Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Look At Nadezhda Mikhalkova Beautiful Face

Nadezhda Mikhalkova Beautiful FaceNadezhda Mikhalkova Face Divide Into Two Facial Features AreaNadezhda Mikhalkova Beautiful Face
Born with the name Hope Nikitichna Mikhalkov, also known as Nadya Nikitichna Mikhalkov, and with an international name of Nadezhda Mikhalkova, it seems people will be spinning with her real name. Which, it was a Russian anthroponymy, as in the Thai anthroponymy for Taksaorn Paksukcharoen.

Nadezhda Mikhalkova is a Russian actress and She is also a producer, who was born on September 27, 1987. She has a talent derived from her father, an actor and director, Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov. And her mother is a figure in the world of fashion and the President of Russian Silhouette, Tatiana E. Mikhalkov.

While many women with cute features on their face that make them seem Younger, then the impression of being caught from Nadezhda Mikhalkova face is quite different. It was evident in the top picture, that Nadezhda Mikhalkova has a small lip, the width of nose is narrow horizontally (particularly on her nose's fibro-fatty tissue and greater alar cartilage), and a slightly pointed chin.

Those three essential cute features, are clearly making Nadezhda Mikhalkova face looks younger, even a baby-faced. But if her face be seen as a whole, her facial impression is old. Or rather like a woman aged thirty years. Why is this so?, Because Nadezhda Mikhalkova's face also had other facial features that make it look old. And is located in half of her face (upper half).

Facial features on upper half that make Nadezhda Mikhalkova seem older are:

1. Hairstyle, which swept into a flat and pulled back
2. Forehead that could be categorized as a square one
3. Brown color on the eyebrows and hair, which, brown color symbolizes the maturity (which can be associated with, the old).

Two parts with quite contrasting facial features, shall become a distinctiveness that is very scalable and detail. In fact, this could be limited by a horizontal line drawn from the zygomatic bone, lesser alar cartilage, slightly below the lateral nasal cartilage, and points of maxilla.

This blend of cuteness with a maturity (or homely) that is measured and very scalable, perhaps, can only be found in Nadezhda Mikhalkova's facial beauty (if it refers to the first and second image from top). Which of course became the main charm of Nadezhda  "Nadya" Mikhalkova beautiful face. While Nadezhda Mikhalkova eyes that are hazel, because of there was a spectrum of brown in her green iris, is more neutral.

While the third image, with her hair loose and somewhat disheveled, making Nadezhda Mikhalkova face looked even more relevant with age. That is, all the features on the face, both are the result of makeup or congenital, would produce a quite different impression.

Image sources: Nadezhda Mikhalkova on Wikimedia and on Wikipedia, Attribution for the Author: Alexey Yushenkov.

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