Monday, June 7, 2010

The Basic Formula Of Physical Beauty

High level of subjectivity in the interpretation of beauty, it continued at a more narrow scope, that is the beauty of the face. However, besides that scientifically a facial beauty is to be measured so as to produce a universal measurement, it turns out, a physical beauty can be described in a formula.

Generally Thinking Psychology Blog on What Is Beauty?, describing it as the following basic formula:

Adherence to Social Consensus + Genetic Fitness = Physical Beauty

Social consensus will be things like the current body size preferences, fashion/adornment preferences, and so on. Genetic Fitness is WHR, facial symmetry, and things like that.

So take a genetically fit (’biologically attractive’) woman, and throw her in any space and time. Provided she can match up to the status quo of that time, she’ll always be a catch. And even if she didn’t match up, she’d probably be seen as attractive to some extent. Likewise, a woman who isn’t as genetically attractive can ‘trade up’ by adhering to the social consensus.

In other words, take Jessica Alba, and fatten her up, or use brass rings to make her neck seem longer, or pluck her hair line back and make her skin pale – and she’d still be considered beautiful in Ghana, Northern Thailand, or Elizabethan England, respectively. Do all three, of course, and she’d be an absolute smash in a goth club.

Which become substantial in the two variables from the basic formula of Physical Beauty is on one thing, namely Health, both Soul and Body.

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