Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Does Face Shape Become Important?

Face shape is the most important factor in determining the hairstyle, makeup, even to determine the style of eyebrows and others. And if You are a woman who has an oval-shaped face, then You deserve to feel grateful, because the oval face is the most suitable for any hairstyle. Then why face shape is very important?, apart from the viewpoint of the makeup, the importance of face shape if examined from a scientific standpoint is that, face shape is the first variable to calculate a Proportion, in this case is determination of makeup based on face shape.

If allowed to likens, a makeup expert who first identified the face shape to determine hairstyles and eyebrows, like a Phidias (a Greek sculptor, painter and architect, who lived in the 5th century BC, and is commonly regarded as one of the greatest of all sculptors of Classical Greece) when calculating size and volume of foundation to determine that the Parthenon (on the Acropolis of Athens) requires 8 pillars in the front, with each pillar should be cylindrical.

And also, it needs to be underlined, Phidias was combining two essential elements, namely Beauty and Strength. So, the face shape and the makeup is about the Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion.

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