Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Erin Andrews Face Looks Macho

Let's talk again about Erin Andrews, but it's not about her peephole video which was horrendous. We're already knew well that Erin Andrews is a beautiful-faced woman who's very familiar to ESPN's viewers.

Look, it's Erin Andrews's face, transformed from Beautiful to Macho (full of masculinity). All arched or curved contours on her face, looked as if it erased completely, which left only at her jaw-chin, hair's layer of bangs, and the edge of her lip.
Erin Andrews Macho Facial Expression
Erin Andrews, who was at the match between Oklahoma State versus Missouri in College Football, in October 2008, is looked very serious, implying a high concentration.

A serious expression and a high concentration, will cause the movement and position of Facial Muscles, which will significantly change the face look. The more serious, then the face look will be more change (different). If Emily Deschanel's serious expression is to produce a face that looks cool, then Erin Andrews's one to look macho with a gaze which is very sharp (just imagine, if Erin is gazing at You like that).

But it does not mean that Macho look of Erin Andrews's face, would reduce "the beauty of its face". Why?, because the Facial expression are included in Nonverbal Communication, which can only be understood in a Wordless way. Look at Erin Andrews's macho face more carefully, You will find something that is closely associated with Beauty.

Image source: Erin Andrews at the 2008's Oklahoma State vs. Missouri college football game on Wikimedia, Author: on Flickr.

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