Look at Jessica Alba Beautiful Face, the Beautiful Face of Jessica Alba is like the result of a puzzle game that has been completed.

Parts of the Beautiful Face of Jessica Alba, from the chin, lips, nose, eyebrows and others, are the pieces in a Puzzle game. And, Jessica Alba simply choosing the appropriate pieces, and then inserted into an Empty Board, yes, that is her Beautiful Oval Face.
Jessica Alba Beautiful Face
Look at Jessica Alba Beautiful Face, her eyebrows that is not as beautiful as the eyebrows of Penelope Cruz and also her eyes that is not as clear as the eyes of Miranda Kerr, but it can be covered by the Uniqueness of her Beautiful Oval Face, a Face Shape of Jessica Alba which is also very suitable for all Hair Styles. Just look at Her below, She also looked younger with a medium length hairstyle with bangs in front of her wide forehead.
Jessica Alba Medium Hairstyle With Bangs
Jessica Alba Beautiful Oval Face images sources: Commons.wikimedia authorized by Miguel, Jessica Alba in Declare Yourself Inauguration Ball by Mark Sebastian on Flickr and InvisGhost's Gallery on Picasa Web Albums.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Look At Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face

It must be interpreted, that everything that is created by God, is often transformed into a Mystery. God's creation in all its concrete form, and certainly something unseen that it was already a mystery, actually has the implied meaning, which can only be understood if we are not only using the mind, but also Feelings. So?, as well as when we Looked at a Beautiful Face,...when Look at Her Beautiful Face.
Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face
Now, Look at Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face. And do not try to look away at the Body of Penelope Cruz. Only at Her face (including the hair, You know, the Face is vertically from chin to hair). What's on Her face? Let's find out. Indeed, the eyes and surrounding areas, is one of parts of the face, which Strongly Reflects the personality of a person. Look at the Beautiful Eyes of Penelope Cruz, the eye and surrounding areas dominated by Black, especially Penelope Cruz's thick eyebrows. In my opinion, the Black was able to be associated with Firmness and Wisdom. Perhaps these two things that make Penelope Cruz remained steady (still Black) when Penelope Cruz had to part with Tom Cruise.
Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face
Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face and Her Thick Eyebrows
Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face In Dark Shades Eyeshadow
Although Penelope Cruz's skin looks a little bit twisted so that makes it look a little bit old (though in fact She's old), but instead it makes Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face also looks Motherly. This is the mystery of Beautiful Face, which always implies Virtues (If Aishwarya Rai's face was the most Beautiful Face in the world, then, so many Virtues Implication, which is a mystery on Her Beautiful Face). Perhaps, it is also true that women with Beautiful Faces, in fact often have the opposite behavior. The answer is simple, the women with Beautiful Faces, can not catch the implication of Virtues mystery of their own faces. Keep Look at Her Beautiful Face, until the Mystery can be revealed.

Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face image sources: on Commons.wikimedia1, authorized by Joelle Maslaton. On Commons.wikimedia2, authorized by Chrisa Hickey.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Look At Miranda Kerr Beautiful Face

On The Sun, She admitted:
Nobody is perfect. I have my good parts, but I also have those parts I need to work on but that's between me and my personal trainer. I think the important thing is that all women are happy and confident with what they have got and do not feel pushed to being a certain way
Miranda Kerr's admission may not mean anything when You Look at Miranda Kerr Beautiful Face. Look at Her Beautiful Face, Miranda Kerr face was So Fresh with a Dimpled Smile (or was the result of the photographer retouch?). And her eyes looked more glowing than the eyes of Maria Menounos. But a little unfortunate, if Miranda Kerr Beautiful Face seen from the side, her cheeks looked a little sticking out.
Miranda Kerr Beautiful Face
Miranda Kerr Beautiful Face
Now Look at Miranda Kerr Beautiful Face more closely, the Most makes Miranda Kerr's face became Very Beautiful, is the skin on the face of Miranda Kerr, who looked Very Clean, Smooth and Shiny. The Clean Skin on her face, making her face so fresh,  so that appeared a  friendly smile.

And even more interesting is that Miranda Kerr has a face that was practically a cute face (just right below image). Remember, She was a 27-year-old woman, but look, She still looks like a girl aged 20 to 23 years. It becomes very different when compared to Hayden Panettiere beautiful face, whose the face looks older than her actual age.
Miranda Kerr Beautiful Face
Even her long hair style which was loose freely, could not hide very cute impression on her face. Could be, this is caused by Miranda Kerr's face shape that is a very unique face, Just look with a little focus at Miranda Kerr's jaw line, She has a square face shape (on her frontal view at the bottom image), but She also has prominent chin and cheeks, it appears when Miranda was smiling. And another is about Miranda Kerr's eye color, She was Aussie but her eyes is Blue, and sometimes it looked Gray.
Miranda Kerr Beautiful FaceMiranda Kerr Beautiful Face
Well, Miranda Kerr's beautiful face is really unique because of elements mentioned above. Those uniqueness, making her face looks more fresh with a hint of excitement.

Miranda Kerr is a model of Victoria's Secret Angels and an Australian. She was born with the full name Miranda May Kerr, on 20 April 1983. Look more at Her Beautiful Face and recognize the history of Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr Beautiful and Fresh Face image sources: Commons.wikimedia, authorized by Foz555 a.k.a Ahmad Fauzi Abdullah. Miranda Kerr at Times Square and on shooting for VS in St. Barths, January 24th, 2010 on Fever of Fate.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Look At Maria Menounos Beautiful Face

Is it a stunning or an amazing face?, or is it a face that can be made people heartbeat suddenly stopped?, Can You describe it?.
Maria Menounos Beautiful Face
But the first is, You have to focus on Maria Menounos eyes. What do You get?. Her brown eyes look so Clear!. What was She looking at?, I don't know exactly, but I just imagine, if that was staring by Maria Menounos is You!, and Maria Menounos looked at You in the same way as in the image above. Maria Menounos eyes become more beautiful with long black eyebrows and thick, as well as a guide on How to create the Perfect Look.
Maria Menounos Beautiful Face
Look also (top image) at the Hair, Nose, Chin and most of all is the Lips of the Beautiful Face Maria Menounos. If Maria Menounos with Lips like that whispering words into your ear with a distance of only 15 millimeters, Are you going to hear on what Maria Menounos whispered?.
Maria Menounos Beautiful FaceMaria Menounos Beautiful Face
But it would be difficult to choose which one is more beautiful, the Nose of Maria Menounos or the Nose of Rachel Bilson?. And it is also true, it is difficult to put in rows of text when Looking at Her Beautiful Face, because a Beautiful Face was able to speak itself.
Maria Menounos Beautiful FaceMaria Menounos Beautiful Face
Look at Maria Menounos in shade of brown, and get to know Who actually is the Beautiful Face Maria Menounos?.

Maria Menounos Beautiful Face images sources: on Commons.wikimedia, authorized by Dustin Senger, Luke Ford and The Heart Truth. On Flickr, by Kalumba2009.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Look At Rachel Bilson Beautiful Face

Who is She? Who is this Beautiful Face?, maybe for You who had occasionally or regularly watch the TV series called The O.C., would recognize this Beautiful Face. It was She, who acted as Summer Roberts, and She is the Beautiful Rachel Bilson.
Rachel Bilson Beautiful Face
Let's start to Look at Rachel Bilson Beautiful Face, though the Lips of Rachel Bilson is still less beautiful than the Lips of Katrina Kaif, but look carefully and focus on Rachel Bilson eyes. A glance of Beautiful brown eyes, which actually was saying: "Hii Photographers..., I'm your friend,  So be free to shot on me...". Then, Look at Her Beautiful Nose. Her Nose bone was very straight, so it gives a perfection in sharping Rachel Bilson's nose beautifully.
Rachel Bilson Beautiful Face
Rachel Bilson chin also looks beautiful on upper image and her chin protrusion were very fit and measured on a heart face shape of the Beautiful Face, Rachel Bilson. Look at Her Beautiful Face, which looked more beautiful.

Rachel Bilson Beautiful Face sources: on Flickr uploaded by Friskytuna, and on Commons.wikimedia uploaded by Kaleb Tittle.