Saturday, May 1, 2010

Prachi Desai Weird Face Shape And Sweet Smile

Prachi Desai Weird Face Shape, But She Has Sweet Smile
What happened to the face of Prachi Desai?, Her face who had been looked wide, becoming wider due to her eyebrows, which made lengthwise. Compounded by the breadth of her forehead which seemed narrow vertically, making her face into weird diamond-shaped, disproportionate, and it's just not beautiful to look at.

But look at the way Prachi Desai smiled, She seemed to really enjoy that smile. There was no awkwardness, really cheerful, and make people who see her smile, carried on in joy.

And wow, it turns out Prachi Desai also has dimples, it makes her smile looked so sweet and cute. She looked so miserably in expressing her smile. Conversely, it makes her weird face shape became covered.

Image source: Prachi Desai Rock On on Flickr by Gavithra Ronnie.

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  1. I think Prachi is really beautiful in a very simple and ordinary's disappointing to see this photo chosen to represent her..


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