Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Does Talking About Beautiful Face Is A Useless Thing?

Have You ever heard a quote like this before: "The essence of science is its application." It seems You would say: "Yes, I've heard this before." And if not wrong, this short and simple quote but deeply meaningful, is a quote from Albert Einstein. And if after all this quote is not from Einstein, but its meaning will be very understandable to everyone.

For a while, now We shift to the topic of the Beautiful Face, but not about what the meaning of the Beautiful Face in terminology, or the other, but rather about the benefits of discussion with the topic: Beautiful Face. Perhaps most people will think that this is something less or even no benefit. They would prefer other topics such as trade, foreign exchange market, building construction, or other topics that are more real and measurable.

Actually, they're not wrong, but also does not mean that they are true 100% in terms of taking a topic to be discussed. Because when We discussed about an issue, then naturally (because of human nature is curious) We will discuss all the things that are correlative, where, all correlations will only be collected optimally if We do a discussion with the focus.

The more We focus the discussion, the more correlations are collected and meet at a point of linkage. And these links point (conclusions), could even be a linkage, which previously did not occur at all in our brain. And this happens when We are discussing about the Beautiful Face. I must admit that I previously never thought that facial beauty is to have strong links; in point of fact with scientific matters.

Maybe You also just found out that facial beauty can be measured with the theory of Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Numbers, Golden Spiral and other scientific matters. Which previously may only have to do with lipstick, mascara, face powder, anti-aging cream and similar ones. And finally, We return to the first paragraph, where "The essence of science is its application."

Now We come to know that Science, especially those that are exact or measured, such as the Golden Ratio is useful and can be applied to interpret a Beautiful Face. And very possibly, the Golden Ratio must be applied within a facial plastic surgery. So, talking Beautiful Face has reminded us that a Phi is equal to 1.618. I mean, talk about the Beautiful Face was also a useful thing.

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