Saturday, August 7, 2010

Staring At Natália Guimarães Face When She Smiles

Among many human expressions, Smile is the best expression, both psychologically and physiologically. Psychologically, it means that the person who is smiling is showing that She or He is in a healthy mental condition. While physiologically, a smile can produce 100 movements of facial muscles, which will make the face look fresh and (more) beautiful. And the facial look of Natália Guimarães who was smiling to prove this.

Just try to stare at the face of Natália Guimarães, who was smiling, no doubt, her smile made everyone fall in love with her. That is, a smile is important to optimize a beauty of a woman's face. Although basically Natália Guimarães face is already looking beautiful outwardly. And indeed, a smile would be able to beautify a woman's face, though the woman did not have the physical elements of a beautiful face.
Natália Guimarães Face When She Smiles
Natália Guimarães Big Smile (#1)
Furthermore, there are a few notes, as the relevance of Natália Guimarães smile;

1. Most certainly, its smile has made Natália Guimarães face looks really beautiful

2. Her smile, looks perfect because it is influenced by the large mouth and or teeth structure or anatomy. Look, even her molar teeth to appear. Thus, making her smile looked so wide or big as well. Without ignoring that, as a matter of fact, a smile will increasingly look wide or big or loose or original or beautiful, if She (He) is in a healthy emotion. In addition to this beautiful smile, Natália Guimarães's smile also produced two little dimples on the image above. And certainly, Natália Guimarães have white teeth and neat. So make Natália Guimarães no awkward to smile

3. If comparing Natália Guimarães smile on image #1 to #2, then Natália Guimarães smile #1 is looking more loose (read: beautiful). For maybe, Natália Guimarães smile #2 is in a position of turn one's head, thus, causing Natália Guimarães a bit hard to smile. However, if a turn one's head position does not affect the essence of a smile, then, Natália Guimarães smile on image #1 is looked more beautiful. Because of, apparently, She did it without any awkward or artificial

4. With her smile, Natália Guimarães facial features that can be said to be "less beautiful", to be reduced or diverted. Look at the image #2, her eyebrows seemed less manicured and a bit too thick, in which, people can not find it because of her big smile.
Natália Guimarães Face When She Smiles
Natália Guimarães Smile (#2)
So in essence, a smile is important for woman facial beauty.

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