Friday, June 25, 2010

Look At Taylor Swift Beautiful Face

People would love to her while She sat on a swivel chair as She plays her custom-made guitar on each of her appearance, and She looked so enjoy on it. She is a female country singer who is full of talented, young, her fashion is almost always feminine and aesthetic, and God has endowed Taylor Alison Swift with a beautiful face outwardly.

Taylor Swift has also proven that She is not just a beautiful face person. In 2009, Billboard Magazine awarded her as the Artist of the Year, and one of her albums, Fearless, won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2010. Facts which would make her fans cheering the figure of Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift Beautiful FaceTaylor Swift Beautiful Face
Then, What are the interesting things on Taylor Swift beautiful face?, Look, She has lips that are included in the grade of beautiful lips. Her upper lip had a feature that contrasts with the lower lip. Her upper lip has a cupid's bow-line that looked firm and clear, so that makes it look like a sketch of a bird wings, which was widely spread. Likewise with her philtrum, its groove is also clear right under her nose cartilage's tip.

In contrast, Taylor Swift's lower lip has a feature which in a larger scale, namely: blossom like a rose that looked jutted outs. Two distinct features of Taylor Swift's lips then merged into one, that the beauty can be captured easily at the two pictures above. Although different, but both features have the same basic element of a scientifically beauty, the shape of curve.

A characteristic that is owned by Taylor Swift and very affecting to her beautiful face, is her curly hair. And when Taylor Swift's curly hair in a bun with leaving her wavy hair that adorned her wide forehead, plus the two pigtail that looked pendulous beside her lovely soft cheek, it is the most beautiful makeup that really demonstrates the potential beauty of the face of Taylor Swift. Just look and enjoy the beauty on the top picture.
Taylor Swift Beautiful FaceTaylor Swift Beautiful Face
And behind the beauty of Taylor Swift's face that You can also call it with: Cute, She has a face shape which is a blend of: a rounded chin, a wide forehead and square jaws. Not rarely, a female facial beauty will be seen depends on how She posed in front of the camera, and here for Taylor Swift truly beautiful face in quarter-side view.

That's Taylor Swift's facial beauty, who could make most people think: "OMG, I'm in love with her ...!", simply, because of that She also has a great talent of the art of country music.


  1. u are so beautiful

  2. beautiful forever and always.. love you taylor

  3. she looks almost perfect to me and she's got talent!

  4. who wouldn't want to kiss taylor swift?

  5. AnonymousJune 26, 2012

    She is just so talented and beautiful inside and out!

  6. Wow! I really love everything about Taylor Swift. She's so Beautiful along with, she has got Talent. Love you Taylor....

  7. your songs are the best in the whole wide world love u

  8. your songs are the best love u

  9. you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo talented love u


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