Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kirsten Dunst Supercute Thin Lips, The Effect And The Meaning

If you are a big fan of Kirsten Dunst, there's nothing wrong if you have to recognize that there are 3 distinctive facial features which is owned by Kirsten Dunst. Inevitably, these three distinctive facial features greatly affect Kirsten Dunst's overall facial beauty, in this case, it makes Kirsten Dunst's face to look so cute and not boring to look at. Where sometimes a face that is too perfect, or have high proportionality, to be too ideal in which reduces the uniqueness and or cuteness aspects on its face.

Among Kirsten Dunst's three distinctive facial features, the most typical is Kirsten Dunst super-thin lips, which may be it is the thinnest in the world of Hollywood and it also distinguishes Kirsten Dunst's face became different (read: more unique) from other Hollywood female celebrities. Well, a proportional lip size is modest, but keep in mind that, a super-thin lip size is truly unique.

Excuse the Author for this one; In Spider-Man, the thinness of Kirsten Dunst lips may have made Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker) difficult to kiss Mary Jane Watson lips, plus it must be done in position of the body upside down. But maybe also, Tobey Maguire just really enjoy this romantic challenging kiss (upside down body + rain + Kirsten Dunst supercute-thin lips). In fact, Spider-Man's Tobey Maguire-Kirsten Dunst kissing scene even won the 2003 MTV Movie Awards for Best Kiss. This is the effect of Kirsten Dunst thin lips.
Kirsten Dunst Face And Her Supercute Thin Lips
Kirsten Dunst Face And Her Supercute Thin Lips
Then what is the meaning of Kirsten Dunst thin lips?, There are many meanings of this and here are a few:
1. Her thin lips indicating the attitude of impatience, which might ignore the feelings of others....,Oops!.
2. Sensuality aspect: Kirsten Dunst is measured and selective, and She goes for quality over quantity...,Wow!. Some senses are much more important to her than others, and She tends to neglect the rest--soFeminine's what thin lips reveal.

Regardless of true or not these meanings, the most actual is that Kirsten Dunst thin lips made people will remember the uniqueness of her facial beauty.

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