Saturday, May 8, 2010

Look At Dayana Mendoza Beautiful Face

Dayana Mendoza Beautiful FaceDayana Mendoza Beautiful FaceDayana Mendoza Beautiful FaceDayana Mendoza Beautiful Face
She is Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada, a Venezuelan woman who won the Miss Universe 2008, where her title as Miss Universe 2008 was succeeded by Stefania Fernández, who also represented Venezuela in the Miss Universe 2009. And it creates a new history, in which successive title of Miss Universe, achieved by two contestants from the same country, Venezuela.

Then what is owned by Dayana Mendoza on her beautiful face?, It's Slimness. Her cheeks were all far to be called Chubby. At first glance, slimness of Dayana Mendoza's face, making her seem older, where in fact, She's going to age 24 years, on June 1, 2010.

On the other hand, her slim face makes the edge line of her lips to appear more assertive. This lip's edge line to form a soft curve on Philtrum and its Cupid's bow. Just call it, beautiful. More than that, it is also sexy.

As typical of contestants of Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza has long wavy hairstyle, where the face of Dayana Mendoza is oval-shaped, in combination with oblong-shaped, because it is affected by her jaw and chin, which seems narrower in frontal view. Hence, Dayana Mendoza prefers long wavy hairstyle with brown-light color to complement her facial beauty.

Look, She also has a nose that could be considered attractive, when viewed from the front. The shape of her nose looks very proportional to her facial slimness. Indeed, the face's typical of Dayana Mendoza that's slim, is very suitable for a Model. Where in fact, Dayana Mendoza was a finalist at the Elite Model Look International 2001, in Nice, France.

If only the green color of Dayana Mendoza's eyes changed to brown, her face will look more beautiful.

Image source: Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza in Managua, Nicaragua on Jorge Mejía's Photostream Under Tags Dayana on Flickr. Authorized by Jorge Mejía Peralta.

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  1. your so stupid. If she had brown eyes she wouldnt be as fascinating as with green eyes.. Green eyes look better


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