Thursday, April 22, 2010

Perceiving The Eye Color Of Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai Beautiful FaceAishwarya Rai Beautiful Face
Aishwarya Rai facial beauty has always been an interesting topic to be discussed, a lot of beauty and lifestyle magazines often publish articles in which the Aishwarya Rai facial beauty serve as an example of facial beauty treatment.

The main enchantment of Aishwarya Rai facial beauty itself, lies in her big shiny eyes. Most people say that the eyes of Aishwarya Rai is the most beautiful in the world. Aishwarya Rai self has a very noble plan, which She will donate her big beautiful eyes after her death. But did you know, what exactly is the color of her eyes?.

Most of party stating that Aishwarya Rai eye color is Green-blue, there are also the states, it's Hazel. So, which statement is correct?, Let's try to find the true color of Eyes-warya Rai eyes.

Please note that determines or perceives the color of someone's eyes, is influenced by at least two factors:

1. External Factor
Perceive the color of someone's eyes, depending on the factor of light and surrounding hues, and beyond these two factors can make someone's eye color can appear quite different (Wikipedia's eye color)

2. Internal Factor
This is very fundamental and very scientific factor, that, eye color is always growing and changing. Where, Iris is the most colorful part of the eye, which has a pigment that determines eye color (Allaboutvision's eye color).

Then, to determine the eye color of Aishwarya Rai should refer or pay attention to above two factors.

First, look closely at the Pupil (a small circle at the most center of the eye), Aishwarya Rai's eye pupils have a black color. Then, around the pupil, there is a spread spectrum with a brown color. After that, look at the most vital part, i.e. the Iris. Aishwarya Rai's eye iris is clearly dominated by green color, where, this is one of typicals of South Asian.
Aishwarya Rai EyesAishwarya Rai EyesHazel Eye
Thus, it happens a mixture of green color on the Iris, with a spectrum of brown around the pupil. These indicators point to a mixture of eye color is called, Hazel eye (Compare to the Hazel eye of Wikipedia). And indeed, sometimes Aishwarya Rai eyes was green-blue, because, so many factors that influence the eye color.

This post is just as a simple insight, that does not provide absolute answer of what color on the eyes of Aishwarya Rai. The answer is far more relevant and true, just by asking to eye experts or specialists.

Image sources: Aishwarya Rai spring fever Cannes on Flickr by nicole rivera14, vaibhavvv's Gallery on Picasa Web Albums, Hazel eye on Wikipedia.


  1. so cute eyes & beautiful

  2. I think Aishwarya Rai is a case (a beautiful case, indeed) of central heterochromia which is an eye condition where there are two colors in the same iris; the central (pupillary) zone of the iris is a different color than the mid-peripheral (ciliary) zone.

  3. Dat eyes *_* And her face is so beautiful <3

  4. first of all that eye is not hazel, it is green with central heterochromia making it's true colour green however due to the brown central heterochromia it is defined as forest green, hazel eyes are misinterpreted as multi-coloured eyes in modern society when true hazel eyes are light brown with a green-ish/golden glow around the edges, a good example of true hazel eyes would be scottish actress Kelly Macdonald.
    and as for Aishwarya Rai eye's they're well blue with brown pigment clouding over, obviously the pigment is not strong enough or covers enough of the eye to make the eyes grey, green or brown, and instead you get a mysterious colour which is hard to interpret that can look various colours in different lighting atmospheres, however my defintion of her eyes would be light blue/grey.

  5. I think her eyes are just beautiful! Is her eye color common or is it rare?

  6. right, its green-blue, not hazel, and the third pic isn´t even her !!!

  7. I have those colored eyes to a tea and have never found anyone else with the same color (besides my dad and sister) until now.

  8. is her eye really cute?

  9. The term "hazel" is highly and extremely misinterpreted in regards to eye color. Not all green, gray, or blue eyes have to display an *absolute* solid color to be considered green, gray, or blue. Hazel eyes display considerably more light brown and amber colors throughout. The green color in hazel eyes usually has a brown tinge to it as well, so a true green color can easily be distinguished in ideal light. Obviously light eye colors will appear darker under poor light, thus misleading people into thinking they are of a different color than they actually are.


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