Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5 Ways To Do A Facial Massage

This is the most coveted by anyone, age may be old, but the face remained taut and springy. Not only women, as well as men. And despite increasing age, as much as possible, facial wrinkles should be reduced or prevented. The easy way to reduce facial wrinkles, is doing a Facial Massage.

Probably, no significant change in the face, but not a mistake at all if we tried. So the key is just how strong our will. Only a few movement, we can have a firm and radiant face, especially if done routinely.

Here are 5 ways to do facial massage, which may look funny, and will make children and nephew laughing.

1. Cheek skin tightening
Put two hands, each on right and left cheek, then gently rub with a bit of pressure and massage from bottom to top. Afterward, pat the face gently. Do as much as 10 times.

2. Eliminate forehead wrinkles
Pull the bottom of the forehead to the top to count to 10, after that, point your hand movement to the side of forehead, so that the forehead muscles can be drawn.

3. Preventing wrinkles at the corner of the eye
Put your fingers on both ends of the eye (temple). Then pull with a little pressure towards the back with both hands on the left and right eye. Make up to ten count.

4. Eliminating wrinkles under the lip
Its movement is almost the same as the movement to tighten the cheek, it's just done on the chin. And, still do with a count of 10.

5. Tightened lips
In order to make the lip muscle remains taut and supple, it can be done with some movement as follows:
# Place your lips like a kiss will do. Do movement like sucking a straw, so that the lips pucker into
# Bloat the mouth, causing puffy cheeks. This movement to pull the neck muscles, and to reduce wrinkles in the neck
# Position the lip like a smile. Which, according to beauty experts, a smile can make 100 facial muscles to move, and can produce hormones that can make happy.

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