Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cute Factors On Nicole Kidman Face

Nicole Kidman Cute LookNicole Kidman Cute LookNicole Kidman Cute LookNicole Kidman Cute LookNicole Kidman Cute LookNicole Kidman Cute LookNicole Kidman Cute LookNicole Kidman Cute Look
Perhaps, a half of Tom Cruise's heart will whisper honest to admit that He fell in love again with Nicole Kidman, if He's really concerned with Nicole Kidman's look, as in the photos here. Maybe this is one of the cutest styles from Nicole Kidman. Look, there are so many cute factors on Nicole Kidman's face.

Cuteness is a kind of attractiveness commonly associated with youth and appearance, and there are two main factors that is closely related to Cuteness, namely Smile and Smallness. If these two factors are combined and appear simultaneously, the result is a very cute look.

Hair tied up so that the neck is visible, small ribbons waving in the wind, pointy nose, small lips, chin is also slightly pointed, eyes size are not big and a Smile that gave rise to little bumps on the cheeks, All are factors that make Nicole Kidman's look has become very cute.

Probably, She deliberately chose a style that collaborate on those factors. And apparently, Nicole Kidman really managed to look attractive and very cute. Casting a spell of happiness and intelligence. And this also proves that the Cuteness is an element which is highly inseparable with the Beauty.

Image source: Nicole Kidman on Mikegoat's photostream on Flickr, All authorized by Michael Albov a.k.a Mikegoat.

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