Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beautiful Face Women With Their Facial Distinctiveness

Facial Distinctiveness is actually quite similar to Facial Cuteness. Both produce facial attractiveness, which would become a hallmark in the face of the woman. The difference is that the facial distinctiveness is more specific than facial cuteness.

When the woman has a highly facial distinctiveness, then it would be an advantage for the woman, where the woman's face would be more easily recognized by many people. And for female public figures such as actress, singer, TV broadcaster, etc., a facial distinctiveness can indirectly impact positively on the popularity of the woman.

The most obvious example is Miranda Kerr with dimples in her cheeks. That because it is very distinctive, Miranda Kerr's dimples even have fans on Facebook. A distinctive feature on the face, also has its own Beauty and Exotic. And usually a congenital facial feature.

The following are Women with their facial distinctiveness.

1. Aishwarya Rai with big eyes
2. Angelina Jolie with blooming lips
3. Miranda Kerr with dimples in her cheeks
4. Kareena Kapoor with hexagonal face
5. Sandra Bullock with cleft chin
6. Cameron Diaz with a hooked or crooked nose
7. Kajol with very thick eyebrows
8. Kirsten Dunst with thin lips.

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