Saturday, August 28, 2010

Watching Tanith Belbin's Beautiful Face Shape In Side View

This is Tanith Belbin face in side view, in which her beautiful face can be categorized as a face that has a lot of Divine Proportion when viewed in frontal. This Tanith Belbin in side view face, also indicates that her divine proportion facial features are not only visible when viewed from the front. Simply put, Tanith Belbin's face still looks equally beautiful when viewed from the front or side.
Tanith Belbin's Beautiful Face Shape In Side View (#1)
Above image also shows, how a woman looked at or made an eye contact, will cause her face became more beautiful or to be ugly. Since an eye contact also indicates how deeply She was expressing something, then when her expression (or eye contact) is strong or full of inspiration, would make her face tends look more beautiful. To ensure, Just look at Tanith Belbin's highly expressive eye contact, just one word for it, beautiful.
Outer Lines on Tanith Belbin's Face Shape In Side View (#2)
On image #2, can be read clearly how the factor of proportionality and symmetry on Tanith Belbin hairstyle and facial features collide each other to form a harmony, which eventually resulted Tanith Belbin facial beauty. And is seen also that the facial arches or curves, which is a small manifestation of the Golden Ratio can not be separated from proportionality.

To find and feel on how this beautiful curves formed, follow the outer line (denoted by yellow curved line) on Tanith Belbin's face vertically from her forehead, nose, mouth, chin and ends at the jaw. It also became evident that the physical beauty of a woman face, means a facial beauty scientifically. And it's measurable.

Furthermore, when a hairstyle expert to determine what hairstyle will be applied on a woman face, is to consider and refer to the factor that denoted by a yellow curved line as above, or commonly called the face shape, for then they apply, also to consider aspects of proportionality and symmetry. So as to produce a style of beauty with a hairstyle (as denoted by a blue-orange curved line) that matched and harmonious to its face.

Image source: Tanith Belbin on Wikimedia. Attribution: Rich Moffitt.

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