Monday, May 17, 2010

It Turns Out, Miranda Kerr's Dimples Have Fans On Facebook!

When there is someone who loves a celebrity, an athlete, a singer or other public figures, and then someone is a fan, it is normal. But what if there is a group of people who liked one of the characteristics of a public figure?, Is this normal?. The answer is very relative, or so depending from which point of view.
Miranda Kerr Exquisite Dimples
And this happened to the figure of Miranda Kerr on world wide web, precisely on Facebook. There is a group of people where to this day, Monday, May 17, 2010, at 12:28 PM, already number 14, who was fascinated with Miranda Kerr's dimples. Yes, they have same perception associated with Miranda Kerr's dimples, and they joined in a group on Facebook, with the name: I am fascinated with Miranda Kerr's dimples, and entire human being. Wow, it's pretty cool.

The following is the excerpt from Group's description:

"For anyone who is mesmerized by Miranda Kerr's dimples, the best body part on any human being in history. They seem to cast a spell on others, including: paralysis, fear, reverence, and on her, including: divinity. Miranda practices Nichiren Buddhism, a Japanese branch of the Buddhist religion...".

It must be admitted that one of the fascinating peculiarities of Miranda Kerr's beautiful face is indeed her exquisite dimples. Many people have dimples, but Miranda Kerr's dimples are very typical. For the record, dimples is the nature of descent from parent.

The image of Miranda Kerr and her dimples source: Darkangel's Gallery on Picasa Web Albums.

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