Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Look at Kirsten Dunst Beautiful Face

Kirsten Dunst Beautiful FaceKirsten Dunst Beautiful FaceKirsten Dunst Beautiful FaceKirsten Dunst Beautiful Face
There are at least two roles that made her name soared in the Hollywood film industry. First, her role as Claudia in Interview With The Vampire, which made him nominated as Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globe Award in 1994. Secondly, her role as Mary Jane Watson, especially in the first Spider-Man.

Since then, a lot of people in the world started talking about Kirsten Caroline Dunst, who turns out, She has cute dimples. Although Kirsten Dunst's dimples are not as beautiful as Miranda Kerr's dimples, but it remains one of the characteristics of her facial beauty, besides four other characteristics: blonde hair, a face with a rounded shape, a somewhat chubby cheeks, and her thin lips.

Take a look on the collaboration of five features above. It really raises the beauty of Kirsten Dunst's face became very distinctive. Not many other actresses who have a combination such like that. Where, roundness of Kirsten Dunst's face seemed to make her thin lips just look like a flat line. This made Kirsten Dunst would be more suitable to use lipstick with a bright color, or flashy. Similar combination also occurred between her dimple and her cheek. And Kirsten Dunst's blonde hair, became condescendent for two combinations of the above.

The size of her eye which is not big, making the blue glow from her eye iris, becomes not so shining. But it was, Kirsten Dunst made a smart choice, where She chose a dark eyeshadow, which will strengthen her blue glow on the iris-just look at top image. And it look matched with her faint eyebrow color.

For a note, Kirsten Dunst has a structure of facial beauty, which is supported by a normal shape of her nose, chin slightly pointed, protruding jaw but fine, and Kirsten Dunst is more often performed with pieces of bangs that covered her forehead.

On 30 April 2010 has just passed, She was exactly 28 years of age.
Kirsten Dunst Beautiful FaceKirsten Dunst Beautiful FaceKirsten Dunst Beautiful FaceKirsten Dunst Beautiful Face
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  1. Kirsten Dunst is very very very very VERY BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY!SHE IS THE BEST

  2. I do not know why she is not recognized well enough for it. But, she is very beautiful. It comes down to she does not have the high cheekbone look, which is just ONE look and not the only beautiful look, and fortunately she does not. She has large features like beautiful eyes, a cute chin. large cheekbones (though not high), and a generally wide face. High cheekbones too often give a fragile look that is boring.

    Were she not gorgeous she would not have been able to portray Marie Antoinette so well.

    She has a face the looks very ethnically German and Swiss German and I seem to recall that Germany is not underpopulated. So, I fail to see why Americans under-appreciate some of the other looks outside of the Heidi Klum Bavarian archetype that come out of Germany or are seen in ethnically German people.

    1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2014

      I fail to see why it is important for Americans to have German opinions for beauty.

  3. She may have thin lips, but I never really noticed. It's more of an attribute than a flaw. She's got that skin tone wear she can pull of almost any hair color. Her face appears round but has angle on her chin. She's got a heart face. Very talented. If you draw two medium size lines in a V shaped pattern and finish the shape by connected a one parellel line same size to each line, it forms her face shape. The similar instructions also relate to Sharon Stone. Similar structure, Two medium lines with two parellel lines connecting up, only Kirsten's face structure is longer than Stone's when forming it.


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