Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grace Kelly's Square Face Proves That Oval Is Not The Most Beautiful One

Many people assume that the oval-shaped face is the most beautiful one, with the basic reason, oval-shaped face is perfectly proportioned and symmetrical. This assumption is valid, but it does not mean true in an absolute sense, because the face shape is only an outward dominant element (among many elements) for a beautiful face. This also proves that beautiful face is inherently subjective.

By using an inverse assumption, let us find an answer that proves that the oval face is not the most beautiful. That is, We're looking for a beautiful-faced figure who has an innate facial beauty that is widely recognized by most people in the world. Furthermore, We observe her face. And this beautiful-faced figure is Grace Kelly.
Grace Kelly Square Face Shape
Look at her face above, it is clear that Grace Kelly was not an oval-faced woman. She has a square face, which is in the image above, bounded by a square-rounded green line. Which her face shape, is still remains proportionate and symmetrical.

But why her face to look more beautiful?, There are three factors that have the same essence with the face shape. Namely the eye and its features (eyebrow, eyelash, eyelid and temple), the nose and the lips. Look at how these three factors create and combine the ideal proportions into the Grace Kelly's face shape.

Suppose that the face shape is a puzzle mat that are still empty, it becomes useless is not it?. And three of these factors (or elements), which become useful pieces, which fitted into the puzzle mat in an ideal and proportionate combination to shape a beautiful face. And also, makes its face shape (with its forehead, jaw bones, chin, and cheek bones) to be functioning optimally.

And, if described in detail one by one, those three factors are influenced by its features, which are: thick eyebrows to the eye, a smooth straight bone to shape the nose and arched cupid's bow to shape the lip.

This proves that an oval face is not the most beautiful, and Grace Kelly's square face has described it. A square face is also very likely reflects the Classy impression. Find similar faces on Anja Kling and Emily Deschanel.


  1. Grace Kelly is sooo beautiful...

  2. Oval is best because a tiny jaw is hyper-feminine. It means high estrogen and beauty is a marker of fertility. Oval is always the most exquisite!


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