Sunday, August 1, 2010

Preity Zinta, She Has Chubby Cheeks And Dimples On Her Face!

In addition to subjective, a beautiful face is also a complex thing. Often We feel hard or bias to distinguish between what is called beautiful, unique and characteristic, of a face. But We tend to agree that the beautiful (face) is at a higher level than the unique and characteristic. And a beautiful face, it must contain elements of the characteristic and unique.

Now We look at Preity Zinta beautiful face, the impressions which can be read at Preity Zinta's face include: cuteness, funny and friendly. These impressions are the elements that are not physical. But actually, these impressions are also strongly influenced by physical characteristics or facial features that existed on Preity Zinta face.

Two facial features that become distinctiveness of Preity Zinta beautiful face and very probably already known by people are:
Preity Zinta Chubby Cheeks on Her Face
Preity Zinta Chubby Cheeks on Her Face
1. Preity Zinta chubby cheeks
When compared with other female celebrities in Bollywood, Preity Zinta is the most chubby cheeks. Many people said that chubby cheeks slightly contrary to the aesthetic value, because it causes the face to look less slim and stretchy. But for Preity Zinta's face alone, precisely this facial feature that has become the typical of Preity Zinta's facial beauty. No doubt many fans of Indian movies that if asked: "In Your opinion, What is one of attractive facial features on Prety Zinta's face?", Surely they would answer: "Her chubby cheeks...!". Need to note that often the beauty of a woman's face, lies in the facial feature that make it look different from the other woman.
Preity Zinta Dimples on Her Face
Preity Zinta Dimples on Her Face
2. Preity Zinta dimples
Remarkably, Preity Zinta is also a dimple-faced woman. This becomes a kind of physical causality, which is intertwined. Note that a chubby cheek is not necessarily going to produce dimples. Because the dimples are genetic characteristics. For example, Miranda Kerr is not chubby cheek-faced, but She also has dimples. So, this will be a truly wonderful distinctiveness when there is a woman with a chubby cheeks, and She also has dimples. And that became a facial beauty element that can only be found on Preiy Zinta's face.

Image sources: Preity Zinta felicitated at Giants Day Awards 2007 on Wikimedia, Preity Zinta at the Jaan-E-Mann and UFO tie-up party (2006) on Wikimedia. Attribute to: Bollywood Hungama a.k.a IndiaFM.

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