Friday, June 25, 2010

How Do Men Interpret The Woman's Beautiful Lips?

The sexual nature of men is powerful, and We all know that. How powerful of the sexual nature of men, one of which can be driven by a visual object. Strongly associated with men's sexual desire that aroused by a visual object, then: How do men interpret the woman's beautiful lips?. There are three ways of interpretation of men who are very likely they will use:

1. The men will conclude that the woman's beautiful lips are lips that would make them aroused. That is, when they looked at the lips of women, their sexual desire has not been involved yet.

2. They were first aroused by the woman lips which though very ugly-shaped, for then they conclude that the lips were beautiful.

3. Or maybe, they remain objective that woman's beautiful lips is lips that has aesthetic aspects, such as elegant philtrum, comely cupid's bow, bloom lower lip.

Apparently because of the sexual nature of men is powerful, and it is really the nature of men that can not be disputed, it is likely the men would combine above three ways.
Taylor Swift Beautiful Lips Shape
Simply put as follows, Taylor Swift's lips is beautiful lips with three criteria as detailed in the third way above. Then just observe clearly the Taylor Swift's lips shape: the cupid's bow, every curve of her lips, and especially the lower lip that hangs down and looks jutted out. It is a shape of lips which is very fitting and comfortable for a kiss from men lips, right? (Sorry if it is not polite).

This means that there are close linkages between the woman's beautiful lips aesthetically, with the woman's beautiful lips in men interpretation with their sexual nature involved. Where one of men sexual acts, usually starting with a kiss. And Kirsten Dunst's thin lips which is not more beautiful than Taylor Swift's lips, it is more difficult for men to make a big kiss.

Image attribution: Angela George

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