Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Besides Her Exquisite Dimples, What Else Is There On Miranda Kerr (Face)?

Today, there was a comment that reads like this: "She really is an Australian beauty...love love love Miranda !!!!". If interpreted in passing, then this comment would sound excessive, but if You pay attention to the peculiarities that existed at the beautiful Miranda Kerr's face, then that comment is True.

The most distinctive feature on Miranda Kerr's face, none other than, is her exquisite dimples. Many people admit it, this can be proved by the existence of a group on Facebook that impressed with Miranda Kerr's dimples. Dimples was more of a physical facial feature. What about the peculiarities of Miranda Kerr's face that is not physical?.
The Aroma of Joy on Miranda Kerr Face
The beauty of Miranda Kerr's face also reveals "the aroma of joy"
The beauty of Miranda Kerr's face also reveals "the aroma of joy". Every time You looked at her (face), then You will come to feel a sense of joy that arises. Perhaps this interpretation is somewhat difficult to understand, then to be easy to understand, take a comparison. In this case, let us compare with Marisa Miller, another Victoria's Secret Angel.

When Marisa Miller demonstrate a minimal fashion, or it could be a bikini, then the most interesting for people who are looking at is the contours of her body. That would be very possible, makes men (pardon) horny. Furthermore, people will ignore the face of Marisa Miller. But is not the case with Miranda Kerr when doing the same thing, people would look at more comprehensively, including a look at the face of Miranda Kerr. Why is this so?, Because the face of Miranda Kerr has unique features that look cute, who would be associated to the aroma of joy or funny impression.

In short, the scent of beauty will still be felt in the figure of Miranda Kerr though She was only wearing a bikini, not just the smell of lust. Could be, this is what made her known as an Australian Beauty.

Image source: Miranda Kerr on Flickr. Attribution: Hugo971.

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