Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look At Katie Melua Beautiful Face

Here's Ketevan "Katie" Melua, a British singer, songwriter and musician. We could call him as a Georgian female beauty, because She was born in Georgia on September 16, 1984. She already has five albums: Call Off the Search (2003), Piece by Piece (2005), Pictures (2007), Live at the O2 Arena (2009) and The House (2010).

She is a woman who calls herself is not a lovely single. That Katie Melua had in an interview in the Telegraph on May 5, 2010. And following is what She said:

“First of all, I can tell you that I’m single, which is not lovely, but it is what it is. I really don’t think whether you are gay or not is the whole identity of a person. It’s just one side; it doesn’t have to be the thing that defines you... We live in the 21st century: questions of sexuality are not outdated, but I don’t think the lines are very clear and they are not always clear to me. I really want the songs to speak for themselves and not to be associated with a story about me.”
Katie Melua Beautiful Face And Her Sweet Smile
Is Katie right, that She is not a lovely (face)?, Or just sort of an "interview strategy", which She deliberately created. Because, look at her smile above. Well?, And that sweet smile does not disappear at all from her beautiful face, when She was a guest on the Graham Norton Show, May 17, 2010. Except that, indeed, on one of these images Katie Melua hair is looked less fit in tousled style.

So what makes her face is beautiful?, Look at the first below pic, people are going to love with this Katie Melua facial expression when She was singing on stage. It is a very deep appreciation and inspiration for her song. Her face was very emotional, it will cause a communication signal (nonverbal) to those who see it. By looking deeply at her facial expression, You feel as if brought to join the basic meaning of the song She sang.
Katie Melua Beautiful Face And Her Facial Expression When SingingKatie Melua Beautiful Face And Her Facial Expression When Singing
That's a singer, who has a high emotional intelligence, either when creating lyrics, arrangement, and when singing the song. Emotional intelligence is coming up with a facial expression, which actually comes from the movement of facial muscles.

Physically, Katie Melua has good facial features. Katie Melua nose bone has a straight line, the lips are not over-size, the cheek is not stretchy, and the typical is that Katie Melua has a Cleft chin.

Image source: Wikimedia's Katie Melua. Attributes to: Kirk Stauffer, Phil Guest and Livepict.com.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Candice Swanepoel Distinctive Face Shape

Only in the span of about two weeks, this is the third post about  (again) Candice Swanepoel's face. How come?, simple, because if Candice Swanepoel's face really observed or explored, it turns out, there is another facial distinctiveness, as well as her unique forehead. What is it?, it's about Candice Swanepoel face shape.
Candice Swanepoel Distinctive Face Shape
To illustrate the uniqueness or distinctiveness of her face shape, please read the following: Candice Swanepoel face shape is a combination of three face shape, which, each face shape has a very balanced contribution in shaping Candice Swanepoel's face, or with a contribution rate of 33.3333%. And those 3 face shapes that perfectly combine each other are Oval, Round and Oblong.

If it will be identified only as an Oval, in fact, Candice Swanepoel's face has a high forehead, which, this is one of the facial features that make a face is Oblong. Perhaps, the less accurate identification is round, because, its identification is done if only by looking at the outer line, which surrounds the Candice's face with so softly and not broken at all, then it produces a circular line.

On the one hand and indeed, this circular line is really apparent on Candice Swanepoel's lovely face. And because of the high level of softness, so sometimes people call it as, Round. But if You look at Candice Swanepoel's face as a Form (an element that refers to the three dimensional – having length, width and depth. Meanwhile, Shape is only having length and width), then her beautiful face is Round.

Sometimes, a celebrity facial look can seem capricious, but this Candice Swanepoel's distinctive facial look is always unchanged. Look at Candice Swanepoel on Bellazon for her unchanged face. Perhaps because of its distinctiveness, so that in Spain, She referred to as el ángel del Mundial.

Image attribution: Adam Bielawski a.k.a Photobra.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Look At Anna Paquin Beautiful Face

Anna Paquin Beautiful Face Without Make-Up In Side View
Unforgettable moment for her was when She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1994 at the age of 11. Because of her role as Flora McGrath in a film about a mute pianist, The Piano. Also, it brings Anna Helene Paquin was recorded as the second youngest winner in history.

But afterwards, her acting achievement could be said declining, along with her popularity as a female celebrity is also somewhat decreased when compared to the popularity of other actresses such as Megan Fox and Jessica Alba. But not so with her face, because Anna Paquin really looks beautiful when She characterized as Rogue in X-Men, especially with her silvery white front-side hair.

Look at Anna Paquin beautiful face on top picture, it was Anna Paquin facial look without make-up. Can clearly be seen that her face looked fresh, though on the other hand, her face is not so flawless. Not infrequently, men also like women face because of a reason that can only be understood by themselves. Look, Anna Paquin's cheek and chin skin looks reddening. There will be many men will say, it is beautiful!.

Anna Paquin also has a cupid's bow on her upper lip with a distinct line (firm), it will facilitate her to polish it with a lipstick. Where in fact, a firm cupid's bow is indeed beautiful, because if it truly resembles a bow, it will have a curved feature. And a curved feature, is a clear example of the golden ratio on woman face.
Anna Paquin Beautiful Face Frontal View ViewAnna Paquin Beautiful Face In Side View
While the forehead of Anna Paquin can be classed as a standard forehead, in a sense, when viewed from the side, it would have looked a little flat but not convex (or round). What about the nose shape? Anna Paquin's nose shape is included in the grade of beautiful, or sexy, or attractive. Because, when viewed frontally, not widened (read the Characteristics of Female Beautiful Face).

Anna Paquin beautiful face is typical of a facial beauty, which its beauty could only be assessed or be read as a whole, as a face entity. She has no facial feature of a truly distinctive, such as Angelina Jolie with her lips, Aishwarya Rai with her eyes, or Kirsten Dunst with her dimples. Except for her silvery white front-side hair in the character of Rogue.

Currently, Anna Paquin was still acting as Sookie Stackhouse in a famous TV series, True Blood. There is an interesting fact related to Anna Paquin (Face). She used as a theme song by The Brothers Streep, a South African band that is a big fan of Anna Paquin. The song titled "Anna Paquin's Face Scrunching" was played by Graham Norton in an interview with Anna Paquin, in the Graham Norton Show. This song is enough to make her giggle.

And did You know that there is a unique thing on Anna Paquin's beautiful giggle at that show?, It turns out, there is a wide gap between Anna Paquin two upper teeth. Could be, it is her distinctiveness.

Image source: Anna Paquin on Wikimedia, Attribute to: Kristin Dos Santos and Alotofmillion on Flickr.

Candice Swanepoel's Unique Forehead And The Meaning

How do You identify the forehead of Candice Swanepoel? You definitely will not say: She has a low forehead. But it would be more appropriate if You conclude: Candice Swanepoel has a high, broad and round forehead.
Candice Swanepoel Face And Her Round-High-Broad Forehead
Such forehead shape, becomes looked very super. If exposed to light, it will look so shiny. Sometimes over-size and rather unpleasant to look at. But actually, it was also a hallmark of Candice Swanepoel beautiful face, that distinguishes her with other models at the Victoria's Secret like Marisa Miller, Miranda Kerr or Behati Prinsloo.

Certainly, Candice Swanepoel beautiful face as a whole is influenced by her distinctive forehead. If You want to look at How round the forehead of Candice Swanepoel, click on this Candice Swanepoel forehead image, and here for another image of Candice Swanepoel. Its round also make Candice's facial characteristic, sometimes, a little bit look like Leighton Meester's face.

And that is very interesting to talk about is interpreting Candice Swanepoel round forehead, according to face reading, or physiognomy. Apparently, the interpretations based on physiognomy, has a different outcome. This is very understandable, because the face reading is dependent on a nation's culture.

Furthermore, how the personality of Candice Swanepoel in this case?. Read the following:

Her round forehead denotes that She is an idealistic person, She has value of longstanding friendship. Or, She is virtue and good understanding. Her high forehead shows good luck. Meanwhile, her broad forehead signs generousity. Also, Candice Swanepoel round forehead has a meaning that She will be very quick paced, once Candice Swanepoel makes a decision, She will speed it through. (Click to read about her face shape).

Image Attribution: Adam Bielawski a.k.a Photobra.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

In Fact, Acne Is Not Able To Obscure The Beauty Of Natalie Portman's Intelligent Face

If want to find the free encyclopedia on the web, then Wikipedia is one of good references, including biography and profile of female celebrities. But there is something quite different when reading the biography of Natalie Portman on Wikipedia. What's the difference?.

Let's just say You want to find out about the biography of the powerful celebrity, Angelina Jolie, or the powerful voice, Beyoncé Knowles. So, no more You will only find the sub-content such as: Early Life, Career and Filmography. And it is common or just usual in biographies of celebrities. Simply put, the less interesting.

But for the biography of Natalie Portman is quite different, You will find the sub-content: Education. To be more specific, the following is an excerpt from the sub-content on the Wikipedia's Natalie Portman:

"...As a student, Portman co-authored two research papers that were published in professional scientific journals. Her 1998 high school paper, "A Simple Method To Demonstrate the Enzymatic Production of Hydrogen from Sugar," was entered in the Intel Science Talent Search. In 2002, She contributed to a study on memory called "Frontal Lobe Activation During Object Permanence" during her psychology studies at Harvard..."

Then what is the point?, The point is, it is an indirect evidence that Natalie Portman is an intelligent woman, that distinguishes her with other female celebrities. Many people know that Angelina Jolie is Vanity Fair's most beautiful woman in the world in 2009, but many people (will) also know that Natalie Portman is one of the smartest celebrity. It's really distinctive for Natalie.

Natalie Portman's intelligence also evidenced by 4.0 GPA when graduating from high school, She speaks Hebrew, French and Japanese fluently. And, Natalie Portman graduated from Harvard College (a prestigious one) with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Surely, there is a relevance between the science of psychology that She mastered with the way She express.
The Beauty of Natalie Portman Intelligent Facial Expression
Look at Natalie Portman Beautiful Face above, it is Natalie Portman at Columbia University discussing her work and role of global microfinance organization with FINCA International. This means that it is a formal event. Look, signs of her intelligence is very obvious on the face. The way She looked was really strong and focused to the audience.

This is Natalie Portman's facial expression which is influenced by the strong lateral-line of intelligence that exist on her face. And it makes her symmetrical face, increasingly looks beautiful, even a pimple (acne) on her left cheek did not obscure at all her distinctive facial beauty.

Image source: the image of Actress and Social Activist Natalie Portman at Columbia University on Wikimedia. Attribution: Mira John.

Friday, June 25, 2010

How Do Men Interpret The Woman's Beautiful Lips?

The sexual nature of men is powerful, and We all know that. How powerful of the sexual nature of men, one of which can be driven by a visual object. Strongly associated with men's sexual desire that aroused by a visual object, then: How do men interpret the woman's beautiful lips?. There are three ways of interpretation of men who are very likely they will use:

1. The men will conclude that the woman's beautiful lips are lips that would make them aroused. That is, when they looked at the lips of women, their sexual desire has not been involved yet.

2. They were first aroused by the woman lips which though very ugly-shaped, for then they conclude that the lips were beautiful.

3. Or maybe, they remain objective that woman's beautiful lips is lips that has aesthetic aspects, such as elegant philtrum, comely cupid's bow, bloom lower lip.

Apparently because of the sexual nature of men is powerful, and it is really the nature of men that can not be disputed, it is likely the men would combine above three ways.
Taylor Swift Beautiful Lips Shape
Simply put as follows, Taylor Swift's lips is beautiful lips with three criteria as detailed in the third way above. Then just observe clearly the Taylor Swift's lips shape: the cupid's bow, every curve of her lips, and especially the lower lip that hangs down and looks jutted out. It is a shape of lips which is very fitting and comfortable for a kiss from men lips, right? (Sorry if it is not polite).

This means that there are close linkages between the woman's beautiful lips aesthetically, with the woman's beautiful lips in men interpretation with their sexual nature involved. Where one of men sexual acts, usually starting with a kiss. And Kirsten Dunst's thin lips which is not more beautiful than Taylor Swift's lips, it is more difficult for men to make a big kiss.

Image attribution: Angela George

What Are The Characteristics Of Female Beautiful Face?

Beautiful face is a subject matter which is always interesting to discuss. Then on what its interesting side?, None other than is the aspect of subjectivity itself, which is high. Therefore, not infrequently We hear statement that beautiful face is dependent, or beautiful face is in the eye of the beholder.

But whether so high its subjectivity, OR, simply because of there are still many people who can not make a boundary interpretation, between the physically beautiful face (or scientific), with a beautiful face that is not physical (or psychological)?.

The answer is in the second phrase, which sometimes, there are still many people who can not distinguish or make a boundary interpretation. Because of high subjectivity is only applicable in interpreting the beautiful face that is not physical. Conversely, the physical beautiful face is objective, it can be tested through an experiment, with a level of truth that can be universally accepted.

And in terms of the physical beautiful face, Braun, C., Gruendl, M., Marberger, C. and Scherber, C. along with the caretaker: Prof. Dr. A Zimmer from the University of Regensburg, Germany, has conducted a study on the Characteristics of Beautiful Faces in the year 2000-2001. Result of this study also presented at the German Students Award 2000/2001.

Here are a few excerpts of the Characteristics of Female Beautiful Faces (Sexy Face):

1. Suntanned skin
2. Narrower facial shape
3. Less fat
4. Fuller lips
5. Slightly bigger distance of eyes
6. Darker, narrower eye brows
7. More, longer and darker lashes
8. Higher cheek bones
9. Narrower nose
10. No eye rings
11. Thinner lids

For more detail, read the beautycheck - characteristics of beautiful faces with its sexy face prototype pictures, and read the full report of the study.

Look At Taylor Swift Beautiful Face

People would love to her while She sat on a swivel chair as She plays her custom-made guitar on each of her appearance, and She looked so enjoy on it. She is a female country singer who is full of talented, young, her fashion is almost always feminine and aesthetic, and God has endowed Taylor Alison Swift with a beautiful face outwardly.

Taylor Swift has also proven that She is not just a beautiful face person. In 2009, Billboard Magazine awarded her as the Artist of the Year, and one of her albums, Fearless, won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2010. Facts which would make her fans cheering the figure of Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift Beautiful FaceTaylor Swift Beautiful Face
Then, What are the interesting things on Taylor Swift beautiful face?, Look, She has lips that are included in the grade of beautiful lips. Her upper lip had a feature that contrasts with the lower lip. Her upper lip has a cupid's bow-line that looked firm and clear, so that makes it look like a sketch of a bird wings, which was widely spread. Likewise with her philtrum, its groove is also clear right under her nose cartilage's tip.

In contrast, Taylor Swift's lower lip has a feature which in a larger scale, namely: blossom like a rose that looked jutted outs. Two distinct features of Taylor Swift's lips then merged into one, that the beauty can be captured easily at the two pictures above. Although different, but both features have the same basic element of a scientifically beauty, the shape of curve.

A characteristic that is owned by Taylor Swift and very affecting to her beautiful face, is her curly hair. And when Taylor Swift's curly hair in a bun with leaving her wavy hair that adorned her wide forehead, plus the two pigtail that looked pendulous beside her lovely soft cheek, it is the most beautiful makeup that really demonstrates the potential beauty of the face of Taylor Swift. Just look and enjoy the beauty on the top picture.
Taylor Swift Beautiful FaceTaylor Swift Beautiful Face
And behind the beauty of Taylor Swift's face that You can also call it with: Cute, She has a face shape which is a blend of: a rounded chin, a wide forehead and square jaws. Not rarely, a female facial beauty will be seen depends on how She posed in front of the camera, and here for Taylor Swift truly beautiful face in quarter-side view.

That's Taylor Swift's facial beauty, who could make most people think: "OMG, I'm in love with her ...!", simply, because of that She also has a great talent of the art of country music.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Look At Shakira Beautiful Face

When you fall get up, oh oh
If you fall get up, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
Cuz this is Africa
Tsamina mina, eh eh
Waka waka, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

The above are some pieces of the official song lyric of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa "Waka Waka (This time for Africa)", which is a collaboration of Shakira with the South African group Freshlyground. The song reverberated throughout the world, which no doubt, also make Shakira popularity rose sharply.
Shakira Beautiful FaceShakira Beautiful Face
Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (born February 2, 1977), known professionally as Shakira is a Colombian singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, dancer, and philanthropist who emerged as a musical prodigy in the music scene of Latin America in the early 1990s. Shakira revealed many of her talents in school as a live performer, demonstrating her vocal ability with rock and roll, Latin and Middle Eastern influences with her own original twist on belly dancing. Shakira is a native Spanish speaker and also speaks fluent English and Portuguese (source: Wikipedia's Shakira). What a beautiful talented woman!.

But whether her face as beautiful as her talent?, Physically it must be said, No. Even if You're honest, Shakira has a very ordinary face. Her face becomes a little more beautiful because She changed style from the long curly hair into straight. Where one impression that could be read from a long straight hair style, is more mature impression.

However, that does not mean that curly hair does not have much value. Because curly hair is a funny character to be viewed, then the curly hair become more distinctive and unique than straight hair, or wavy. Very probably, most fans would prefer Shakira with curly hair. Look, She looks younger with her curly hair.
Shakira Beautiful FaceShakira Beautiful Face
If physically the Shakira's face was just very ordinary, rather, her facial expression is far more beautiful. Shakira's beautiful facial expression is closely associated with her very complete talent. That is, She is clever in how the singing, dancing, making songs that can touch the emotional side of everyone or audience. And it spreads in how should She express for her face.

But why is physically Shakira's face looked so beautiful in the song clip of Waka Waka? Does She have to do a reconstructive surgery to her face?, Well, This time for Shakira!.

Image source: Wikimedia's Shakira, Attributions: Movimiento ALAS and Andres.Arranz.

Kirsten Dunst 3 Distinctive Facial Features

These are the pictures of Kirsten Dunst at the time of attending the Tribeca Film Festival 2010, April 22 until May 2. She looked so beautiful with light blonde hair color combined with red-orange lipstick. But basically, her facial make-up is just to improve the beauty of the face of Kirsten Dunst, because by congenital, Kirsten Dunst had outward characteristics on her face, especially that made her face look so cute.

If observed carefully, there are many characteristics or facial features that can be found on Kirsten Dunst's face, for example, its prominent cheek and pointy chin when Kirsten Dunst was smiling. However, other than prominent cheek and pointy chin, there are three facial features that really distinctive, attached to Kirsten Dunst's face.
Kirsten Dunst 3 Distinctive Facial FeaturesKirsten Dunst 3 Distinctive Facial Features
Those three distinctive facial features are:

1. Small eyes, or slanted
When compared to other actresses in Hollywood, or most American white women, Kirsten Dunst eye size is smaller.

2. Very thin lips
Perhaps, Kirsten Dunst's lips is one of the smallest or thinnest lips in Hollywood. Uniquely, the cupid's bow on Kirsten Dunst's lips was still very visible (the bottom pic). And intelligently, Kirsten Dunst choose a lipstick with a flashy color, thus making her lips characteristic is very readable.

3. Dimple on cheek
Could be, this is Kirsten Dunst's distinctive facial feature, which makes people feel very awed. This is really cute. And her cheek dimples lined up perfectly with her super-thin lips.

And, those Kirsten Dunst's three distinctive facial features are essential elements for her round face shape, to produce the stunning Kirsten Dunst's cute face.
Kirsten Dunst 3 Distinctive Facial FeaturesKirsten Dunst 3 Distinctive Facial Features
Image source: Wikimedia, Special attribution: David Shankbone on Flickr.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Look At Rania Al Abdullah (Queen Rania Of Jordan) Beautiful Face

First Lady or First Gentleman is the unofficial title used in some countries for the spouse of an elected head of state. In the United States, it is also used for the spouse or partner of a governor or mayor. And here is the First Lady of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, more precisely, the Queen of Jordan, Rania Al Abdullah. But it does not matter if calling her as the Jordan First Lady.
Look At Rania Al Abdullah (Queen Rania Of Jordan) Beautiful Face
Look At Rania Al Abdullah (Queen Rania Of Jordan) Beautiful Face
Rania Al Abdullah (Arabic: الملكة رانيا العبد الله‎ Rānyā al-‘abdu l-Lāh, born Rania al Yassin on 31 August 1970) is the current Queen consort of Jordan as the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan. With its status as the First Lady, by itself make her in a high popularity.

The popularity of Queen Rania of Jordan is increasingly rising in the world because of two basic things: First, She is a tough woman who is very concerned with humanity, and the Second, Queen Rania of Jordan is a lovely looking woman who always look fashionable. And the interesting thing, She is an Arabian woman, a Sunni Muslim, but has a very modern thinking and educated.
Look At Rania Al Abdullah (Queen Rania Of Jordan) Beautiful Face
Look At Rania Al Abdullah (Queen Rania Of Jordan) Beautiful Face
As a Middle Eastern woman (just like Joelle Behlok), Queen Rania of Jordan has a straight nose, firm and sharp. Her eyes are deep, below the bone of supraorbital process (temples), thus making the way She looked, is so sharp and strong (second image from top). Plus more with her eyebrows, which is basically thick.

Physically, the face of Queen Rania of Jordan is type of a face that actually has facial features that are not too perfect. Perhaps due to the pictures here is the Queen Rania of Jordan's facial that have been aged 40 years. Thus, all parts of her face (chin, cheek, jaw, and others) do not reflect the true beauty of her face.

But, all the impression of being implied from Queen Rania of Jordan's face was very strong indeed. Nothing wrong with TIME magazine included her as one of the 100 people who shape our lives, who helping tradition meet modernity. Look at all the expression on her face, all the marks of intelligence and power.
Look At Rania Al Abdullah (Queen Rania Of Jordan) Beautiful Face
Look At Rania Al Abdullah (Queen Rania Of Jordan) Beautiful Face

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Result Of Aishwarya Rai Vs. Angelina Jolie Polling On Poll Day 21

Today is day 21 since the Poll titled: "Who is the World's Most Beautiful Faced Woman, Aishwarya Rai or Angelina Jolie?" published on May 29, 2010. Very probably, many people assume that this is just a poll that is less useful. In a separate point of view, is to be recognized that the presumption was not wrong. But it also does not mean correct.

Previously need to be understood more carefully that the Beautiful is a subjective matter, including in terms of assessing a beautiful woman. Where in the past few years, the assessment of people in the world for whom the most beautiful woman in the world just as it was split in Two. Most people assume that the one is Aishwarya Rai, and partly chose Angelina Jolie.

Now that becomes important is not Who is more beautiful, but that the People's Choice or Vote is a sign of a perspective of a person, or the way someone thinks. In simple terms, when someone chooses Aishwarya Rai, then that someone has a way of thinking of A, and when someone chooses Angelina Jolie, then He or She thinks in the way of B.

To assess the most beautiful woman in the world is a very complex thing, the more complex it is increasingly requiring a more in-depth thinking. Therefore, this poll was made more specific, with the focus of assessment is only on the Face. And the Woman Face is a Shape, which can be assessed by scientific means with high universality. And a beautiful face, could be interpreted as a face which is Pleasing to the Eye.

Well, until the Poll Day 21, Who's face is more pleasing to the eye?.

Preliminary result of the poll is as follows:

Voter: 30 visitors
Vote for Aishwarya Rai: 17 votes (56%)
Vote for Angelina Jolie: 7 votes (23%)
Vote for Other Woman: 6 votes (20%)

Aishwarya Rai Vs. Angelina Jolie Poll page visitor: 33 visitors
Origin Countries of Poll page visitor: 8 from USA, 4 from Canada, 3 from UK, 3 from Australia, 2 from India. Meanwhile, from Albania, Belgium, Brunei, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain and Tunisia, each 1 visitor. (Based on Google Analytics report).

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Look At Candice Swanepoel Beautiful Face

Notice the fourth word in the title, Swanepoel, her last name is a sign that She did not come from Europe, America, Asia or Australia. And that is a distinctive last name. If not from the four continents that have been mentioned, it is predictable that Candice Swanepoel is a beautiful face that comes from the Africa.

Candice Swanepoel is a South African model who works for Victoria's Secret. So in fact She was a familiar figure among fashion fans. She herself would be even 22 years old on October 20, 2010. A relatively young age for a model.

Among the noisy uproar of the 2010 World Cup held in her South Africa, Candice Swanepoel was also not spared to serve as a hot topic. When South Africa play against Mexico, Candice Swanepoel competed with Daniela De Jesus Cosio, a Mexican model. But there is no winner between these two models, simply, because they both have specificity in terms of facial beauty.

Let's talk about Candice Swanepoel beautiful face. There are two first impressions can be caught in her facial beauty.
Candice Swanepoel Beautiful Face
The First, Candice Swanepoel has a typical face that looks somewhat like Leighton Meester one. Where, both have a face that is a combination of oval-round shape, and, both have other facial features that are also within one type. These other facial features are: lip shape, nose shape, eye area form, cheeks, chin shape, jaw shape and their long wavy hairstyle.
Candice Swanepoel And Leighton Meester Look Somewhat Alike
Which mainly is their lip shape, where the difference is Candice Swanepoel's lip is much thicker, and with the edge of cupid's bow is more assertive on Candice Swanepoel's lip. In addition, Candice Swanepoel face is longer vertically.

Candice Swanepoel's face which is dominated by round, oblong and oval shape, by itself followed by many curved features, which are divided into smaller scales. Look, all the contours of smooth curve, can be seen clearly on her chin, jaw, forehead, cheekbones, glabella (the center point of forehead) convex and many more that have not revealed yet.
Candice Swanepoel Long Blonde Wavy Hairstyle
All these curve elements, produce a graceful face and eye pleasing. And Candice Swanepoel makes all the potential of her facial beauty reach an optimum point, with a long wavy hairstyle choice. Which at the same time as the Second of two first impressions that can be caught by people when they look at Candice Swanepoel's facial beauty.

Image source: Wikimedia's Candice Swanepoel at Victoria's Secret Michigan Avenue Store Hosting "The Nakeds" Launch in Chicago, IL, USA on March 31, 2010. Attribution: Adam Bielawski a.k.a Photobra.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aishwarya Rai's Length-Width Facial Proportion

Aishwarya Rai is a woman who was regarded as one of most beautiful women in the world. She has a perfect face shape, and also big eyes, which some people perceive that Aishwarya Rai's eye color is Green-blue, while others perceive Hazel (green-brown).

But whether Aishwarya Rai really has perfect face shape, if We use the theory of Golden Ratio as the base. Let us find out the answer. But the previous should be noted that this estimation is done in a simple way, which is only based on an image in 2 dimension (length and width) and all measures are converted into Pixels. However, this image is having a fixed aspect ratio.
Aishwarya Rai's Length-Width Facial Proportion
First, a circle made with convergent at the outermost point on Aishwarya Rai's face, so it can be determined mid-point, to make the vertical diameter (length) and horizontal diameter (width).

Furthermore, the length of Aishwarya Rai's face is equal to 355 pixels. By using the formula of the Golden Ratio, then, the length of 355 pixels divided by Phi, namely 1.618. So that it can produce a measurement that is equal to 219 pixels in width. So proportionately, it should be the width of Aishwarya Rai's face is equal to 219 pixels.

And if it based on the image above, then the width taken at the horizontal diameter, which if drawn from two outermost points, is to produce a horizontal line equal to 260 pixels. Where the two outermost points horizontally on Aishwarya Rai's face above, is right at the point of the Zygomatic Process of its Cranium.

With a simple conclusion, then the Aishwarya Rai's length width of facial proportion is not proportional. Because, She has a surplus equivalent to 41 pixels in width. But if it refers to the number of 219 pixels, as the basis for the width of Aishwarya Rai's face, this will produce a face that is too long vertically, right?. And very likely, Aishwarya Rai's face would be very weird.

And the actual conclusion is that to estimate a proportion of the face, can not be done only on the size of two-dimensional (Shape). Where is associated with the picture above, the outermost point horizontally which is located at the point of zygomatic process of the cranium, is more tucked into the rear than the outermost point vertically which is located at the center point of Forehead Boss (or few centimeters above the Glabella point).

And the length-width facial proportion like above, is only one of so many variables that combine to each other in a woman facial proportion.

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Look At Natália Guimarães Beautiful Face

Natália Guimarães Beautiful FaceNatália Guimarães Beautiful FaceNatália Guimarães Beautiful Face And Smile
Precisely on December 25, 1984, a date which is the day of Christmas, Natália Guimarães was born. She is a former Miss Universe Brazil, by setting aside 26 other contestants from states and the Federal District, Brasília in the year 2007. In addition, Natália Guimarães is also a model, actress and TV Host.

At the Miss Universe pageant in 2007, Natália Guimarães won the first runner-up or right under the winner from Japan, the Miss Universe 2007, Riyo Mori. For the assessment category of Swimsuit, the score for Natália Guimarães is 9,560, and the score for Riyo Mori was 9,599. While the category of Evening Glown, 9,599 is the score for Natália Guimarães, while, Riyo Mori scored with a significant difference, 8,943.

That is, Natália Guimarães only lost a bit of Riyo Mori, with the difference in scores is very small. Which may be, there are many other assessment category in the Miss Universe pageant. And behold, Natália Guimarães is a really beautiful face. Her face was very Motherly in the image on top, with typical round-shaped face.
Natália Guimarães Beautiful Face And Big SmileNatália Guimarães Beautiful Face, Cute Facial Look
What is clear, not just a round shape and the reflection of motherhood, which makes Natália Guimarães's face looks beautiful, but is also influenced by many other facial features (distinctiveness). Among them are:

1. Natália Guimarães has dimple on her cheeks, where, to give an attractiveness to its chubby.

2. She's got her temple bone and nasal bone, which are both prominent.
With prominent temple bone, the style of Natália Guimarães eyebrows is to become more pronounced, which in turn makes her eyes area became more shady, because it is more inward.

While her prominent nasal bone, is another term for sharp nose bone with a very straight line, which is connected without a break, from the nose tip to the temple. Furthermore, producing a curved shape which will be very visible when viewed from the side (2nd and 3rd image from top).

3. She has a wide mouth or oral anatomy.
Although Natália Guimarães is a thin-lipped, but She has a wide oral anatomy, especially on her gingivae (gums) structure which shown wide horizontally. Scientifically, this causes Natália Guimarães's smile also seemed wide and loose. And raised dimple in the cheek, because its cheek muscles to be withdrawn. And by itself, the rows of white teeth that are very neat, it become more apparent.

While common facial features that also affect Natália Guimarães facial beauty are:

1. Brown eyes

2. Smooth facial skin, the top is image of Natália Guimarães at fashion show of Crystal Fashion 2008, her face actually sweating, but its facial skin still looks smooth and clean.

3. Curved feature on four facial sections which are dominant; the chin, jaw, forehead and cheekbones.

Very likely and scientifically, Natália Guimarães has a face that is more beautiful than Gisele Caroline Bündchen's.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You Really Don't Have To Change Your Face Shape

Sometimes there's just a question that is quite unique, or arguably funny. And the question was simple: How to change into an oval face?. But in relative terms, the question can not be blamed, because in today's everything becomes possible. Yes, one way is with a facial plastic surgery. But that was too extreme and risky is not it?.

Sure, beautify the face is the right of all people, in this case women. But, whether the need to change the face shape. Face shape is one of the structures on the human head, which is outward or congenital. If We do have to beautify the face, do in the most simple and possible way. I.e. by making the face shape as the basic element for determining facial features of an appropriate or proportionate to the face itself.

Because only the facial features that can significantly beautify the face physically. By referring to face shapes, in turn, can be determined hairstyle, eyebrow styles, and even potentially could be determined also the color of lipstick, mascara, the type of jewelry, eyeglasses and many others. Because both face shape and facial features are things that are physical. So that could be scientifically measured or identified the level of its beauty. And it is inverted when using facial features to determine (change) the face shape.

And if You do not have a face shape that is proportional, or symmetrical, remember that when the face shape is not proportional, it does not mean bad or ugly. But it has unique characteristics, which are often referred to as Exotic face. Just list the 10 most influential Bollywood actress, there would be Kareena Kapoor's name among them. Since Kareena Kapoor has an unusual face, namely Hexagonal Face. But with her hexagonal face, She has succeeded in animating the character of Kaurwaki in Asoka.

The easiest way and it makes sense to change the face shape is to diet. A simple example, a round face is strongly influenced by the cheeks, besides zygomatic bone and jaw bone. When fat is reduced or lost, the face shape will change. Moreover, it is the growth of facial bone and skull, but rose only happen at a certain age.

So, any face shape We have, not We who judge its beauty, but others. And other people have an entirely different perspective, because Beauty is very subjective.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5 Ways To Do A Facial Massage

This is the most coveted by anyone, age may be old, but the face remained taut and springy. Not only women, as well as men. And despite increasing age, as much as possible, facial wrinkles should be reduced or prevented. The easy way to reduce facial wrinkles, is doing a Facial Massage.

Probably, no significant change in the face, but not a mistake at all if we tried. So the key is just how strong our will. Only a few movement, we can have a firm and radiant face, especially if done routinely.

Here are 5 ways to do facial massage, which may look funny, and will make children and nephew laughing.

1. Cheek skin tightening
Put two hands, each on right and left cheek, then gently rub with a bit of pressure and massage from bottom to top. Afterward, pat the face gently. Do as much as 10 times.

2. Eliminate forehead wrinkles
Pull the bottom of the forehead to the top to count to 10, after that, point your hand movement to the side of forehead, so that the forehead muscles can be drawn.

3. Preventing wrinkles at the corner of the eye
Put your fingers on both ends of the eye (temple). Then pull with a little pressure towards the back with both hands on the left and right eye. Make up to ten count.

4. Eliminating wrinkles under the lip
Its movement is almost the same as the movement to tighten the cheek, it's just done on the chin. And, still do with a count of 10.

5. Tightened lips
In order to make the lip muscle remains taut and supple, it can be done with some movement as follows:
# Place your lips like a kiss will do. Do movement like sucking a straw, so that the lips pucker into
# Bloat the mouth, causing puffy cheeks. This movement to pull the neck muscles, and to reduce wrinkles in the neck
# Position the lip like a smile. Which, according to beauty experts, a smile can make 100 facial muscles to move, and can produce hormones that can make happy.

      Does Talking About Beautiful Face Is A Useless Thing?

      Have You ever heard a quote like this before: "The essence of science is its application." It seems You would say: "Yes, I've heard this before." And if not wrong, this short and simple quote but deeply meaningful, is a quote from Albert Einstein. And if after all this quote is not from Einstein, but its meaning will be very understandable to everyone.

      For a while, now We shift to the topic of the Beautiful Face, but not about what the meaning of the Beautiful Face in terminology, or the other, but rather about the benefits of discussion with the topic: Beautiful Face. Perhaps most people will think that this is something less or even no benefit. They would prefer other topics such as trade, foreign exchange market, building construction, or other topics that are more real and measurable.

      Actually, they're not wrong, but also does not mean that they are true 100% in terms of taking a topic to be discussed. Because when We discussed about an issue, then naturally (because of human nature is curious) We will discuss all the things that are correlative, where, all correlations will only be collected optimally if We do a discussion with the focus.

      The more We focus the discussion, the more correlations are collected and meet at a point of linkage. And these links point (conclusions), could even be a linkage, which previously did not occur at all in our brain. And this happens when We are discussing about the Beautiful Face. I must admit that I previously never thought that facial beauty is to have strong links; in point of fact with scientific matters.

      Maybe You also just found out that facial beauty can be measured with the theory of Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Numbers, Golden Spiral and other scientific matters. Which previously may only have to do with lipstick, mascara, face powder, anti-aging cream and similar ones. And finally, We return to the first paragraph, where "The essence of science is its application."

      Now We come to know that Science, especially those that are exact or measured, such as the Golden Ratio is useful and can be applied to interpret a Beautiful Face. And very possibly, the Golden Ratio must be applied within a facial plastic surgery. So, talking Beautiful Face has reminded us that a Phi is equal to 1.618. I mean, talk about the Beautiful Face was also a useful thing.

      Monday, June 7, 2010

      The Basic Formula Of Physical Beauty

      High level of subjectivity in the interpretation of beauty, it continued at a more narrow scope, that is the beauty of the face. However, besides that scientifically a facial beauty is to be measured so as to produce a universal measurement, it turns out, a physical beauty can be described in a formula.

      Generally Thinking Psychology Blog on What Is Beauty?, describing it as the following basic formula:

      Adherence to Social Consensus + Genetic Fitness = Physical Beauty

      Social consensus will be things like the current body size preferences, fashion/adornment preferences, and so on. Genetic Fitness is WHR, facial symmetry, and things like that.

      So take a genetically fit (’biologically attractive’) woman, and throw her in any space and time. Provided she can match up to the status quo of that time, she’ll always be a catch. And even if she didn’t match up, she’d probably be seen as attractive to some extent. Likewise, a woman who isn’t as genetically attractive can ‘trade up’ by adhering to the social consensus.

      In other words, take Jessica Alba, and fatten her up, or use brass rings to make her neck seem longer, or pluck her hair line back and make her skin pale – and she’d still be considered beautiful in Ghana, Northern Thailand, or Elizabethan England, respectively. Do all three, of course, and she’d be an absolute smash in a goth club.

      Which become substantial in the two variables from the basic formula of Physical Beauty is on one thing, namely Health, both Soul and Body.

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      Look At Cindy Lee Beautiful Face

      Korean, Japanese, Russian or many other in the world, they have a distinct culture including the Handwriting. Their distinctive culture are also reflected in its anthroponymy. And the woman below, also has three different names, namely Li Siya, also known as Lee Si-Nga, or also with the international name of Cindy Lee.
      Cindy Lee Distinctive Beautiful Face
      Cindy Lee is a Hong Kong woman who was born on December 9, 1985, which meant her name is anthroponymy of China. Cindy Lee is a woman who has a fairly wide range of occupational, She was a tennis player, golfer, singer, actor, and host. This occupational diversity has become a sort of trend among celebrities in Asia.

      Now look at her face, do not get to judge whether Cindi Lee is a beautiful-looking or not. Because of the obvious, Cindy Lee has a fairly attractive facial distinctiveness, namely her nose with its long shape. If a beautiful shape of a nose is usually a concave curved nose and pointed just like Megan Fox's one, then the nose shape of Cindy Lee is the opposite.

      Where Cindy Li Siya has a long nose with a convex point, which is right in the center of the nasal bone. It is quite difficult to say that it is generally beautiful, but clearly, it is the Exotic nose. In addition, like most women from East Asia, Cindy Lee has eyes with non-double eyelids, small lips and sparse or thin eyebrows.

      Beside that Beauty is Subjective, the main charm of Cindy Lee's facial beauty, is in fact represented on her long nose, although less proportional to the overall face. And Cindy Lee is a woman with a mixture of oblong and oval shaped face.

      Image source: Cindy Lee on Wikimedia, released under Public Domain by Queen Productions.

      Wednesday, June 2, 2010

      Look At Nadezhda Mikhalkova Beautiful Face

      Nadezhda Mikhalkova Beautiful FaceNadezhda Mikhalkova Face Divide Into Two Facial Features AreaNadezhda Mikhalkova Beautiful Face
      Born with the name Hope Nikitichna Mikhalkov, also known as Nadya Nikitichna Mikhalkov, and with an international name of Nadezhda Mikhalkova, it seems people will be spinning with her real name. Which, it was a Russian anthroponymy, as in the Thai anthroponymy for Taksaorn Paksukcharoen.

      Nadezhda Mikhalkova is a Russian actress and She is also a producer, who was born on September 27, 1987. She has a talent derived from her father, an actor and director, Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov. And her mother is a figure in the world of fashion and the President of Russian Silhouette, Tatiana E. Mikhalkov.

      While many women with cute features on their face that make them seem Younger, then the impression of being caught from Nadezhda Mikhalkova face is quite different. It was evident in the top picture, that Nadezhda Mikhalkova has a small lip, the width of nose is narrow horizontally (particularly on her nose's fibro-fatty tissue and greater alar cartilage), and a slightly pointed chin.

      Those three essential cute features, are clearly making Nadezhda Mikhalkova face looks younger, even a baby-faced. But if her face be seen as a whole, her facial impression is old. Or rather like a woman aged thirty years. Why is this so?, Because Nadezhda Mikhalkova's face also had other facial features that make it look old. And is located in half of her face (upper half).

      Facial features on upper half that make Nadezhda Mikhalkova seem older are:

      1. Hairstyle, which swept into a flat and pulled back
      2. Forehead that could be categorized as a square one
      3. Brown color on the eyebrows and hair, which, brown color symbolizes the maturity (which can be associated with, the old).

      Two parts with quite contrasting facial features, shall become a distinctiveness that is very scalable and detail. In fact, this could be limited by a horizontal line drawn from the zygomatic bone, lesser alar cartilage, slightly below the lateral nasal cartilage, and points of maxilla.

      This blend of cuteness with a maturity (or homely) that is measured and very scalable, perhaps, can only be found in Nadezhda Mikhalkova's facial beauty (if it refers to the first and second image from top). Which of course became the main charm of Nadezhda  "Nadya" Mikhalkova beautiful face. While Nadezhda Mikhalkova eyes that are hazel, because of there was a spectrum of brown in her green iris, is more neutral.

      While the third image, with her hair loose and somewhat disheveled, making Nadezhda Mikhalkova face looked even more relevant with age. That is, all the features on the face, both are the result of makeup or congenital, would produce a quite different impression.

      Image sources: Nadezhda Mikhalkova on Wikimedia and on Wikipedia, Attribution for the Author: Alexey Yushenkov.