Thursday, May 13, 2010

Alicia Silverstone's Facial Beauty, Who's The Next Successor?

Alicia Silverstone Typical Facial Beauty
Simply to a question, as well as a statement: Is there a woman's beautiful face which could be the successor to the peculiarity of Alicia Silverstone's facial beauty?, Is it Megan Fox?, It is not. Their facial types were too different. It's easy, You could say, Alicia Silverstone's face is cute and adorable, but not for Megan Fox's face.

Queen Slice (her nickname) has green-emerald eyes, and until now, no female celebrity has matched. Even if She is Aishwarya Rai. She also has a perfect round face shape, so that every line that existed at the outer side of her face, is smooth curve of the lure. With lovely decorated by her long blonde hair that twists, and waving free.

In fact, people can judge Alicia Silverstone's lips with three different assessment as well: beautiful, sexy, and cute. While her facial skin is a softness that can only be described with dozens of words, if only You can directly touch it. And soft skin of her face, is a blanket of silk for exquisite features of her nasal bone, jaw bone, and chin bone.

Then, What kind of value, would You give to Alicia Silverstone's facial beauty?, You know, You're just Clueless.

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