Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kirsten Dunst 3 Distinctive Facial Features

These are the pictures of Kirsten Dunst at the time of attending the Tribeca Film Festival 2010, April 22 until May 2. She looked so beautiful with light blonde hair color combined with red-orange lipstick. But basically, her facial make-up is just to improve the beauty of the face of Kirsten Dunst, because by congenital, Kirsten Dunst had outward characteristics on her face, especially that made her face look so cute.

If observed carefully, there are many characteristics or facial features that can be found on Kirsten Dunst's face, for example, its prominent cheek and pointy chin when Kirsten Dunst was smiling. However, other than prominent cheek and pointy chin, there are three facial features that really distinctive, attached to Kirsten Dunst's face.
Kirsten Dunst 3 Distinctive Facial FeaturesKirsten Dunst 3 Distinctive Facial Features
Those three distinctive facial features are:

1. Small eyes, or slanted
When compared to other actresses in Hollywood, or most American white women, Kirsten Dunst eye size is smaller.

2. Very thin lips
Perhaps, Kirsten Dunst's lips is one of the smallest or thinnest lips in Hollywood. Uniquely, the cupid's bow on Kirsten Dunst's lips was still very visible (the bottom pic). And intelligently, Kirsten Dunst choose a lipstick with a flashy color, thus making her lips characteristic is very readable.

3. Dimple on cheek
Could be, this is Kirsten Dunst's distinctive facial feature, which makes people feel very awed. This is really cute. And her cheek dimples lined up perfectly with her super-thin lips.

And, those Kirsten Dunst's three distinctive facial features are essential elements for her round face shape, to produce the stunning Kirsten Dunst's cute face.
Kirsten Dunst 3 Distinctive Facial FeaturesKirsten Dunst 3 Distinctive Facial Features
Image source: Wikimedia, Special attribution: David Shankbone on Flickr.


  1. hmm, i don't really get it... lol!!! but Kirsten Dunst is v pretty!

    1. ? What is not to understand? -__-

  2. AnonymousMay 26, 2012

    kirsten dunst is PRETTY!!

  3. Even as a straight woman I find her to be beautiful and sexy. The woman doesn't need makeup.

  4. Her wide set face, appears much round and fuller than it really is. She still has that baby face and is one of the few people who look just as pretty without makeup.


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