Thursday, May 20, 2010

Penélope Cruz Is A Motherly-Faced Woman?

The most vocal part on human body is Face. In a sense, a face may imply or express a lot of character and impression. This is sometimes contrary to the theory of golden ratio in the interpretation of beautiful face. If the interpretation of beautiful face based on the theory of golden ratio, the result can be described by measurable. Conversely, if based on an implicit character or impression of the face, then the result is not measurable.

And this is Penélope Cruz's face at the Cannes Film Festival 2003. This means that at that time Penélope Cruz was 29 years old (born April 28, 1974), an age that has not been allowed to arise many wrinkles on her face. But look around her eyes and lips, slightly wrinkled already emerged. Though apparently, Penélope Cruz was photographed under the sun, that causing her face cringed.
Penélope Cruz Is A Motherly-Faced Woman
And obviously, a little wrinkle will make her facial beauty to be reduced, due to less proportional. However, if observed more depth, wrinkles factor to make her face to look older (more mature). Then if it is interpreted, Penélope Cruz's face above create an impression of motherhood.

In fact, motherhood is a term that has a higher meaning. All of the impression and or character which is closely related to the motherhood, implies Goodness. Why?, because, they reflect the attitude and the nature of a Mother. Among them are: patience, wisdom, love, understanding and true-hearted (just imagine when a mother raising or educating her children). And all of these attitudes, down to one word: Beautiful. Even Kahlil Gibran said that, the most beautiful word is Mother. And Penélope Cruz did have a motherhood face.

Image source: Penélope Cruz at the Cannes Film Festival 2003 on Wikimedia, authorized by Georges Biard.

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