Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Talking The Long Blonde Hairstyle Of Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes Long Blonde Hairstyle
Doutzen Kroes, the Angel from Netherland, seem to really like her long blonde hairstyle, which is perched elegantly on her head. She who had been endowed by God with a face shape which is a dream of all women, which is oval, looking very comfortable with her long blonde hairstyle.

It seems true that the long hairstyle, providing many benefits for women who choose and use it. There are at least two basic impression that is implied from a long hairstyle, namely:

1. Have a more feminine impression
2. Having a lot of aesthetic value, such as: the grace, the elegance, and others.

But, a long hairstyle will also make the woman became troublesome for treatment.

Especially for a super model such as Doutzen Kroes, the long hairstyle makes Doutzen Kroes has more space to explore all her capabilities in its expression or pose. It's a smart hairstyle choice, Doutzy!.

Look, her long hairstyle makes the left hand of Doutzen Kroes, to have a role to pose. And it will make the result of photo shoot, will look more vivid or expressive. Above image is a photo shoot of Doutzen Kroes in St. Barths for Victoria’s Secret, in December 2009.

Image source: Doutzen Kroes in St. Barths for Victoria’s Secret, December 2009 on Fever of Fate.

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