Monday, August 23, 2010

How Does Rooney Mara Dimple Affect Her Beautiful Face?

What percentage of the possibility for an infant to have dimples at birth?, If the level of possibility to have dimples is more than 50% (or greater), then this will justify a bit of a fact, which is and once again, there is a beautiful-faced woman with dimples on her cheeks. And her dimples greatly affect her facial beauty physically.

Who is this beautiful-faced woman?, She is Patricia Rooney Mara, a star of a remake of the 1984 horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street. If you look at her directly at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2009, then you can be more clearly found her dimples than indicated by Rooney Mara image below.
Rooney Mara Beautiful Face And Her Cute Dimple
Rooney Mara Beautiful Face and Her Cute Dimple
Look at Rooney Mara right cheek, obviously there is a basin that looks cute and adorable, and it is referred to as: Dimple. Dimple is a facial feature that is a trait from parents. Some have argued that dimple is a physical abnormality, no matter it is true or not, but a fact which was seen here, is that dimple could be a facial distinctiveness which will remind people to the owner of the dimple. A fact showing that dimple became a hallmark for a top supermodel from Australia, Miranda Kerr. And Preity Zinta as well.

And especially for Rooney Mara facial beauty, her dimples had made her face look younger than the real, Rooney Mara was 25 years old but She's looking 18's. This is because the strongest impression of a dimple is a facial cuteness, and a cuteness will be associated to the Youth.

Enjoying the beauty of a woman's face, one way is by carefully observing every point of all facial features that exist. Take all the central point of Rooney Mara chin, nose tip, cheekbones, forehead and the final point is Rooney Mara dimple. Then, look at how all the points chime in and collaborate, as if you look at the ordinate point from a structure of three-dimensional geometry, then you will feel the charm of Rooney Mara facial beauty physically.

Image source: Rooney Mara on Wikimedia. Attribution: gdcgraphics.

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