Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look At Giselli Monteiro Beautiful Face

You are just right to have a conclusion that Aishwarya Rai is the most beautiful face in India, even in the world today. Likewise with the next best thing, Neha Dalvi. But if You look at the face above, Do you still believe that only the Aish and Neha who really make You amazed?.

Welcome to India, Giselli Monteiro. She's a Brazilian beauty who came to Mumbai in 2008, with a distinctive charm of beautiful face of Latin American. Giselli Monteiro face, which is adorned with a strong eye contact, has made the beauty of the typical Indian woman's face seemed to be more colorful.
Giselli Monteiro Beautiful FaceGiselli Monteiro Curve Facial Features
Look, Giselli Monteiro face has all the affections required by most people opinion, that a beautiful-faced woman is a face crowned by a thick long hair, thick eyebrows and long horizontally, a glance of eyes that could make men's heart would beat faster, a pointy nose shape that symbolizes femininity, the two split lip that seems like a blooming rose.

And if the process of shaping a beautiful face likened to a classical music orchestra, then, a curved line which is formed from Giselli Monteiro's jaw angle that down gently into the tip of her chin, and got back just below her lower lip, It is the last part of its orchestra and became the last elegant ornament.

Just follow and feel, how the flow of those two comely curved lines formed at Giselli Monteiro temples to the tip of her nose (curve line A), and from the angle of her jaw to its chin (curve line B). I strongly believe that the process of a beautiful face shaping, is God's power, and when there is a beautiful face, by itself it represents a proportional feature.

You may call the 22 years old Giselli Monteiro in a two-term, a beautiful and sexy-faced woman.

Image source: Giselli Monteiro on Wikimedia, Copyright holder: Farrokh Chothia.

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  1. I just want to thank you for making this blog and addressing people's physical beauty...I really needed to hear tonight that my uniqueness isn't ugly. Thank you, so much. You make me feel like my features, my "exotic" features, are beautiful and God-made. I good. Thank you.


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