Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look At Deepika Padukone Beautiful Face

Deepika Padukone Beautiful FaceDeepika Padukone Beautiful FaceDeepika Padukone Beautiful FaceDeepika Padukone Beautiful FaceDeepika Padukone Beautiful FaceDeepika Padukone Beautiful FaceDeepika Padukone Beautiful Face
Talk about beautiful face can not be separated with these two countries, Venezuela and India. Do not know why, in these two countries, beautiful-looking woman always appeared alternately. You could say that this is a phenomenon in itself. How not, in the event of Miss Universe, which is the world's most popular beauty pageant, beautiful-looking woman from these two countries are always seeded.

And especially in India, any female celebrity has a beautiful face that could be considered as superior, in terms of facial proportion, and existing features on the face. Similarly, a woman named Deepika Padukone (her name alone was a beautiful sound in the ears), who was born on January 5, 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Look at Deepika Padukone long black hair fell, it truly reflects the intrinsic elegance of a woman. She seemed genuinely represent the real feminine. Indeed, it would make every man's eyes can not blink when looking at her, even for a second. Even though her hair was tied, its elegance still remained visible.

There is an opinion which states--in addition to the facial proportion, that measurements of beautiful face, among them: the long-dark-thick hair, big eyes, thick eyebrows, nose pointed or sharp with straight smooth nasal bone, the lower lip hanging, and a delicate facial skin. Just try to look on the beautiful face of Deepika Padukone, She has all those measurements, that is, Deepika Padukone really has a beautiful face, which can not be denied altogether.

Look more closely at Deepika Padukone big brown-black eyes, the glow that radiates truly heartbreaking. Deepika Padukne is a beautiful-looking woman, who has a heart face shape. Where, the width of her round forehead, is wider than her pointy chin. And her chin is also a distinctive charm of the beauty of her face which is really classy. Even more classy than the beautiful face of Priyanka Chopra or Katrina Kaif.

Image Sources: Bolliwood Divas on Vaibhavvv's Gallery and Ravi Rawat's Gallery on Picasa Web Albums.


  1. She is very beautiful!!

  2. even girls like Deepu

  3. she is beautiful , but i don't think that she is charming or cute , she really has scary eyes, i don't feel confortable when i look into her eyes, she looks agressive, and not friendly at all, she obviously don't have an angel look, she got a real problem with her eyebrows , she should change their shape because they make her eyes more agressive

    1. AnonymousJune 21, 2015

      She dont have aggressive eyes ...she has got the most beautiful eyes in bollywood after ashwaria ray ...deepika has got the best which every girl wants ..and they put dozen of makeup on there faces to have those big eyes which deepika has naturally


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