Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Woman's Beautiful Face Is A Sort Of Tool That Deliberately Created By God?

Did you know that the human face express a lot of things?, So it makes every person who looked at would have different perceptions. Human face is also sometimes becomes a kind of mystery, where in fact, it is caused by the expressive nature of the face itself, which is very high. In addition, the face is also a section where the five senses are, thus, making it a part of the human body's most special.

If the face alone is special, it will become even more special if it is a beautiful face. Which could be, a beautiful face is a sort of tool that deliberately created by God, whereby, contains many messages of virtue from God's commands, which must be understood and implemented by humans. So when there was a woman who has a beautiful face but the woman behaves badly, then it is not proper and not willed by God. But if otherwise, then the woman is an angel.

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