Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Show Your Smile, Katie Piper!

Everyone must have regretted the tragedy experienced by Katie Piper, especially in England, and especially again, are big fans of Katie Piper. Acid attacks have destroyed a bright future belongs to a model who is also a TV presenter, Katie Piper. Where, for a public figure such as Katie, the Face is an innate characteristic that is the grace of God, which becomes an essential factor for building a career. If allowed likened to, is like a young football player who suffered a severe broken leg permanently.

Time passed, until finally build a foundation that has a noble purpose, namely the Katie Piper Foundation, in order to Help Other Burns Victims like Katie Piper self. And it's a Beautiful one.

(Previously, Please be forgiven for a few phrases that will follow this sentence). But there is a little unfortunate, that when viewing through the Katie Piper Foundation website, so far, no pictures of Katie Piper's face in a Smile. Very likely, this is because that smile is a facial expression caused by facial muscle movement, especially in the mouth and around. Which, will be able to have a negative impact on the face of Katie Piper who is in the process of recovery.

But if it turns out that Katie Piper was able to smile, it might be better if the pictures of Katie Piper face with its facial burn, who was smiling, tucked in the Katie Piper Foundation website. With the pictures of Katie Piper without a smile, was impressed pitiful, and less reflected a Spirit of Life from a Katie Piper and a kinship with her.

And vice versa, Smile is the best expression of any human facial expression. Although a smile is an expression denoting pleasure, happiness, or amusement and more, that may not fit with the psychological condition of Katie Piper, but Smile is a very fundamental human right in any condition, which can give positive energy to other people who see it. And in fact, it will not reduce the sense of sympathy itself.

Smile is a reflection of the Spirit and Beauty. While Mother Teresa said: Everytime You smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. Show Your smile, Katie Piper!.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2010

    Someone I have cared deeply for, is a burn survivor, and cares for children who have been burn injured, i.e. counseling, outreach. I know that smiling is difficult for those who have had burn trauma to the face and resultant strictures in the muscles, etc. My friend experienced this in the early seventies, when technologies were just getting started. Smiling is not easy for him, and would seem a bit hard to execute without some pain. However, the other day, after a time of not seeing each other, I recieved an enormous, face widening smile from him, and as I did, the sun behind him, made his face glow. Rare. And beautiful. And comment worthy. So I have been working on smiling myself. Thank you Katie, for your absolute courage and grace. There are people in this world who admire you tremendously. Keep smiling.


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