Sunday, May 2, 2010

Look At Natalie Glebova Beautiful Face

Natalie Glebova Beautiful FaceNatalie Glebova Beautiful FaceNatalie Glebova Beautiful FaceNatalie Glebova Beautiful Face
Here's 29 years old Natalie Glebova, the winner of Miss Universe 2005 Beauty Pageant. Like most of Miss Beauty Pageant, Natalie Glebova also has a beautiful face that could be described as Extreme Beauty. Almost all of feature on her face has a high proportionality.

Please note, in addition to beautiful, Natalie Glebova is also a classical pianist, and She has won various regional gymnastic championships. That is, She had a beautiful face and also a great talent. A prestigious blend, perhaps, can only be done by a Natalie Glebova. On 11 November 2010, She would even 29 years old. According to the latest, Natalie Glebova is married to Paradorn Srichaphan, Thailand's professional tennis player.

Back to look at her face, as already mentioned, She has a quite extreme beautiful face (like another contestant of Miss Universe, Ingrid Rivera). And it can be seen on her basic face shape, i.e. a Perfect Oval, where the outer boundary lines on her face, smooth curved around her face. Another face shape as a combination, it is the face which is also slightly rounded.

In addition to face shape, as a basic element for Natalie Glebova facial beauty, there are many other features that make her face look really beautiful and stunning. Among them: long brown hair (a long hair is more aesthetically pleasing than a short hair or a medium), smooth curves on her forehead, jaw, and chin, the sparkle in her green eyes, her soft smooth facial skin, the shape of her sharp nose with bone straight lined, her cheeks that could be considered as an adorable chubby cheeks, and the last is the shape of her thin lips (although her lip's cupid's bow was blurred).

Image sources: Natalie Glebova at the US Open Star Serena Williams and Top Seed Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan Serve it Up on a Rooftop Tennis Court at Manhattan Land Rover event on Wikimedia by editorlisa, at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival on Flickr 1, on Flickr 2 by Tony Shek, at the rehearsal of Miss Universe 2006 pageant in Los Angeles on Wikipedia by Miedy Bishop.

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