Thursday, May 6, 2010

Look At Gong Li Beautiful Face

Gong Li Beautiful FaceGong Li Beautiful FaceGong Li Beautiful Face
Facial beauty has its own characteristics, including characteristics that based on race or ethnicity. Korean girl has a characteristic of slant-eyed, Indian woman with hazel eyes, and others. And here is Gong Li, a famous actor from the land of Bamboo Curtain, China. China is a nation allied with Korea, so the facial skin of Gong Li is yellowish-white look.

If You just know current figure of Gong Li, it might be a bit surprised, because on December 31, 2009, She was exactly 44 years of age. The top image is Gong Li at the time attending the Cannes Film Festival in 2007. That is, at that time She was 42 years old, but look, Gong Li's face still looks like a 35-year-old woman's face. Where her face, seemed not to have signs of wrinkles.

Gong Li's hair with a black-brown color, still looks strong and lustrous. She is a beautiful-looking woman, who has a typical face of oval-rounded. Where, the basic beauty of her face, it would look if her hair tied up, pulled, and made a bun on the back of her head, as shown in the picture on top.

With a hairstyle like above-fully tied up, all of features on her face will be obvious, whereby all of its features have a smooth curve. Just look closely at Gong Li's forehead, jaw, chin, cheekbones, and that primarily is Gong Li's oval-rounded face shape.

As an East Asian woman, Gong Li's face also has the characteristic beauty of sparse eyebrows, slanted eyes, a pug nose (but She has a lovely straight-smooth nasal bone, it's so visible in side view), and small lips. These three uniqueness looked very harmonious, with an oval-rounded face shape as its landscape.

Gong Li has been married to a businessman from Singapore, Ooi Hoe Soeng in 1996, in the year 2008, She has a new citizenship, which is a Singaporean. And like the opinion of most people, brown eyes that are usually owned by a lovely looking woman, can also be found on Gong Li's face.

Image sources: Gong Li at the Cannes Film Festival 2007 on Wikipedia by Georges Biard, on Zhou Jiahui's Gallery on Picasa Web Albums.

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