Saturday, April 24, 2010

Look At Lee Hyori Beautiful Face

Lee Hyori Beautiful Face, Wonderful Smile
Is a beautiful face must always be embodied in a balanced facial proportions?, physically is Yes. And in general, it was shown by most women who looked beautiful, which is innateness. However, for a beautiful face which turned out to be a result of plastic surgery, many people still argue, it is not beautiful.

Another case with a beautiful face arising from a strong expression, it even became a very special beauty, because it is implied by body language on the face, which looks as it is, look out, and not artificial. As shown on the beautiful face of Lee Hyori.

Look, her eyes are merely a pair of slanting eyes (despite that this is the typical face of Korean), meat piled on her face, and her gums were too visible. Perhaps, it's only her nose that looked not too flat or pug.

However, look at how She smiled broadly and how She expressed. She looks very happy, which makes the people who look at her face, just like you're doing this moment, carried away into a fun, making people smiling self. Right?.

And behold, with her big smile that seems very expressive, making Lee Hyori's face even looks cute. Maybe, She always thought that: "Everytime You smile at Someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing...", as posed by Mother Teresa.

She's Lee Hyori, a South Korean singer, who is also an Actor, Dancer, Model, and Designer. On May 10, 2010, Lee Hyori will be 31 years old.

Lee Hyori image source: South Korean K-Pop singer and actress Lee Hyori shooting a commercial in Soho, New York on Wikimedia authorized by Christopher Peterson.


  1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2010

    It's interesting that you imply that Lee Hyori is not beautiful in the most technical sense of the word when in reality, she is. First off, you undoubtedly picked a picture of her that doesn't represent her face. Even though smiling is considered a "beautiful" activity, as a face analyst you must know that when a person smiles intensely, it changes their facial structures and makes things look uneven, disproportionate, or even grotesque at times. At the very least, the person does not look the same.

    So how can you pick a picture of Lee Hyori smiling and analyze it the same way you analyze pictures of "beautiful" women such as Angelina Jolie and Aishwarya Rai, all of who assume stiff facial expressions when being photographed?

    (I actually went and tried to find a picture of Angelina Jolie smiling happily. And I was only able to find []. This picture proves that Jolie is, in fact, not technically a "beautiful woman" by your definition. Her cheeks are too tight and look plastic; her forehead is too high, almost like that of a balding man, and is unnatural; her teeth are crooked and she has no cupid's bow, making her lips look like little plastic balloons; the bridge of her nose is uneven; her eyebrows are too thin.)

    I also found it strange that you said Lee Hyori's eyes are "merely a pair of slanting eyes (despite that this is the typical face of Korean)." First of all, who doesn't have slanting eyes? Even non-Koreans, even people who are completely European, have "slanting eyes." All eyes either slant up or down. And "typical face of Korean"? There is no "typical face." Korean faces are as diverse as French, Dutch, Mexican, Thai, Indian, or Iranian faces. I'm not sure how many Koreans you know or see, but it seems you don't study many Korean faces.

    Also, you claimed that there is "meat piled on her face." I assume that you're talking about her cheeks. As stated before, you as a face analyst should realize that when people smile, their cheeks naturally bunch up. It is physically impossible to smile happily and not have one's cheeks rise and look plumper than when the face is at rest.

    I'm sorry to say that I think you analyzed Lee Hyori's face totally inaccurately. Next time, if there is a next time for Lee Hyori on this site, I hope you pick a picture more accurate of her face when it's at rest.

  2. i agree everything the anonymous said.
    Sorry but u shouldn't analyse people faces at all.

  3. You are being absolutely racist by stereotyping the typical Korean girl's face. Ah hell nah. I've seen Korean girls who look NOTHING like that. In fact, I see them everywhere because I live in CA. Korean girls come in such varieties--you can't stereotype them like that.

    Who the fuck are you kidding? Jealousy, much?

  4. hyori lee is GORGEOUS. what the is wrong with you? you call this facial analyzing? please.


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