Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why Do People Interpret Woman Beautiful Face Differently?

There are two men, let's say John and Mike, saw a woman sitting in a lawn chair. She had a square face shape, thin lips, sharp nose and thick eyebrows. Then there was a conversation between John and Mike;

John: "Mike, do you think her face is beautiful?"
Mike: "Yes, because She has a square face shape and thin lips..."
John: "You're right Mike, She was beautiful. But not for her square face shape and thin lips, but because of her thick eyebrows and sharp nose..."

The conversation provides an illustration of how subjective and complex, related to the matter of woman's beautiful face. Maybe Mike thought that a square shape symbolizes steadfastness, but instead John thinks that a square shape indicates inflexible attitudes.

So when they chew over woman's beautiful face, arises the cognitive processes that lead them to so many things, or let's say the variables that have direct or indirect linkage. If it does happen similarity of thought between them, it is to those aspects that are fundamental, universal, and true or very logical. For example: the woman has a very clean facial skin. Simple, logical flow of a very clean facial skin to a beautiful face is, cleanliness of an object (face) is unsightly eye. This is synonymous with Clean is Beautiful. And this is a fact that it really makes sense for any human.

And the process of John and Mike in interpreting or perceiving the woman's beautiful face is defined by Wikipedia as Face Perception. In full:

Face perception is the process by which the brain and mind understand and interpret the face, particularly the human face.
The human face's proportions and expressions are important to identify origin, emotional tendencies, health qualities, and some social information. From birth, faces are important in the individual's social interaction. Face perceptions are very complex as the face expressions involve vast involvement of areas in the brain.

From Wikipedia definition above, read and understand carefully at the words in italics and bold, namely:

1. Human face's proportions
2. Human face's expressions
3. Involve vast involvement of areas in the brain.

The above three factors that caused why do people interpret or perceive woman beautiful face differently or why woman beautiful face is a highly subjective matter, particularly is the third factor. So when interpreting or perceiving a woman beautiful face, it is a thought process which must involve the EQ and IQ.

Furthermore, Where is actually part of the human brain, which are specifically implement the process?. This part is called: Fusiform Face Area. As Wikipedia defines:

The fusiform face area (FFA) is a part of the human visual system which might be specialized for facial recognition, although there is some evidence that it also processes categorical information about other objects, particularly familiar ones. The FFA is located in the ventral stream on the ventral surface of the temporal lobe on the fusiform gyrus.
Medial surface of cerebral cortex - fusiform gyrus
Fusiform face area, the origin of Why do people interpret woman beautiful face differently (yellow arrow). Image Attributions: Hagmann P, Cammoun L, Gigandet X, Meuli R, Honey CJ, et al.
Associated to the third factor; Involve vast involvement of areas in the brain, one of the most vital functions of human brain is as an organ for storage of memory. All human activities, both think and act will be remembered in the brain, in which, will be influenced by (local) factors such as environment, culture, customs, education and much much more. Therefore, for instance, an American will perceive woman's beautiful face differently with perceptions of an Asian, European, African and Australian, and vice versa.

Image source: Medial surface of cerebral cortex - fusiform gyrus on Wikimedia. Attributions: Hagmann P, Cammoun L, Gigandet X, Meuli R, Honey CJ, et al.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Watching Tanith Belbin's Beautiful Face Shape In Side View

This is Tanith Belbin face in side view, in which her beautiful face can be categorized as a face that has a lot of Divine Proportion when viewed in frontal. This Tanith Belbin in side view face, also indicates that her divine proportion facial features are not only visible when viewed from the front. Simply put, Tanith Belbin's face still looks equally beautiful when viewed from the front or side.
Tanith Belbin's Beautiful Face Shape In Side View (#1)
Above image also shows, how a woman looked at or made an eye contact, will cause her face became more beautiful or to be ugly. Since an eye contact also indicates how deeply She was expressing something, then when her expression (or eye contact) is strong or full of inspiration, would make her face tends look more beautiful. To ensure, Just look at Tanith Belbin's highly expressive eye contact, just one word for it, beautiful.
Outer Lines on Tanith Belbin's Face Shape In Side View (#2)
On image #2, can be read clearly how the factor of proportionality and symmetry on Tanith Belbin hairstyle and facial features collide each other to form a harmony, which eventually resulted Tanith Belbin facial beauty. And is seen also that the facial arches or curves, which is a small manifestation of the Golden Ratio can not be separated from proportionality.

To find and feel on how this beautiful curves formed, follow the outer line (denoted by yellow curved line) on Tanith Belbin's face vertically from her forehead, nose, mouth, chin and ends at the jaw. It also became evident that the physical beauty of a woman face, means a facial beauty scientifically. And it's measurable.

Furthermore, when a hairstyle expert to determine what hairstyle will be applied on a woman face, is to consider and refer to the factor that denoted by a yellow curved line as above, or commonly called the face shape, for then they apply, also to consider aspects of proportionality and symmetry. So as to produce a style of beauty with a hairstyle (as denoted by a blue-orange curved line) that matched and harmonious to its face.

Image source: Tanith Belbin on Wikimedia. Attribution: Rich Moffitt.

Friday, August 27, 2010

One Of The Most Famous Female Faces In The World Is Not A Human Face

Have you ever thought about something like what is mentioned in the title above?. Certainly many people who recognize the faces of Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Margaret Thatcher, Mother Teresa, or maybe Madonna. But when they are given a question like this: "Whose (female) face is the most famous in the world?", They would find it difficult in order to give a convincing answer.

It's very understandable because there would be so many factors that can be used as considerations. The only way to determine a legitimate answer both on the accuracy and the validity aspect, is with a Poll, with a note that the poll should actually represent, or reflect the world public thinking. But it will be really long in order to find the answer and it sounds impossible.

(Please note that this is only a presumption which has weak validity). Probably, one of the most famous female faces in the world is not a human face, but only a fictitious female figure in a very famous painting, i.e. the Mona Lisa. Most likely everyone also knows that this beautiful painting is a masterpiece of Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, which was created during the Renaissance in the 16th century.

Perhaps most people will reject this, because this is just a famous painting, not a famous female face. However it is their right and nothing wrong at all about it. But it is also necessary to note that one of intrinsic factors that cause the painting to be so famous, none other than is the face of Mona Lisa itself.
The Face of Mona Lisa
The face of Mona Lisa, one of the most famous female faces in the world
Mona Lisa's face in this painting has a very strong imagery and character, this is what makes the painting seem so alive. The characteristic facial expression that can be captured is Mona Lisa mysterious smile. In addition, there were also many people who interpret that Mona Lisa's face is beautiful.

And those who interpret the face of Mona Lisa as a beautiful face, is not based on physical facial features, but on very deep expression on Mona Lisa's face. A calm eye glance, prominent supraorbital foramen, thin eyebrows, vertical long nose, small lips, double eyelid, very thin hair right at head's crown with the middle stroke and a little plump face, all of which lead to deep expression and mysterious smile. To be sure, just click to enlarge the image and discover its deep expression.

Facial expression itself has even raised the figure of Mona Lisa, so as to appear, She is the real figure of a woman, just like famous women as mentioned above. And Mona Lisa was also more famous than its painting. People are more accustomed to mention "Mona Lisa" instead of mentioning "Mona Lisa Painting."

The existence of Mona Lisa is also indirectly evidenced by the Mona Lisa Mania.

Image source: Wikipedia's public domain of Mona Lisa.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tone Damli Aaberge Weird Face

The fans of Tone Damli Aaberge may be very curious about this. Look, her face looks very different and this difference is fairly extreme. On Image #2, Tone Damli Aaberge's face did not look more beautiful at all, even her face became weird and quite scary. Indeed, many female celebrity faces have changed, but not as extreme as this.

Image #1 is Tone Damli Aaberge face taken by Ernst Vikne on April 1, 2009, while the image #2 was taken on May 28, 2009 in Hammers, Oslo, Oslo Fylke, NO by Soldatnytt. That is, the time difference is only about two months, and her face turned into a weird, though her face to look more slim.
Tone Damli Aaberge Beautiful Face
Tone Damli Aaberge Beautiful Face (#1)
Tone Damli Aaberge Weird Face
Tone Damli Aaberge Weird Face (#2)
Look at Tone Damli Aaberge supraorbital foramen (is a bony elongated path located above the orbit (eye socket) and under the forehead. The supraorbital foramen lies directly under the eyebrow--Wikipedia's supraorbital foramen) which appears to be more prominent (image #2), so that her eyes became more protrudes into the inside. This causes her skull bones become visible, which, causing her face looks weird. Unfortunately, no loose hair off, because it was blocked by hairpins, so that more and made her face really looks weird.

With a quite extreme change at her face structure in just two months, Is Tone Damli Aaberge has done a facial cosmetic surgery?.

Image source: Tone Damli Aaberge on Wikimedia. Attributions: Ernst Vikne and Soldatnytt.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Look At Camilla Belle Beautiful Face

Granted, there are two things when for the first time you recognize someone, the first thing is her or his name and the second is the one. At that time, your brain will automatically proceed directly to generate associations in your mind related to the person. And, one of associations that arise in your mind is the association of the person's name. From this association, then you assess which the result is an impression that arises from its name, such as: unique, strange, or maybe, a cool name.

Likewise when you first heard the name of Camilla Belle. Then, what impression did you get and feel for a name like this?, Come on, admit it that you feel a femininity and a beauty. How come?, just taste the accentuation of double L when you pronounce her name, especially on the word: CamiLLa. It was so beautiful and feminine. This impression is felt more beautiful than on names such as: Scott Taylor Compton, or even Demi Moore. But whether Camilla Belle face as beautiful as its name, Let's look at Camilla Belle beautiful face.
Camilla Belle Beautiful Face #1
What is strongest feature that gives effect on Camilla Belle beautiful face?, there seems to be on the eyebrows. Camilla Belle eyebrows are very thick (that may be, its thickness is equal to Kajol's super eyebrows), and this led to Camilla Belle eye gaze becomes sharper, because, the impression arising from a thick shape is heavy. On Camilla Belle face image #1, this heavy-impression makes the eye area and around, looking as if shrink or flinch. In fact, it's just a normal eye gaze.

Thick eyebrows are physical features, and the effect is as above. In expression, this causes a very strong eye contact with others. In aesthetics, Camilla Belle's thick eyebrows is less beautiful, cause removing curved and tapering features, and also its proportionality. But on the other hand, this raises an exotic nuance and natural. Many people under estimate the thick eyebrows, but if it becomes a hallmark for Camilla Belle facial beauty, in fact, it is an indirect acknowledgment that Camilla Belle's eyebrows are beautiful.
Camilla Belle Beautiful Face #2
Then down to Camilla Belle nose, She has a nose that is included in class of beautiful physically (detailed on image #3), in which its characters are: straight nasal bone, converging or pointed tip of the nose, and shaping a lovely arch on nostril and alar cartilage area (read the Characteristics of Female Beautiful Faces). And her nose is also narrower.

Alar cartilage area's lovely arch is then harmonizes with Camilla Belle lips cupid's bow in opposite direction. Where, the beauty of Camilla Belle lips is located on her lower lip that looks to hang (Men love this kind of lips since it has a sense of kiss), because of the thickness factor.

From lips, then down again toward Camilla Belle chin-jaw, the aspect of beauty that can be found here, contained in proportionality and symmetry between her right jaw and left jaw, and then both declined and meet right at the tip of her chin (as the symmetrical axis). These features indicate that Camilla Belle's face shape is heart tends to oblong (image #2), with a rather wide cheeks, and forehead is more broadly.
Camilla Belle Beautiful Facial Features #3
Lastly, the charm of beauty on Camilla Belle's face could not be separated from the color of her eyes, the brown-light (image # 2).

Camilla Belle was born on October 2nd, 1986. She is an American actress. Her works include The Lost World: Jurassic Park, When a Stranger Calls, 10,000 BC, The Quiet, and Push. Belle was born as Camilla Belle Routh in Los Angeles, California to Cristina Routh, a Brazilian fashion designer, and Jack Routh, the owner of a construction company. Belle was raised in a strict Catholic household. She attended St. Paul's Catholic Elementary School and then the Marlborough School, an all-girl high school in Los Angeles.

Image source: Camilla Belle on Wikimedia. Attribution: Anthony Citrano and Porter Hovey.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kirsten Dunst Supercute Thin Lips, The Effect And The Meaning

If you are a big fan of Kirsten Dunst, there's nothing wrong if you have to recognize that there are 3 distinctive facial features which is owned by Kirsten Dunst. Inevitably, these three distinctive facial features greatly affect Kirsten Dunst's overall facial beauty, in this case, it makes Kirsten Dunst's face to look so cute and not boring to look at. Where sometimes a face that is too perfect, or have high proportionality, to be too ideal in which reduces the uniqueness and or cuteness aspects on its face.

Among Kirsten Dunst's three distinctive facial features, the most typical is Kirsten Dunst super-thin lips, which may be it is the thinnest in the world of Hollywood and it also distinguishes Kirsten Dunst's face became different (read: more unique) from other Hollywood female celebrities. Well, a proportional lip size is modest, but keep in mind that, a super-thin lip size is truly unique.

Excuse the Author for this one; In Spider-Man, the thinness of Kirsten Dunst lips may have made Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker) difficult to kiss Mary Jane Watson lips, plus it must be done in position of the body upside down. But maybe also, Tobey Maguire just really enjoy this romantic challenging kiss (upside down body + rain + Kirsten Dunst supercute-thin lips). In fact, Spider-Man's Tobey Maguire-Kirsten Dunst kissing scene even won the 2003 MTV Movie Awards for Best Kiss. This is the effect of Kirsten Dunst thin lips.
Kirsten Dunst Face And Her Supercute Thin Lips
Kirsten Dunst Face And Her Supercute Thin Lips
Then what is the meaning of Kirsten Dunst thin lips?, There are many meanings of this and here are a few:
1. Her thin lips indicating the attitude of impatience, which might ignore the feelings of others....,Oops!.
2. Sensuality aspect: Kirsten Dunst is measured and selective, and She goes for quality over quantity...,Wow!. Some senses are much more important to her than others, and She tends to neglect the rest--soFeminine's what thin lips reveal.

Regardless of true or not these meanings, the most actual is that Kirsten Dunst thin lips made people will remember the uniqueness of her facial beauty.

The Lady In Red Nuance On Hayden Panettiere Face

The lady in red is dancing with me cheek to cheek
There's nobody here, it's just you and me, It's where I wanna be
But I hardly know this beauty by my side
I'll never forget, the way you look tonight

Above are a few lines of lyrics from a song performed by Chris De Burgh, Lady In Red. The song was written in reference to (though not specifically about) his first wife Diane and was released on the album Into the Light. On the British TV series This Is Your Life, de Burgh said that the song was inspired by the memory of when he first saw Diane, and how men so often cannot even remember what their wives were wearing when they first met. (Source: Wikipedia's The Lady In Red).

Indeed, this song is so romantic and able to reminisce for a husband-wife. And associated with the word "wearing" in the first paragraph, this song is quite fitting to describe the beautiful face Hayden Panettiere, which, Hayden Panettiere appears with shades of red and She's reinforcing it by wearing bright red lipstick.
The Lady In Red Nuance On Hayden Panettiere Face
The Lady In Red Nuance On Hayden Panettiere Face
Look at Hayden Panettiere beautiful face, if observed carefully on her facial makeup and style, then there will be three dominant features, namely:
1. Hairdo
2. Earrings
3. Lipstick

The beauty of a woman's face from the aspect of make up, by itself will be felt by people who looked, when her facial makeup is proportional, integrated and balanced. And it appears that facial makeup of Hayden Panettiere meets these criteria (in contrast with Ashley Greene's bright red lipstick, which made her look a mess). High credits for the facial cosmetologist of Hayden Panettiere.

Back to three dominant features above, these three dominant features clearly give a very big contribution in order to optimize the potential of facial beauty that is owned by Hayden Panettiere. But if it classify, then the contribution of bright red lipstick that looks radiate strongly and proportionally from Hayden Panettiere's lip, is the most dominant.

Probably, if it is roughly estimated, bright red shades on Hayden Panettiere's lipstick color is equivalent to approximately 20 percent in maximizing her facial beauty. At first glance, Hayden Panettiere bright red lipstick looks too strong, but it can be reduced with the fuzzy red gloss on her cheek. Meanwhile, bangs on her hairstyle and earrings, is as two balancing features.

In closing, shades of red on Hayden Panettiere face likens herself as The Lady In Red.

Image source: Hayden Panettiere on Picasaweb. Attribution: Sean Gallup/Getty Images.

Monday, August 23, 2010

How Does Rooney Mara Dimple Affect Her Beautiful Face?

What percentage of the possibility for an infant to have dimples at birth?, If the level of possibility to have dimples is more than 50% (or greater), then this will justify a bit of a fact, which is and once again, there is a beautiful-faced woman with dimples on her cheeks. And her dimples greatly affect her facial beauty physically.

Who is this beautiful-faced woman?, She is Patricia Rooney Mara, a star of a remake of the 1984 horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street. If you look at her directly at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2009, then you can be more clearly found her dimples than indicated by Rooney Mara image below.
Rooney Mara Beautiful Face And Her Cute Dimple
Rooney Mara Beautiful Face and Her Cute Dimple
Look at Rooney Mara right cheek, obviously there is a basin that looks cute and adorable, and it is referred to as: Dimple. Dimple is a facial feature that is a trait from parents. Some have argued that dimple is a physical abnormality, no matter it is true or not, but a fact which was seen here, is that dimple could be a facial distinctiveness which will remind people to the owner of the dimple. A fact showing that dimple became a hallmark for a top supermodel from Australia, Miranda Kerr. And Preity Zinta as well.

And especially for Rooney Mara facial beauty, her dimples had made her face look younger than the real, Rooney Mara was 25 years old but She's looking 18's. This is because the strongest impression of a dimple is a facial cuteness, and a cuteness will be associated to the Youth.

Enjoying the beauty of a woman's face, one way is by carefully observing every point of all facial features that exist. Take all the central point of Rooney Mara chin, nose tip, cheekbones, forehead and the final point is Rooney Mara dimple. Then, look at how all the points chime in and collaborate, as if you look at the ordinate point from a structure of three-dimensional geometry, then you will feel the charm of Rooney Mara facial beauty physically.

Image source: Rooney Mara on Wikimedia. Attribution: gdcgraphics.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Look At Patricia Rooney Mara Beautiful Face

When you see a luxurious Rolls-Royce pass in front of you, there will arise a desire in yourself, the desire to have. Likewise when a man saw a woman's beautiful face, then will arise a similar desire. But this is not meant to equate a woman's beautiful face with a Rolls-Royce or luxury car. It's only a parable that beautiful face of a woman will cause a lot of sense for people who look at it.

Most likely, men would feel the same desire when looking at Patricia Rooney Mara beautiful face, though her two central incisors in the structure of the upper teeth seem large. Image #1 is Rooney Mara face at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2009, meaning that, at that time She was 24 years old. But look, you will get the face of a girl aged 18's.
Patricia Rooney Mara Beautiful Face
Patricia Rooney Mara Beautiful Face #1
Let's look at Rooney Mara beautiful face from forehead section, it seems, She has a forehead with a rounded or convex shape. At first glance, her forehead looks a bit excessive in size, however, it even became a part of that was quite interesting when people look at Rooney Mara face. It makes her face looks cute, and this forehead shape is one of Rooney Mara's facial features, which indirectly makes Rooney Mara visage looks younger. Consider three images in this post, all Rooney Mara forehead is looked funny (cute), right?.

Next up was, still on image #1, a part of what makes many young men want to have Rooney Mara, look at her lips, her lips look flushed lovely, causing a sense of "kiss". In the contemporary perception, it also indicates to the beautiful facial feature. Just ask all the young men, most likely they will like Rooney Mara lips feature. In short, they like so they call it: beautiful.
Patricia Rooney Mara Beautiful Face
Patricia Rooney Mara Beautiful Face #2
Patricia Rooney Mara Beautiful Face
Patricia Rooney Mara Beautiful Face #3
Actually, there are still many features on Rooney Mara's face, with a consideration that a woman's beautiful face is a fusion of all facial features of physical and expressiveness, but basically, the facial beauty that is owned by Rooney Mara comes from her facial skin that looks very clean, which is even, looks red chap. And again, Rooney Mara is also a beautiful-looking woman who has comely dimple. You'll find it on Rooney Mara's right cheek (image #1).

Patricia Rooney Mara (born 1985) is an American actress. Her films in 2009 include Dare, and the upcoming The Winning Season and Tanner Hall. In 2010, She appeared in Youth in Revolt and starred in A Nightmare on Elm Street, a remake of the 1984 horror film.

Mara oversees the charity Faces of Kibera, which provides housing, food, and medical care for orphans in Kibera, a slum in Nairobi, Kenya where approximately 1 million people live in a single square mile.

Image source: Rooney Mara on Wikimedia. Attributions: gdcgraphics and BrokenSphere.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Woman's Beautiful Face Is A Sort Of Tool That Deliberately Created By God?

Did you know that the human face express a lot of things?, So it makes every person who looked at would have different perceptions. Human face is also sometimes becomes a kind of mystery, where in fact, it is caused by the expressive nature of the face itself, which is very high. In addition, the face is also a section where the five senses are, thus, making it a part of the human body's most special.

If the face alone is special, it will become even more special if it is a beautiful face. Which could be, a beautiful face is a sort of tool that deliberately created by God, whereby, contains many messages of virtue from God's commands, which must be understood and implemented by humans. So when there was a woman who has a beautiful face but the woman behaves badly, then it is not proper and not willed by God. But if otherwise, then the woman is an angel.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do Women Behavior Affect Their Beautiful Face?

Question in title above actually refers to the characteristics of the beauty of a woman's face, which has a subjective nature. I also think that among billions of people around the world, probably, there's no exactly the same opinion in terms of perceiving the beauty of a woman's face. Even if there are several similar opinions anyway, most likely the perceptions to which aspects that are universal, such as woman facial skin cleanliness and softness, clarity of eyes, facial proportions, and others. Or it can be said, similar perceptions would be more inclined to physical aspects, or visible facial features.

Once at the beginning, I think that the distinction or boundaries between beautiful woman with woman's beautiful face is clear and measurable matter. Besides that, the face is just a part of the human body so that it will become a matter that is more specific. Turns out it is not, cause we really feel it in our brain and mind when we perceive the beauty of a woman's face. And this caused a kind of refraction between when perceiving a beautiful woman with when perceiving a beautiful-faced woman.

Furthermore, we inevitably have to follow our brain and mind, in order to understand and recognize the beauty of a woman's face. Where in fact, this is described as: beautiful face is a subjective matter, or face perception is subjective.

However, often subjectivity in perceiving the beauty of a woman's face to be too biased, even though this is not a wrong thing. But also, there is a part within us, in which, this part extremely deny to this bias one, i.e. the ratio of us.

As an illustration and example; many people will perceive that the grade of Winona Ryder's beautiful face is reduced because of She often did shoplifting (theft of goods from a retail establishment), this is the effect of woman's bad behavior. Or conversely, the grade of Aishwarya Rai's beautiful face was growing because of She will donate her eyes after her death, and this is the effect of woman's good behavior.

From the illustration above, rationally, clearly there are two variables that are not correlated, beautiful face with the behavior. But if the beautiful face was replaced with the variable of beautiful woman, then there will be a true indirect correlation.

So based on the ratio, a woman behavior will not affect her beautiful face (physically in particular), but more influential to the image of her as a beautiful woman.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Look At Ashley Lauren Fisher Beautiful Face

Two basic factors in the human face, in this case is a woman's face, is proportion and expression. The nature of these two factors are complementary. When the woman's face does not have a good proportion, then, the beauty of her face will be strengthened by her facial expressions. Or vice versa.

This is Ashley Lauren Fisher. Apparently, She was among women with facial beauty, which further strengthened by her facial expressions. Look, She has a nose that is not as beautiful as Megan Fox's nose. Her nose looks a little short vertically, and there is a bump right in the middle of her nasal bone. Nose like this, which is somewhat hook as well, is a kind of Aquiline or Roman nose, or known by the term "eagle like".
Ashley Lauren Fisher Beautiful Face
Ashley Lauren Fisher Beautiful Face
While the lower part of Ashley Lauren Fisher right eyelid, also appears convex, so that such swelling. Fortunately, Ashley Lauren Fisher eyelash flicks, able to compensate or remove the shade of a little less aesthetically on her lower right eyelid. But look also at Ashley Lauren Fisher's left eye, apparently She has normal eyelid shape. But why do different, what happened to Ashley Lauren Fisher's eyelids?, Does She have done a blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery)?.

In addition, when incurred a basin between cheek and the outer edge of lips horizontally, as the effect of facial muscles movement or smile, it should make Ashley Lauren Fisher's facial look is more beautiful or cute, but it's like no effect at all. Very likely, this is because of Ashley Lauren Fisher's age is more than 35 years, so the beauty of her face had begun to flow lost due to her face aging.

On the other hand, as of old age of a woman, was also generated facial expression which is full of beauty. Just take a look at Ashley Lauren Fisher's face, You will find the maturity, wisdom, the elegance of expression, as is typical of a mother's beauty. Where, this is enhanced by the style and Ashley Lauren Fisher facial makeup, such as Ashley Lauren Fisher hairstyle, minimalist earrings, lipstick color, and her thin eyebrows.

Here are Ashley Lauren Fisher's facts of considerable beauty as well, from Wikipedia:

Ashley Lauren Fisher is an American model, co-founder and chairwoman of Discovery Through Design, a non-profit organization which creates awareness and raises funds for disabled women's health initiatives and spinal cord research, and a former actress, and restaurateur.

Fisher dedicates her time and money to several national foundations. She become an active member of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated in finding treatments and cures for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders.

She is also an organizer of Rolling with Style, a fashion show for women with disabilities. Ashley Lauren Fisher was born on February 23, 1975 and raised in Montville, New Jersey.

Image source: Public Domain's Ashley Lauren Fisher on Wikimedia.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Look At Déborah François Beautiful Face

Again, a smile can make a woman's face became really looks beautiful, and when the woman's beautiful face is indeed the physical traits since She was born, with added a smile that appears, then people will call her: "She was an angel ...". And, perhaps this can serve as a simple formula: Beautiful face outwardly + Smile = Angel's face.

And below, could be an instance of an angel's face. She was Déborah François, and though She was a Belgian woman, but She has a different facial characteristic with Anne-Marie Ilie, another Belgian beautiful face. But also and definitely, they are equally beautiful face. And indeed, often the two faces of beautiful women are very different, but We can feel the same sense grade of its facial beauty.
Déborah François Beautiful Face
Déborah François Face (#1)
Almost certain that people will judge Déborah François face (especially image #1) is beautiful, because, although the beauty of a woman's face is subjective, but there is a kind of the same taste, which can be felt by everyone when looking at a beautiful woman's face. In a sense, there is a kind of universality. And that being different is assessing whether Déborah François face is cute or not.
Déborah François Beautiful Face
Déborah François Face (#2)
Well, it appears that Déborah François's face can be called by the term, Cute. However, where are actually facial elements that make Déborah François's face look cute?. Broadly speaking, there are three factors related to this;

1. Facial expressions. It seems clear that the happy facial expression, will become more associated to the cuteness look than the expression of silence, or grim. Compare Déborah François's face on the image #3 to the image #1, #2 and #4. Where, image #3 shows Déborah François's face in the most minimal expression, She does not look more cute, right?.

2. Facial parts (features), like nose, chin, cheeks and other. The tendency is that when a form (or shape) is small or shrinking, it will cause cuteness look as well. Look at Déborah François's face on the image #1, because of her smile, Déborah François cheeks became prominent (tapered blunt), as well as her chin, whereby, a smile would cause the facial muscles pulled. And, this is a cause of facial parts or facial features pointed, protruding or ramp. So in relative terms, the cuteness look will further lead to a small form, or minimal measurement and youthful as well.

3. Facial makeup and or style. In addition to the first two factors, facial makeup and or style could also affect the cute look on Déborah François's face, besides the beautiful look of course. On image #1, Déborah François hairstyle (do not know what kind of hairstyle is that...) which seemed to cluster just above her crown, became impressed disproportionate to Déborah François face shape, but, it also makes her visage became cute or have a funny look. And behold, Déborah François's face on the image #2 shows her in a hairstyle that is more proportionate, and as a result, Déborah François looks more beautiful but not cuter than her look on image #1. And if You think it is more cute, this is caused by her chin, nose, and cheekbones that appear more prominent--plus her jutted out lip, due to her pose in side view.
Déborah François Beautiful Face
Déborah François Face (#3)
There is little that can be used as an essence, a representation of Déborah François's cute face is on the image #1, Déborah François's beautiful face is on the image #2, and Déborah François's face that looked ordinary but more natural is the image #3. Sometimes the difference between a beautiful face with a cute face is very obvious, but sometimes, too, is very vague.
Déborah François Beautiful Face
Déborah François Face (#4)
Wikipedia says: Déborah François (born on 24 May 1987) is a Belgian actress. She starred in the Palme d'Or winning film L'Enfant (2005) playing the lead role of Sonya, La Tourneuse de Pages (2006), Les Femmes de l'Ombre (2008), Unmade Beds (2009) and My Queen Karo (2009). She lives in Paris, France, although She grew up in Liège, Belgium, attending the same high school as fellow actor Marie Gillain. The role in L'Enfant was the springboard of what has become a very successful career in French film.

Image source: Déborah François on Wikimedia. Attributions: Mireille Ampilhac, Thierry Caro and Kenji-Baptiste OIKAWA.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Besides Her Exquisite Dimples, What Else Is There On Miranda Kerr (Face)?

Today, there was a comment that reads like this: "She really is an Australian love love Miranda !!!!". If interpreted in passing, then this comment would sound excessive, but if You pay attention to the peculiarities that existed at the beautiful Miranda Kerr's face, then that comment is True.

The most distinctive feature on Miranda Kerr's face, none other than, is her exquisite dimples. Many people admit it, this can be proved by the existence of a group on Facebook that impressed with Miranda Kerr's dimples. Dimples was more of a physical facial feature. What about the peculiarities of Miranda Kerr's face that is not physical?.
The Aroma of Joy on Miranda Kerr Face
The beauty of Miranda Kerr's face also reveals "the aroma of joy"
The beauty of Miranda Kerr's face also reveals "the aroma of joy". Every time You looked at her (face), then You will come to feel a sense of joy that arises. Perhaps this interpretation is somewhat difficult to understand, then to be easy to understand, take a comparison. In this case, let us compare with Marisa Miller, another Victoria's Secret Angel.

When Marisa Miller demonstrate a minimal fashion, or it could be a bikini, then the most interesting for people who are looking at is the contours of her body. That would be very possible, makes men (pardon) horny. Furthermore, people will ignore the face of Marisa Miller. But is not the case with Miranda Kerr when doing the same thing, people would look at more comprehensively, including a look at the face of Miranda Kerr. Why is this so?, Because the face of Miranda Kerr has unique features that look cute, who would be associated to the aroma of joy or funny impression.

In short, the scent of beauty will still be felt in the figure of Miranda Kerr though She was only wearing a bikini, not just the smell of lust. Could be, this is what made her known as an Australian Beauty.

Image source: Miranda Kerr on Flickr. Attribution: Hugo971.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Deepika Padukone Elegant Facial Look At The Lafangey Parindey Music Launch Event

India is an exotic country with a myriad of beautiful-looking woman, one of whom was a female actor with the initial DP, Deepika Padukone. Below is the look of her face on Lafangey Parindey music launch event.
Deepika Padukone Elegant Facial Look
Deepika Padukone Elegant Facial Look At The Lafangey Parindey Music Launch Event
The facial look of Deepika Padukone at this event associated to a lot of aesthetic value, which one of them is that Deepika Padukone facial look at the image above truly reflects the elegance. Which, in a certain context, elegance can be interpreted as the culmination of a beauty, and in this case is the beauty of a woman's face.

Look at Deepika Padukone face above, You will not be able to fool yourself that, it could be, the facial look of Deepika Padukone at the Lafangey Parindey music launch event is the finest ever shown by Deepika Padukone.

Elegance that appears on Deepika Padukone face is affected by at least three fundamental aspects;

1. Facial features that possessed by Deepika outwardly, such as Deepika Padukone chin, jaw and face shape. This is the most basic aspect.
2. The style and or facial makeup. It can be seen from Deepika Padukone hairstyle with bangs combed sideways and tied up, though a bit outdated, but it raises a neatness that unsightly. Perfectly, it becomes visible in harmony with her round earrings.
3. Facial expression. With a little smiling face, bringing out a friendly impression, which does not over-act or excessive. And it raises shades of exclusive and mature.

This Deepika Padukone facial look to remind or as close to Priyanka Chopra facial look at the launch of Shobha Asar Jewellery store in 2007. But if there should be a choice, Deepika Padukone face is looked more elegant and beautiful.

Look At Leryn Franco Beautiful Face

Of the many professions that are owned by the sexy women who fall into the list of Top 99 Women 2009 on AskMen, professional women who most difference is a javelin thrower. Mostly, women who fall into the list are the entertainers, as actors, models and singers.

This becomes very interesting, because among many artists who became a symbol of sexiness on AskMen, which is more dominated by the model and actor, appeared a woman with a background that is relatively far to the aspect of sexiness and femininity, in this case is javelin thrower athlete. By associating in a simple, throwing javelin could make (one of its effects) the triceps brachii muscle (three-headed arm muscle) becomes enlarged.

But apparently, it does not apply to a Leryn Franco. Because of her body still looks sexy, even very sexy, and still implies the woman's elegance and the femininity. Could be, because of Leryn Franco is also a model and beauty pageant contestant. This could mean that there is a mixture of strength and beauty, as beauty in the style of Tanith Belbin, who was also included in the list of AskMen's Top 99 Women.

If her body was sexy, what about Leryn Franco's face?. Look at below Leryn Franco face image, her face is sexy as well, in terms of attractiveness. But actually, there are two things that are likely related to the sport that occupied by Leryn Franco, her beautiful face has the feel of masculinity and strength, which is causally, giving a very strong exotic nuances on Leryn Franco facial beauty.
Leryn Franco Beautiful Face
Leryn Franco Beautiful Face
Take a look at the way She looked, it seemed like a bit stiff. Which could be, its stiff look is actually the result generated by her countenance that looked very strong, in which, it is also influenced by the spotlight of her brown eyes and dark-brown hair. So it seems, there is still a quite close causal link, when the strength (sport) should be merged with the elegance-femininity (model and beauty pageant).

Wikipedia says: Leryn Dahiana Franco Steneri who was born on March 1, 1982 in Asunción, Paraguay combines her athletic endeavours with a career as a model and beauty pageant contestant. In 2006, She was runner-up Miss Universo Paraguay 2006. She participated at the Miss Bikini Universe pageant and also has her own calendar, which was shot in 2007 by Martin Crespo. She placed #86 in's 2009 "Top 99 Women" poll.

Image source: Leryn Franco on Flickr. Attribution: Tetsumo on Flickr.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Staring At Natália Guimarães Face When She Smiles

Among many human expressions, Smile is the best expression, both psychologically and physiologically. Psychologically, it means that the person who is smiling is showing that She or He is in a healthy mental condition. While physiologically, a smile can produce 100 movements of facial muscles, which will make the face look fresh and (more) beautiful. And the facial look of Natália Guimarães who was smiling to prove this.

Just try to stare at the face of Natália Guimarães, who was smiling, no doubt, her smile made everyone fall in love with her. That is, a smile is important to optimize a beauty of a woman's face. Although basically Natália Guimarães face is already looking beautiful outwardly. And indeed, a smile would be able to beautify a woman's face, though the woman did not have the physical elements of a beautiful face.
Natália Guimarães Face When She Smiles
Natália Guimarães Big Smile (#1)
Furthermore, there are a few notes, as the relevance of Natália Guimarães smile;

1. Most certainly, its smile has made Natália Guimarães face looks really beautiful

2. Her smile, looks perfect because it is influenced by the large mouth and or teeth structure or anatomy. Look, even her molar teeth to appear. Thus, making her smile looked so wide or big as well. Without ignoring that, as a matter of fact, a smile will increasingly look wide or big or loose or original or beautiful, if She (He) is in a healthy emotion. In addition to this beautiful smile, Natália Guimarães's smile also produced two little dimples on the image above. And certainly, Natália Guimarães have white teeth and neat. So make Natália Guimarães no awkward to smile

3. If comparing Natália Guimarães smile on image #1 to #2, then Natália Guimarães smile #1 is looking more loose (read: beautiful). For maybe, Natália Guimarães smile #2 is in a position of turn one's head, thus, causing Natália Guimarães a bit hard to smile. However, if a turn one's head position does not affect the essence of a smile, then, Natália Guimarães smile on image #1 is looked more beautiful. Because of, apparently, She did it without any awkward or artificial

4. With her smile, Natália Guimarães facial features that can be said to be "less beautiful", to be reduced or diverted. Look at the image #2, her eyebrows seemed less manicured and a bit too thick, in which, people can not find it because of her big smile.
Natália Guimarães Face When She Smiles
Natália Guimarães Smile (#2)
So in essence, a smile is important for woman facial beauty.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Look At Tone Damli Aaberge Beautiful Face

Now we come to the kingdom of Norway, a Nordic country in Northern Europe occupying the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Among its population of about 4.8 million, Did you know?, there is a beautiful-looking woman with a smile that will make you really ask: Who is She?.

She is Tone Damli Aaberge, a Norwegian singer who was born on April 12, 1988 in Sogndal, Norway. She became famous for participating as a young contestant in the Norwegian version of the Idol series. Until now, Tone Damli Aaberge already have four albums, namely: Bliss (2005), Sweet Fever (2007), I Know (2009) and I Love You (2010), including seven singles: The Bliss Song (2005), Somewhere Soft to Land (2006), Fever (2007), Young and Foolish (2007), Butterflies (2009), I Know (2009) and I Love You (2010). (Wikipedia's Tone Damli Aaberge).
Tone Damli Aaberge Beautiful Face and Smile
Tone Damli Aaberge Beautiful Face and Smile (#1)
Let's begin to look at Tone Damli Aaberge beautiful face on the image #1 above. What can be found?, There are two things related to this, First, Tone Damli Aaberge's beautiful face, and the second is Tone Damli Aaberge's beautiful smile. These two things are then brings us to four intriguing questions:

1. Is Tone Damli Aaberge only has a beautiful face but She does not have a beautiful smile?
2. Does She just have a beautiful smile but She did not have a beautiful face?
3. Does She have both?
4. Does She even did not have both?

It seems the most relevant question is the third question, it means that Tone Damli Aaberge have a beautiful face and also had a beautiful smile. The beauty of the face of Tone Damli Aaberge can be seen on face image #2 below, which, Tone Damli Aaberge have a face with elements that are proportional;
Tone Damli Aaberge Beautiful Face in Side View
Tone Damli Aaberge Beautiful Face in Side View (#2)
1. Tone Damli Aaberge has cheeks that are not skinny, but not obese, though somewhat prominent cheek bones, it was more likely caused by her smile (facial expression)

2. Delicate facial skin (a key condition of a beautiful face in general), who looked as if it was in harmony with the gentle arches, which arise from each strand of Tone Damli Aaberge hair

3. Flat forehead which gives a balanced contribution to the hair, eyebrows, and including a whole face

4. Style of thick eyebrows on the inside, and thin on the outside. Unfortunately that with thin eyebrows on the outside, making the upper eyelid of Tone Aaberge Damli look like swollen

5. The shape of nose, chin and forehead are also still in the proportional rates, although not very proportional. Then where are the points of less proportionate (less beautiful)?. If viewed from the side, then Tone Damli Aaberge's nose is looked not straight and a little less pointed (image #2 and #3), with rather large nose tip. Then, the angle of her jaw also looks somewhat prominent, and, Tone Damli Aaberge's chin looks a bit fat or greasy (Tone Damli Aaberge Beautiful Face in frontal view image #4).
Tone Damli Aaberge Beautiful Face in Side View
Tone Damli Aaberge Beautiful Face in Side View (#3)
Still related to five aspects of proportionality on Tone Damli Aaberge facial beauty above, this also reinforce that beautiful face is a combination of all facial features, whether physical or not physical, which should be construed as a whole. Which of course, also applies to You if You want to enjoy and look at Tone Damli Aaberge beautiful face.
Tone Damli Aaberge Beautiful Face in Frontal View
Tone Damli Aaberge Beautiful Face in Frontal View (#4)
There is a feature that arises in the face of Tone Damli Aaberge when She smiled, and it was absolutely delicious to look at. Just look at (image #5 below) the basin that may arise under the bulge of her cheek, then, feel its harmonization with features of her lips and teeth (mouth), and the last one, feel the harmony between its under cheeks bulge basin with Tone Damli Aaberge's cleft chin. Probably, Tone Damli Aaberge face represents the Norwegian women distinctive facial beauty.
Tone Damli Aaberge Beautiful Face with her under cheeks bulge basin, cleft chin and lips teeth features
Tone Damli Aaberge's face with cute basin, cleft chin and lovely mouth features (#5)
A note: Beautiful-faced women with cleft chin including Sandra Bullock, Katie Melua and Kirsten Dunst.