Monday, May 17, 2010

Look At Agnes Monica Beautiful Face

Agnes Monica Beautiful FaceAgnes Monica Beautiful Face
There are five kinds of job that are occupied by this fresh-faced girl. Singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and producer. She is a talented female artist with the most complete in Indonesia. At every appearance for each job, She always put all capabilities inherent in herself. The result was a performance with full of character, inspiration and always entertaining. She is very knowledgeable on how to please all audiences, especially her big fans.

And especially for her ability in singing, She has a very powerful voice. There were even some fans who liken her voice character, is similar to the one owned by an American pop singer, Christina Aguilera.

Born on July 1, 1986, She has the full name of Agnes Monica Muljoto. She began her career at the age of six years, usually an artist who will be a great achiever, has already shown the talent at a very young age. And, Agnes Monica doing it continuously until today, producing dozens of awards for her achievements. One of them, Agnes (her nick name) is chosen as Best Pop Solo Female Singer for 3 times in the event of "Anugerah Musik Indonesia" (Indonesian Music Award), the most prestigious music award event in Indonesia.

Not only great talent and achievement, look also at her face, Agnes Monica is a beautiful-looking girl. She has a lovely basic landscape for facial beauty, i.e.: a clean, fresh and glowing facial skin. A fact which is hard to be rivaled by female artists in Indonesia, especially those age by Agnes Monica.

And brown eyes?, She also had it, which looks to be a factor falsifies for a natural face, which is reflected from Agnes Monica's original eyebrows. An interesting impression can also be caught from the smile (top image) that emerged in between her two thin lips, that smile is somewhat naive and innocent.

Image sources: Agnes Monica on Wikipedia authorized by and on Wikimedia by Furansizuka.

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