Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do Women Behavior Affect Their Beautiful Face?

Question in title above actually refers to the characteristics of the beauty of a woman's face, which has a subjective nature. I also think that among billions of people around the world, probably, there's no exactly the same opinion in terms of perceiving the beauty of a woman's face. Even if there are several similar opinions anyway, most likely the perceptions to which aspects that are universal, such as woman facial skin cleanliness and softness, clarity of eyes, facial proportions, and others. Or it can be said, similar perceptions would be more inclined to physical aspects, or visible facial features.

Once at the beginning, I think that the distinction or boundaries between beautiful woman with woman's beautiful face is clear and measurable matter. Besides that, the face is just a part of the human body so that it will become a matter that is more specific. Turns out it is not, cause we really feel it in our brain and mind when we perceive the beauty of a woman's face. And this caused a kind of refraction between when perceiving a beautiful woman with when perceiving a beautiful-faced woman.

Furthermore, we inevitably have to follow our brain and mind, in order to understand and recognize the beauty of a woman's face. Where in fact, this is described as: beautiful face is a subjective matter, or face perception is subjective.

However, often subjectivity in perceiving the beauty of a woman's face to be too biased, even though this is not a wrong thing. But also, there is a part within us, in which, this part extremely deny to this bias one, i.e. the ratio of us.

As an illustration and example; many people will perceive that the grade of Winona Ryder's beautiful face is reduced because of She often did shoplifting (theft of goods from a retail establishment), this is the effect of woman's bad behavior. Or conversely, the grade of Aishwarya Rai's beautiful face was growing because of She will donate her eyes after her death, and this is the effect of woman's good behavior.

From the illustration above, rationally, clearly there are two variables that are not correlated, beautiful face with the behavior. But if the beautiful face was replaced with the variable of beautiful woman, then there will be a true indirect correlation.

So based on the ratio, a woman behavior will not affect her beautiful face (physically in particular), but more influential to the image of her as a beautiful woman.

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