Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Look At Ingrid Rivera Beautiful Face

Do not hesitate to admit that there is something Extreme here. What is it?, none other than is the beautiful face of Ingrid Marie Rivera Santos. And the typical which referred to as Extremely beauty, it is always very visible on faces of mostly Miss Beauty Pageant. Just look at the beauty of Aishwarya Rai's face, Hil Hernandez or Joelle Behlok, everything just looked So Perfect, if it not referred to as Extremely beauty.
Ingrid Marie Rivera Extreme Beautiful Face
Why does referred to as Extreme?, if indeed that beautiful face is about Proportionality (combination or fusion of face shape, forehead, nose, eyes, chin, jaw bones and other parts of a face), then the beauty of a Miss Beauty Pageant has a high level of proportionality or maximum, or Perfect. Just Look at the beautiful face of Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008, Ingrid Rivera. Number one is her face shape, Ingrid Rivera has a perfect oval face, a type of face shape which is relatively more beautiful than other types of face shape. Simply put, She has the basic element for a facial beauty.

And Ingrid Rivera oval-shaped, formed or influenced by 3 face parts, namely her forehead, jaw line and chin. And each of these 3 face parts, also has a perfectly proportioned size. To be sure, look at outer lines of these 3 face parts in a circle. Those contours are so soft and almost no broken or rigid contours on Ingrid Rivera beautiful face.
Ingrid Marie Rivera Beautiful Face
Then Ingrid Rivera with hairstyle where her hair is pulled back tightly as shows on top image, appearing an admirable elegance, on the other hand, becomes a little stiff impressed. Ingrid Rivera's face makeup, as seen on two pictures, actually raises all potential for physical beauty of her face. Her blue eyes, eyebrows, forehead, lips, cheeks and others are all Extremely Beautiful, and all based on her perfect oval face shape.

In addition, Ingrid Rivera was born in Luquillo, Puerto Rico on October 8, 1983. Image source: Ingrid Rivera on Picasa Web Albums. Credit: Angelo De La Paz.

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