Saturday, February 27, 2010

Look At Maria Ozawa Beautiful Face

Here is a figure that makes so many people to wonder, why did Maria Ozawa desperate to be an adult movie star?. In fact, She has something that has a high selling value, so it is very possible for Maria Ozawa to not be only an adult movie star. And something that is referred to as a high selling value, is Maria Ozawa face. Behold, a beautiful face that is less suitable for people who have an occupation that can be practically controversial. It's something that is very unfortunate.
Maria Ozawa Beautiful Face
Did you know?, Maria Ozawa is also known as Miyabi Ozawa. She was born on January 8, 1986. Look at Maria Ozawa Beautiful Face on top picture, but don't look at what She did if You are Under 18. In general, Maria Ozawa has a beautiful face which looks natural and fresh. The naturalness on her face comparable to the natural face of Angel Locsin, and Maria Ozawa fresh face, just lose a little when compared to Miranda Kerr fresh face.

First, look at Maria Ozawa hair, no doubt to say her hair is so beautiful, her hair was clustered with strong and neat, with very little branching and scattered or fragmented, and it achieved a perfection on Maria Ozawa's straight black hair.
Maria Ozawa Beautiful Face
Switch to the skin of Maria Ozawa face, no spots or acne at all that makes her skin becomes mottled face, everything was so smooth and soft, even raises an aura: it's an Innocent Face!. Indeed, if remembered at her occupation, it becomes very contradictory.

Now, it's more and more engrossed on talking about Maria Ozawa beautiful face, indeed..., many adult film stars in the world, but Maria Ozawa is completely different. The difference is obvious: the beautiful face of Maria Ozawa, did not reflect the face of a -You know- star at all. Just show Maria Ozawa beautiful face pictures to people who do not recognize Maria Ozawa, They would ask very curious: "Tell me,...Who is this Beautiful Face?".
Maria Ozawa Beautiful Face
And Maria Ozawa face shape, it looks like a round face and sometimes slightly oval. A part on Maria Ozawa face which seems to have a standard of beauty is only her lips. Try to look at parts of her face thoroughly starting from: her chin, then to the jaw, nose, forehead. Then, the need for more focus to look is on: Maria Ozawa cheeks, eyes and eyebrows.
Maria Ozawa Beautiful Face
She has all the measures of beauty that above average or better than standard. Her brown eyes glistened as if to symbolize: the Maria Ozawa inside. And look at Maria Ozawa eyebrows, it still looks natural with just a little scraped. The last is her cheeks, it looked very soft and tender spotless, became a benchmark of general softness of Maria Ozawa beautiful face. Wonder, why did She do something that...?.

Maria Ozawa image source: mikeabundo photos-maria ozawa tags on Flickr by mikeabundo.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Look At Rachel Weisz Beautiful Face

You might not guess that, apparently, women who acted as Evelyn "Evy" Carnahan-O'Connell in the films The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, on March 7, 2010, will be exactly 40 years of age. Look, her face looked younger than her age. And again, as well as the nose of Jessica Biel and Melissa Theuriau, nose on Rachel Weisz Beautiful Face could be classified as a large nose. But that does not reduce the beauty of her face, and certainly Rachel Hannah Weisz is still very appropriate to go as one of the world's 100 most beautiful women.
Look At Rachel Weisz Beautiful Face
Look at Rachel Weisz hair, it can make You wanted to marry her, especially when Rachel Weisz in Loosely tousled hairstyle. Rachel Weisz is also a celebrity whose her face shape matched with a lot of hair styles, whereas, Rachel Weisz face shape is more oblong than an oval.
Look At Rachel Weisz Beautiful FaceLook At Rachel Weisz Beautiful Face
Then look at under the forehead (top image), Rachel Weisz's hazel eyes (hazel is a mix of brown and green) as a confirmation of all what is said by Rachel, that is, the meaning of words that came out of Rachel Weisz lips or mouth, punctuated by a firmly beam from Rachel Weisz beautiful eyes. And above her eyes, Rachel Weisz's eyebrows looked scratch naturally as beautiful as Kajol eyebrows.
Look At Rachel Weisz Beautiful Face
Look also at the line that formed so gently from the chin to her jaw, and plus with her flushed cheeks, Rachel Weisz face looks so beautiful.

Rachel Weisz images sources: Rachel Weisz by Snarky1, Rachel at premiere of the Wrestler and signs autographs outside of the Tiff 2008 Press Conference for The Brothers Bloom on Wikimedia.commons by christopherharte.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look At Jessica Biel Beautiful Face

Look, her nose shape reminiscent of nose shape of a TV presenter from France, namely Melissa Theuriau. However, Jessica Biel's nose shape is more sharp-edged. The character of two noses like these, more likely to reflect aspects of masculinity, more precisely, there is a tough side to the self of Jessica Biel.
Jessica Biel Beautiful Face
Born as Jessica Claire Biel on 3 March, 1982, Jessica Biel co-founded the Make the Difference Network (MTDN) in 2007. What has been coined by Jessica Biel, is a proof that Jessica Biel is a tough and beautiful woman from the inside. Why from the inside?, Look at her lips and teeth, those two parts of face, looked too large in size. However, observe more closely, Jessica Biel is very good at using the body language, She has a very friendly smile and seemed very polite.

As for her soft brown hair, it's a part which is look so ideal for Jessica Biel's hazel eyes. These two elements minimizing the masculinity on Jessica Biel's beautiful face. Look at a small strand of her hair which hung so elegant on her face, it has a length which is so fitted to the jaw line, and will be swinging lovely when there is wind. Also, her beautiful hair (which always coupled with her cheeks) was highly adapted by the fundamental element on her face, it is Jessica Biel's long oval face shape.
Jessica Biel Beautiful Face
Apparently, Jessica Biel has a forehead that could be categorized as high forehead, whereas under her Friendly Smile (on the other side, it looks like-Sorry, a horse grinning), Jessica Biel has a narrow chin. To ensure, Look at Jessica Biel Beautiful Face.

Jessica Biel image source: Jessica Biel at Palm Springs International Film Festival on Wikimedia.commons. Attribution: Maggie.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Look At Kajol Beautiful Face

Mention, women who have most beautiful faces in this world, one that should be mentioned is Kajol. A Bollywood star who found fame skyrocketed when starring Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998). Just at this February 24, is the 11th anniversary of her marriage with Ajay Devgan.
Look At Kajol Beautiful Face
Look at Kajol Beautiful Face, it is difficult to find flaws on her face. One that looked so beautiful on her face were Kajol naturally hazel eyes, should be, Kajol beautiful eyes comes in as one of 10 most beautiful eyes in the world (and this wallpaper shows how beautiful is her eyes). Unfortunately, Kajol had to admit the beauty of Aishwarya Rai's eyes.

About Kajol hair, it's not much to be explored, however, Kajol will look more beautiful with her Brown-dark long hair. I just ever saw her with a short haircut to shoulder in one of her movie, and Kajol's beauty seems to be reduced.
Look At Kajol Beautiful Face
Back again to around the eyes of Kajol, and no need to debate whether it is something that only polished-fake or natural-original, that is about Kajol's eyebrows. Just look, Kajol beautiful face images around here give a fact that her eyebrows is one of the most beautiful eyebrows in the world, her line eyebrows, widened optimally, so that those two eyebrows, looked like nearly connected again right above Kajol nose. And if it may to make a ridiculous metaphor, Kajol eyes and eyebrows, such as Romeo and Juliet, which had melted into one that represents the scent of typical beauty of Kajol.
Look At Kajol Beautiful Face
Then look at Kajol forehead, this may be a part of her face which was just standard, her forehead seems to be less wide, which is caused by her beautiful thick, lush and long hair. Another part of Kajol face which can also be categorized as beautiful is her cheeks, it's a part that can make her fans always wonder: "I wish my cheeks could be in touch with Kajol cheeks...??!". And her cheek is as the widest point on her beautiful face, combined with her forehead that is not too wider than her chin, so that it can be concluded that Kajol has a round face shape.

As well as an oval face shape, a round face shape is also dominant element for beauty's face. Lastly, look at Kajol lips, whether a natural or a lip augmentation?.

Kajol image sources: at Smile Foundation and Kajol Devgan - kampania reklamowa Tata Indicom by Gochaaa18 on Wikimedia.commons, TaKe Me To's Gallery on Picasa Web Albums.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Look At Vanessa Hudgens Beautiful Face

Her full name is Vanessa Anne Hudgens, She was only 21 years more, but it seems She already has everything as an actress and singer: Fame, Achievement and of course, Beauty. In relation to her achievements recently, Vanessa Hudgens will be honored with the ShoWest Female Star of Tomorrow award. I think Vanessa Hudgens, who is daughter of a mother descended of Chinese-Filipino-Spanish, has done something great. And not only talented as a singer, Vanessa Hudgens can dance too.
Look At Vanessa Hudgens Beautiful Face
Look at Vanessa Hudgens Beautiful Face, on the top part of face, Vanessa Hudgens hair strung with very distinctive: long, black, thick and curly. Maybe it's to adjust to her increasing age, so looks more mature. However, her cute look (another distinctiveness of Vanessa Hudgens beautiful face) never left her face, it's just like when Vanessa Hudgens was still with straight hairstyle.
Look At Vanessa Hudgens Beautiful FaceLook At Vanessa Hudgens Beautiful Face
From hair down to her forehead, there's nothing more to discuss about her forehead, except for a wider forehead. Then look at Vanessa Hudgens eyebrows and eyes, She has eyes that typically are shared by the beautiful women, it's Dark brown eyes. Just look, how gentle is Vanessa Hudgens eyes beam.
Look At Vanessa Hudgens Beautiful FaceLook At Vanessa Hudgens Beautiful Face
As for Vanessa Hudgens face shape, if observed in detail, is a combining of square jaws and chin. Actually, Vanessa Hudgens beautiful face is not something that is proportional, but rather to something Unique (cute). Look at her lips, looked slightly jutting out, right?. So that when Vanessa Hudgens smiling, it's always starting from her cheeks as a Base or benchmark, to minimize or hide her jutting out lips.
Look At Vanessa Hudgens Beautiful Face
Look deeply again, plumpness which emerged out of her cheek, has diverted attention from the people when looked at Vanessa Hudgens lips, that's not so beautiful. But otherwise, this is the Uniqueness that can only be owned by Vanessa Hudgens. And Vanessa nose?, became a part of her face that are not covered (not to be noticed by people). And could be, the title of this post that need to be replaced, with the new one: Look at Vanessa Hudgens So Cute Face.

Images source: Vanessa Hudgens pictures gallery on Picasa Web Albums.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Look At Scout Taylor Compton Beautiful Face

I think there are still many people who are not so familiar with the following actress who has a beautiful round face shape. Not just as an actress, Scout Taylor Compton was also a singer and had been a competitive swimmer, a talent that can be practically difficult to be performed by other celebrities. One thing, in this February 21, Scout Taylor Compton has 21 years of age. So, Happy Birthday Scout!.
Scout Taylor Compton Beautiful Face
Look at Scout Taylor Compton Beautiful Face, it looks chubby indeed, but that's what became her distinctiveness, her cheeks looked so adorable, and adds more rounded shape on her beautiful face. Look also at her jaw, as if She's like not having the jaw bone, so that it can be said that Scout Taylor Compton has the perfection on her round face shape. It's just like Drew Barrymore's face distinctiveness.

Scout Taylor Compton picture source: Wikimedia.commons's Scout Taylor Compton attending the 2007 Comic-Con in San Diego, California to promote her remake of Halloween, authorized by Lindsey8417.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Look At Emma Watson Beautiful Face

When She appeared for the first time 9 years ago in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, She seems so childlike and still difficult to say that Emma "Hermione Granger" Watson is truly beautiful. But look at her now, Emma Watson is indeed a girl who has a beautiful face. And not just a beautiful face that Emma Watson had, She also has a high awareness of poverty issues, here are the words of Emma Watson for her collaboration with People Tree:
"I wanted to help People Tree produce a younger range because I was excited by the idea of using fashion as a tool to alleviate poverty and knew it was something I could help make a difference with. It has been the most incredible gap year project..."
Well, it's beautiful thought and behavior by Emma Watson.
Look At Emma Watson Beautiful Face
Look at Emma Watson Beautiful Face, on the heart shape of her face, starting from the eyebrows and eyes, nose shape, lips shape, skin of face, chin and cheeks, everything just looks so natural, does not seem any excess polish at all on her Beautiful Face. And a very obvious on Emma Watson Beautiful Face is the color of her eyes, a Brown which is so soothing. In addition, whether this is a coincidence or it has become an absolute standard or measure, that the most beautiful faces tend to Brown-eyed.
Look At Emma Watson Beautiful Face
And it is interesting, when looking at Emma Watson Beautiful Face, her forehead and chin, reminiscent to the beauty of a talented female actor, in this case is Reese Witherspoon. For a note, Emma Watson also has the length-width ratio of chin-jaw that is in the Golden Ratio.
Look At Emma Watson Beautiful Face
Emma Watson beautiful image source: Wallpaper Collector on Picasa Web Albums.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Look At Emily Deschanel Beautiful Face

It seems there is no mock impression at all on her Beautiful Face. And She also has very beautiful eyes, Look at her Beautiful Eyes, her eyes were not big and round, but look at the color, I did not hesitate at all, if I have to say that the most dominant charm on her beautiful face is her Icy bluish-green eyes. Then who is this beautiful woman?, She's Emily Deschanel, the older sister of Zooey Deschanel, who is also a celebrity.
Emily Deschanel Beautiful Face
Look at Emily Deschanel Beautiful Face, it seemed, her face reflected a high-class beauty, this high-class beauty reflection formed by Emily Deschanel square face shape, her hair cut style which dangle to those shoulders, and most of all is her beautiful Icy bluish-green eyes. Look again to reassure, how strong and how shiny the beam of Emily Deschanel eyes. Or, just compare it with the eyes of Maria Menounos.
Emily Deschanel Beautiful Face And Her Icy Bluish-green EyesEmily Deschanel Beautiful Face
Besides all of that, Emily Deschanel also has two parts on her beautiful face, which also can be called beautiful, those are Emily Deschanel prominent chin and sharp nose (no excessive zize on it), and a part that looks ordinary, is only her lips.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Look At Reese Witherspoon Beautiful Face

Look at this :
5,767,511 fans, the fans of Megan Fox on Facebook page.
327,365 fans for Reese Witherspoon, also on Facebook page til February 13th, 2010.

Now, look at this :
Academy Award for Best Actress, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture. All of those prestigious awards belongs to Reese "June Carter Cash" Witherspoon.
At the same event, Megan Fox is still Zero.
Reese Witherspoon Beautiful Face
That is, it's perfectly natural, if Megan Fox has more fans, because obviously She was younger, hotter and sexier than Reese Witherspoon. But if it must be said: More beautiful, I do not think so, because it must be emphasized again that the Beautiful Face, was reflected in the achievement and intelligence. And that which has been shown by Reese "With her 327.365 fans" Spoon.

Look at Reese Witherspoon Face, it seems there is no superior beauty on her face, but look at the way Reese Witherspoon express for something, it's an expression which can only be done by Reese Witherspoon. If Reese Witherspoon was amazed or admired at something, the admiration which emanated from her face is a Real Admiration, not a string attached. For sure, just Look deeply at Reese Witherspoon Beautiful Face.
Reese Witherspoon Beautiful Face
But it does not mean that Reese Witherspoon does not have beautiful shapes on her face. And one thing that makes people always think of someone, is because there is something unique to that someone. Then, there are four unique or beautiful shapes on the Beautiful Face of Reese Witherspoon, which are Reese Witherspoon chin shape, jaw shape, forehead shape and the most identical with her self, is her legally blonde hair.

Reese Witherspoon Beautiful Face image sources: Reese Witherspoon at the premiere of Walk The Line 2005 and Reese Witherspoon in the Oval Office on June 25, 2009 on Wikimedia.commons. Authorized by Tony Shek and Globalgiants.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Look At Melissa Theuriau Beautiful Face

In accordance to the framework of the blog, which stated on the page, About, the Beautiful Face which appeared at this time, is not a model or actress. This beautiful face is a journalist and TV presenter, an occupation like that done by Juhi Chawla. Like most of the people of France, She has a name that a bit difficult to spell, Melissa Theuriau. But that would be shared at this moment, is not about her pretty unique name.
Look At Melissa Theuriau Beautiful Face
Look at Melissa Theuriau Beautiful Face, do you find something?, an impression that can be captured from Melissa Theuriau face is on her nose. Melissa Theuriau nose looks masculine, her nose shape is Solid, and the solid element on Melissa Theuriau nose reflects a real sense that is not quite fit with the Beauty (physically), but behind it, reflects a firm attitude, which should be, became a part of Melissa Theuriau inner beauty.

Look at Melissa Theuriau face more closely, what else on her face?, of course is her chin, just Look at Melissa Theuriau chin shape. Melissa Theuriau prominent chin is an essential element, which became the balance to the feel of masculinity that is reflected from Melissa Theuriau nose. Look again, that was a Melissa Theuriau, who is looking so beautiful. All of that, is balanced well by her hairstyle, and naturally by her face shape and her teeth. So, this is the typical of a News Reporter Beauty.

Melissa Theuriau Beautiful Face image source: Wikimedia.commons, author: Ammar Abd Rabbo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Look At Leighton Meester Beautiful Face

For those who live outside the United States, would be more familiar with the figure of Megan Fox, than the figure of a Beautiful Face which appears on the post this time. Who was She?, briefly if these two figures can be compared, this beautiful girl no less beautiful than Megan Fox, even, there must be some people who tend to say that Leighton Meester, who is also a songwriter and singer (Cool is not it?), is more beautiful than Megan Fox. I think this assessment is not something that corny, just Look at the way Leighton Meester smiles. Well?.
Look At Leighton Meester Beautiful Face
And now it's time to Look at Leighton Meester Beautiful Face, What is there on the face of Leighton Meester?, as already mentioned in the first paragraph, is Leighton Meester's smile. Look at the smile from Leighton Meester, at the very top picture, it was a smile that reflects that Leighton Meester truly enjoying a Moment - it's a moment when Leighton Meester at the CW upfront presentation: Green Carpet Arrivals, Madison Square Garden, New York City in May 21, 2009. The point is, Leighton Meester totally devoted communication skills (one of it is body language - her smile) she has, to the people or parties who communicate with him. The result is a smile that looked loose, friendly and not contrived. Look at Leighton Meester Beautiful Smile, even Leighton Meester is not awkward with the teeth of upper right, which actually looks less tidy, uneven with her middle teeth.
Look At Leighton Meester Beautiful Face
Look at Leighton Meester face shape and hair, if indeed talking about beautiful face is actually talking about proportionality, then Leighton Meester beautiful face is a reinforcement of those two things. Leighton Meester round face shape and long wavy hair, making Leighton Meester looked so amazing, and when her hair tied up, Leighton Meester became a graceful figure. And it's reasonable, if Sunsilk choose Gossip Girl's Blair Wladorf to become one of the brand.
Look At Leighton Meester Beautiful FaceLook At Leighton Meester Beautiful Face
Leighton Meester Beautiful Face images sources: Wikimedia.commons 1 and Wikimedia.commons2 authorized by Kristin Dos Santos from Los Angeles and David Shankbone, SCUPYDOO's Gallery by SCUPYDOO.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Look At Emmanuelle Chriqui Beautiful Face

Before Look at Her Beautiful Face, note the following thing:
She is the Most Desirable Woman 2010 on AskMen and Do you believe that the Beautiful Face below, have more than 32 years old, or 8 years older than Keira Knightley?.
Indeed, when talking about the beautiful face, it has the uniqueness and distinctiveness its own. So the actual age of beautiful woman, is often not reflected on her face.
Look at Emmanuelle Chriqui Beautiful Face
Besides having a beautiful face, She actually has a full name that is also beautiful, She is Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui. Now, Look at Emmanuelle Chriqui Beautiful Face, what's the first impression of Emmanuelle Chriqui beautiful face?, The first and very obvious is Emmanuelle Chriqui looked Young. An element that reinforce it, is a straight black hair and long, which hung loose, so that looks very natural. And nature, it is very closely related to a young image.
Look at Emmanuelle Chriqui Beautiful Face
And Look at her Face Shape, Emmanuelle Chriqui has a face that, I think, is oval. If a face has an oval shape, it will be very easy for Emmanuelle Chriqui to choose any hairstyle. Because of her oval face too, her lips that are thin and cute, also become elements that make the beautiful face of Emmanuelle Chriqui was look so young.

And why Emmanuelle Chriqui was voyed as the Most Desirable Woman 2010 on AskMen?, is better for you to once again, Look at Emmanuelle Beautiful Chriqui Face.

Emmanuelle Chriqui Beautiful Face image sources: Wikimedia.commons authorized by gdcgraphics and's Gallery created by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for GQ.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Look At Nicole Kidman Beautiful Face

Tom Cruise, that's one of the most relevant thing with Nicole Kidman. Do not know for sure, as if ever since the Beautiful Face Nicole Kidman divorced from Tom Cruise,  Nicole Kidman was also divorced with her popularity, in the sense that Nicole Kidman's popularity also declined. Could be, the beauty popularity of Nicole Kidman's face is also declining. Is this so?, No...!, the popularity of Nicole Kidman's beauty may be decreased, but the fact is, Look at Her Face, Nicole Kidman still has a beautiful face.
Look At Nicole Kidman Beautiful Face
Look at Nicole Kidman Beautiful Face, one aspect that is reflected from her face is not just a beauty, but more than that, the charm of intelligence is also very visible from Nicole Kidman face. And this charm, will not be found on the face of Penelope Cruz and Katie Holmes, two beautiful faces who ever and being close to Tom Cruise.
Look At Nicole Kidman Beautiful Face
Look at Nicole Kidman Eyes, her eyes beam is so elegant, I think that not many beautiful women in Hollywood who have things like this. Her eyes also became very well with the lips that looked so cute. Can you imagine if the shape of Nicole Kidman's lips, just like the lips of Angelina Jolie?. That would be like the north and south, or turned 180 degrees!, If Angelina Jolie's lips closely linked to Sensuality, then Nicole Kidman has lips that is identical with the Modesty.
Look At Nicole Kidman Beautiful Face
Look at the four vital part of Nicole Kidman's face (her face shape is Diamond), sort of the bottom part: lips, nose, eyes and hair style, this is the real Beautiful Face of Nicole Kidman.

Sources of Nicole Kidman Beautiful Face image in 2001: Wikimedia.commons 1 and Wikimedia.commons 2 authorized by Rita Molnár 2001, on Flickr created by Rockwilder.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look At Megan Fox Beautiful Face

What is the most essential factor for an Actress to be not forgotten by the fans?, Whether the skills of the actress in a pretending to be angry, cry, or be a sadistic killer like that played by Charlize Theron as Aileen Wuornos in Monster?. The beautiful-faced woman below would argue like this: "I don't think so..., just take a yellow Chevy Camaro with black strips on the hood, then let I bowed my body with the legs slightly spread, and one hand to open the hood while my face turned to the camera...".
Megan Fox Beautiful Face
That's one of the most essential scene of Megan Fox in the first Transformers, and even may be the most essential moment in Megan Fox career. And, the scene is also forming opinions of people to call Megan Fox as the Sexiest and Hottest Female Celebrity. And the effect is going to be difficult for fans to forget about Megan Denise Fox. The impression of being as the sexiest and hottest (not beautiful face) on Megan Fox, is also the reason of why She could just appear on this Look at Her Beautiful Face blog by now.
Megan Fox Beautiful Face
But Look at Megan Fox face, it turns out that She really has a Beautiful Face. Look immediately to the nose of Megan Fox at the top picture, her nose tapered so beautifully, and the size of Megan Fox nose, could be the primary counterweight to the beautiful face of Megan Fox, as a grimace or a smile. And her lips?, Megan Fox should be grateful that the shape of her lips that looked just "mediocre", covered by her Chap red lips.
Megan Fox Beautiful Face
Finally, look at the whole face of Megan Fox. She has an Oval Face Shape, oval face shape is a very desirable shape by most women and this face shape can also be found on Jessica Alba beautiful face. Have You felt satisfied to look at Megan Fox beautiful face?.

Megan Fox Beautiful Face image sources: source 1, source 2 and source 3 on Wikimedia.commons. Attributions: Luke Ford and Josh Jensen.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Look At Anne Hathaway Beautiful Face

Anne Hathaway was not voted as one of Oscar nominees at the 82nd Academy Awards, however, the Beautiful-looking Woman knows all the nomination. Simply, Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is an announcer at the announcement of the nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards. It is not easy to become announcer in this classy event, and Anne Hathaway can get through it.
Look At Anne Hathaway Beautiful Face
Big round eyes, long hair which hung gracefully, and thick eyebrows that arch and extends with very measured, it's always became a kind of absolute measure to a Beautiful Face. Look at Anne Hathaway Beautiful Face, She has all the main elements of it. Then look at Anne Hathaway Skin Face, very smooth and clean, as was never touched at all by anything. And the eye contact from Anne Hathaway, may be able to make yield the arrogance of people who looked into Anne Hathaway beautiful eyes.
Look At Anne Hathaway Beautiful Face
And look at Anne Hathaway cheeks, I guess, it must be flushed cheeks by itself, without having to add blush to beautify the face. One thing that may give less value on Anne Hathaway Beautiful Face, is her nose that looked like enlarged. Otherwise, it gives proportionality on the overall face of Anne Hathaway. Look for more at Anne Havocaway Beautiful Face.

Anne Hathaway Beautiful Face image source: zain's Gallery on Picasa Web Albums.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Look At Alicia Silverstone Beautiful Face

For those who do not know the news about the Beautiful Face Alicia Silverstone, especially the fans, it's good to really look at this quote:
Pete will be killed if the state can not find a home for him! His future is very uncertain right now, so I encourage everyone to visit the Save Pete the Moose website to sign the petition and see what else you can do to help...
It is a statement of Alicia Silverstone associated with the life of a moose, which threatened to die in Vermont. What was done by Alicia Siverstone, indirectly, will provide added value to the charm of Alicia Siverstone beauty.
Look At Alicia Silverstone Beautiful Face
Back to Look at Alicia Silverstone Beautiful Face, is Alicia Silverstone looks like a Moose? (Alicia, obviously I'm kidding...!). Look at Her Beautiful Eyes, the eyes of Alicia Silverstone looks very round and big, two things that make Alicia Silverstone glance will make people stunned and speechless. Look also at the long hair of Alicia Silverstone, as far as I know, her hair is never cut short (like a hair style of Keira Knightley). Because clearly, her long hair is one of the charms of Alicia Silverstone Beautiful Face.

And the last is Alicia Silverstone Lips, many people may call it by: Sexy or Sensual. But, look carefully, it was beautiful lips too, the lower lip is wider than the upper lip. And  necessary to note, that
Alicia Silverstone is very concerned with animal welfare. She's beautiful indeed!.

Alicia Silverstone Beautiful Face image source: Wikimedia.commons, authorized by Dave Meyers. Unfortunately, it's nominated for deletion since 20 November 2009.