Saturday, April 3, 2010

Look At Anne-Marie Ilie Beautiful Face

If You read the last name, maybe You guessed that this Beautiful Face is a Pure Romanian. Whereas the truth, Anne-Marie Ilie was a beautiful Belgian-Romanian Woman. She was crowned Miss Belgian Beauty 2007.
Anne-Marie Ilie Beautiful Face and Her Too Sweet SmileAnne-Marie Ilie Beautiful Face
So, What's Anne-Marie Ilie had on its face?. Do not hesitate to admit: "She was a graceful haired woman...". Just look at it, a dark brown long hairstyle that looked so well groomed. Oh, all women would want hair like that. And with the nuances of dark brown which also looks so cool. And look at the way Anne-Marie Ilie smiled, it's like a baby that geeky smile and sincere.

Then look at the facial skin, it's naturally clean and fresh. This is increasingly making Anne-Marie Ilie's smile just seemed more perfect. In addition, this also makes her eyebrows look firmly, in a sense, so harmonious to its facial skin.

If observed closely, there was nothing Super Fine on Anne-Marie Ilie's nose, chin or lips. But the cleanliness, freshness and naturalness of Anne-Marie Ilie's face, it was really amazing. Apparently, this kind of facial skin is not just a result of a regular skin care, more than that, because the woman was also fond of sports. Lovely Belgian Anne-Marie Ilie.

Anne-Marie Ilie image source: Miss Belgian Beauty 2007 by Eddy Van 3000 on Flickr.

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